Saturday, December 11, 2010

Faults & All

This is the The Boy and Me.

{Me. The Boy. Ashland, Oregon. December 11, 2010}

He can sometimes bug me to no end. He can't seem to keep his farts,burps, itches under wraps. He is light-hearted about everything, even things that are serious. He rolls with the flow which often means he won't take a stance on plans. He is always goofy - snapping fingers in my face, grabbing me, speaking as if he's writing Mad Libs...

But to that end..

He's human and his comfort with bodily functions lets me know that if I ever really need to tell him I'm sick or anything, he will understand (I don't openly do what he does in front of him but a girl has been sick a time or two and it's nice that he doesn't care knowing that gross side.). His ability to be light-hearted about everything helps me to not get caught up in the faux-seriousness of something. When I'm upset with a friend and venting to him, he keeps it in check and ALWAYS reminds me that most fights are not worth having. His ability to roll with the flow means that he is open to new, fun ideas often and won't put up too much of a fight if things don't go his way. And his goofiness, makes me laugh... plain and simple.

This is The Boy and I'm very lucky to know him as I do.

It's easy to like him.

We're about to shove off for our last night in Ashland so I don't have time to visit you all as my blogging has had to remain fast and quick between engagements...but I miss you all and can't wait to catch up beginning of this week.

Enjoy your Saturday my darlings

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Whitney @ EHFAR said...

how adorable :)

Unknown said...

Wow thats lovely...wish you a wonderful life :)

Unknown said...

How sweet and cute! Love that pic:-)

Le pirate said...

That is such a cute picture!!!
I am in love with your outfit! I wish I was wearing it right now :)

xoxo Summer

Alison Kinsey said...

you and your boyfriend are absolutely adorable together, and I've always thought this about you guys!
I also love that he seems really laidback, such a good quality to have! Hope you're having a fab weekend Caitlin :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a sweet picture and sweet littl confessions, hope the boy gets to read it :)

P.S. How come he's just in a shirt and you;re wearing a coat? lol You keep confusing me with your dressing... What kind of weather are you having there? lol

mirmirzimzim said...

aw what a sweet little tribute to the boy, hence forth to be known as "the farter" haha i kid.

love this pic so hard!

this free bird said...

This is a wonderful picture of the two of you. I have to say I appreciate your honesty. The Chef drives me nuts and it's not always a picnic in the park, but he keeps it real and that's what I appreciate most!


Tina said...

awww! what a sweet post!! so good to know the boy takes care of you and makes you so happy!

Leia said...

You are soooo sweeet! I'm feeling the love for my boy at the moment, too, and this post made me grin from ear to ear! (Oddly, our boyfs seem to be very similar, hehe)


Anonymous said...

I want to hear the story on how the boy feels about Chicago