Friday, December 10, 2010

Grapes, Hippies, Cheese & Coffee

I am blogging to you right now from Ashland, Oregon where I am currently residing until Sunday night. I think I told you guys awhile ago that The Boy and I were going to go on a trip in December. Initially we had very lofty goals... Vegas, Chicago, Utah... etc. but after a lot of considerations we decided on Ashland. I know most of you aren't familiar all with this town but here's why we chose it.

{Streets of Ashland. 12.10.2010}

First and foremost, it's where the Boy is from. His family is here and it was nice to have have the chance to hang out with them as we always see my family who resides in Portland. Secondly, Ashland is amazing! What a cute little town, I am telling you. An educated, cultured, beautiful, intellectual city fullllllllll of wine, cheese, shops and happy, content people (it's located about 5 miles North of the California border). At the end of day 1 here, I am as calm as can be.

We spent the whole day trolling the town and exploring the shops and now we have about 40 minutes before we head out again. One of the conditions was that I have the chance to sit and blog at some point... so now we're happily sitting in his Parents' living room in a big, cozy old home, sipping some of his Dad's homemade wine fireside. I'm very comfortable blogging as he reads the news... what a great vacation.

Can I show you some of Ashland as I saw it today? Here's a little glimpse of how I've been keeping busy since we completed the 4 hour drive last night.

First off was drinks with his Stepmom at a local eatery, the Peerless Hotel. We each ordered something fun and the beautiful combination created a lovely portrait.

Following drinks with his Stepmom and a lovely dinner with his Mom, we headed off to a local pub to sit by the fire, sip their house wine and play chess. To say it was fun would be a gross understatement.

After losing at Chess 3 times (by someone who said he didn't wan to play, hustler!), we headed off to bed so that we could have a full day on Friday exploring the town. Of course I snapped some shots along the way.

Lunch at a local eatery.

Strolling the park.

The streets of Ashland.

Exploring the Shakespeare Festival... Ashland has one of the largest Shakespeare festivals in the world.

Christmas Shopping at one of the many wine shops.

The only thing I don't like so far is that my hair + Ashland = 80's Mom. Holy crap, it's been looking rough, rough, rough. Oh well, that's neither here nor there. Well I better wrap it up as we're off to enjoy the Ashland nightlife with his family.

Enjoy your Friday night!

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Stevie said...

I love Ashland! It's such a delightful, beautiful town, any time of year! Some day I'll get to the Shakespeare Festival. I've been dying to go for years! Enjoy the rest of your trip!

Anonymous said...

This sounds like SUCH a perfect vacation!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a pretty town indeed! Glad you get to spend such qaulity time with his family and explore such a great soundign city!

Unknown said...

Hey, wassup?
Looks like you are having great fun...But if I remember correctly, you visited Ashland earlier for a marriage, is it?
Anyway, its a nice place, a place away from the hustle bustle of big cities. Take Care n Have Fun. CHEERS :)

Leia said...

Hi, gorgeous!
I know I've said this so many times before, but you and the boy make SUCH a good-looking couple. Seriously. How fun that you're visiting his home town... I'm visiting *my* boy at the moment in Delhi :)
It seems like such a great little town - I hope you take more pictures so we can see even more!

P.S. Loving those liquid leggings :)


mirmirzimzim said...

looks like you are having so much fun! i havent spent much time in ashland, but it looks like a super adorable little town! and what chu talkin bout 80's mom hair?! girl you crazy.

Kara said...

That seriously looks like the most PERFECT time ever. My boyfriend and I would love to do all of those things too!! Maybe we'll have to make it up there sometime :)

You look beautiful as usual, but I feel your pain - anyplace humid and my hair EXPLODES.

Slamdunk said...

Looks like fun Miss Caitlin. The 4th grader can beat me sometimes at chess and he will only get better. I am doomed.

Alison Kinsey said...

this town looks SOOO stinkin cute!!! I love towns like that that are small, but still have a vibrant downtown scene with cute shops and bars. I can't imagine a better night than that pub that has chess! That's great that you were able to mix a fun getaway along with an opportunity to visit your boyfriend's family.

Anonymous said...

Love Ashland! It's so quaint and darling! Just like you and the boy!!