Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Straight Fest-Coasting

Coming to you live from home- I'm currently typing to you in a robe, coffee in hand and Michael Jackson blasting... vacation indeed (did I mention it's almost noon?)! I never get to blog during the day because I don't have the access from work and even if I did, my job never has downtime so it always has to wait until the evening- blogging midday is so fun!

Speaking of fun, last weekend produced two of my favorite unions: Brew Festivals with Holiday Spirit.

I have written many a time of "Festing". My girlfriend Miranda and I make it a point to hit up as many festivals as we can in our city. Seriously, festivals are the way to go. There are always so many people to talk to and the vendors producing the spirits and food are always so talented and the sustenance is always SO delicious. So last weekend when we had the Holiday Ale Fest smack dab in the middle of downtown (y'know, where that young man tried to bomb us a couple weeks ago, I'm sure you heard on the news. B*tch, please!), we were sure to go! Grab your hat, gloves and jacket and get ready for a grand ol' time. Such a grand ol' time in fact that we went Friday & Saturday night!


{We have gone to so many festivals together that we always try to get a picture of the makeshift restrooms at every one. Weird but grand.}

{Fun, festive ale names for the season. I am a beer girl at heart, not domestics but microbrews and Brew Festivals give you just that. This ain't your college beer... this is an art!}


{Told you I wear that jacket almost every day in December. But it was basically the cost of a downtown rent payment so I intend to forever use it!}

{Santa loves a brew fest, who knew?!? }

In every way do I suggest you look up Festivals in your area. Great time with friends, great place for a date (I've been with my guy for awhile but Miranda and I always talk about how a festival would be such a fun date for new daters} and so much more fun than a night out at a restaurant or bar- vendors actually teach you about the ales, the sole purpose of a festival is definitely not to get drunk. It is to enjoy and learn about the art form of the process.

Also- remember John Lennon today. Always sad when we lose the peaceful ones!

Alright chickadees, I'm off to clean, bake cookies... oh and go to court to fight a "following too closely" ticket- lame! But at least I leave tomorrow for the entire weekend!

Til' then, happy Wednesday!

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Victoria said...

ahhh you r so cute ! and u look so happy ! and love the hats :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ohh girly, I LOVE your spripey tights and love the jacket hehe But last time I commented on the no-tights thingy solely because somethign like that is never possible to pull of here - if it's cold enough to wear a jacket you'd never be able to go out bare legged... And if you can go out with bare legs, it means it's way too warm to wear a coat. So yep, that's why I was surprised!! I actually LOVE the look of no tights and jackets and boots... But only possible to wear here only maybe twice a year lol

Anonymous said...

Keep enjoying your time off!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

How fun. Love that last photo. Enjoy love!

this free bird said...

i'm so jelly of your vacay, but girl i know you deserve it big time. and ps i'd be wearing that coat from here to kingdom come. it's beautiful!!


Jaime @ laviejaime said...

You look so cute in your hat and ahhh Santa visit lol what did you ask him for xmas? ;)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

I think that coat looks like it was an excellent investment...and there is nothing like a good fest!

Kara said...

Yaaaaaay fests! Looks like Santa definitely enjoys his beer fests too...little red around the edges ;)

I LOVE that gosh dang coat, how much was it?!!?

And thank you for being awesome and posting the Lennon tribute. Beautiful pic.

Leah said...

I am so green with envy... seldom do we have festivals around here. Love the photos. xoxo

Brianna! said...

you look super gorgeous with a hat:)

Unknown said...

looks like fun x

Anonymous said...

I've been so out of it lately, trying to catch up! Looks like you started your vacation off right! Nothing says PacNW like a good ol brewfest!! (PS- LOVE the coat!)

mirmirzimzim said...

are you gonna go to spring fest this weekend? me so sad to be gone. have fun if you do. organic ale fest. me and you baby. or maybe there is another one sooner that we can partake in. finger crizzossed.