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I admit it, you're smarter than me. You say wittier things, your hilarious comments about life as you see it never cease to floor me. But while you are smarter about many things, I would say in many ways- I know much more about you than you know of yourself.

  • You love feeling independent and useful, that is important to you. You have always needed to look ahead to keep your mind in the day-to-day: the next step, the ultimate goal. You have never lived your life without telling me your plans for the years to come.

  • You have never seen any of the Back to the Futures too many times.

  • You're sarcastic and mocking but underneath every part of that is one of the most considerate people I know. It's why I always get mad at you rafting when you try to save me and I haven't even fallen out! It's why I get mad at you for putting yourself in dangerous situations because you think you might be of some use. You care about other people's well being a great deal and it's an amazing trait in you.

  • You have been the person I have always called or seen when I need a laugh. You instantly cheer me up. I think you've noticed this habit but I try to talk to you as much as I can, your company is one of my most cherished gifts.

  • You're defensive. I still remember the mean message you wrote to the boy who broke up with Jocie when you were so little. Calling him cowardly and telling him to never call her again and if he feels like he needs to, he can call you instead. The best part was that you didn't even tell anyone you did this, we only found out from the ex-boyfriend. When we asked you why you did that you stated that you just saw Jocelyn crying all the time and wanted to help. It was so cute.

  • A part of you still loves the Power Rangers and still wants to be Jason. I will never believe otherwise.

  • Like me, a lot of your learning curve has to do with falling down first. I am never quite sure why it takes such extreme measures to jump kick a change and I'm sorry that you also have this trait. However, I have been watching you dust off your knees and get back up and become far better than you were in the first place. Setbacks be damned!

  • You are not as good at basketball as I am.

  • You know more about history than most senior citizens I know. It's exhausting trying to best you with the details around WWII because you know them all. Military and historical events have forever been in your vocabulary. I know in my heart they will be in your future in some way.

  • Your birth made Mom and Dad's life. I know they were so excited to have the chance to raise a son after two bickering girls and though you were a surprise to us all, the contribution of you to our brood has really made all the difference to them.

  • You are really outdoorsy. I can't believe how well you know your way around the sticks. You always set-up my tent, set-up our eating area, use tools, etc. You are truly an amazing outdoorsman and I love that about you as I think less and less boys learn these things.

  • You will always remain the little boy I know and love. You will always eat ramen, drink Coca-Cola, be a crazy Nazi about the baggage claim at airports and will forever be able to quote more girly movies than most guys due to your upbringing with us. None of these things can be changed. Neither can the fact that you took my position as the "baby" which, after 6 years of assuming it, I wasn't too pleased with...a**hole.
I love you Conor, more than words can ever say. I'm so glad that we are as close as close can be. Enjoy 20... it's a great age AND if you're anything like I was at that age, you will feel like you have the world at your fingertips, you can't be stopped and you will lose some weight making your butt look pretty good in jeans. Lucky you! :)

Happy Birthday Conor!

Also- my best wishes to Kara at Sunshine Cupcakes for graduating today and starting an AMAZING chapter in her life! Muah!

Have a great December 17th!

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Anonymous said...

what a sweet post! hope he has a great bday :-)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

what a cute post to your bro! happy bday to him!

Anonymous said...

Great post! Happy birthday to your brother :)

Sierra said...

Aww, my bro just turned 20 last year so I know how this feels! To answer your question love, BK and I met through e-harmony!! We communicated for a while and then met at a restaurant and the rest is history. I don't think I would have ever met/dated an older guy otherwise. He is 16 years older than me and I don't mind at all. You are right - older guys are a whole lot more mature, and I feel so safe with him. I don't know if you are a fan of online dating, but maybe you could give a try?! Did I miss where you and your guy aren't together anymore?! Take care sweetie.

Anonymous said...

I'll have a drink in Conors honor tonight!! Happy birthday! (clink!)

Kara said...

Omg I was just reading this post, thinking what a cute sister you are (because my bro is going to be 17 soon and I'm the EXACT same way you are, doting and loving lol) and I scroll down to the bottom and see my shout out!!! You are the sweetest - one of my truest blog friends. I can always count on you for a funny, heartfelt and encouraging comment.


Kim Axani said...

Aww this is so nice of you to make a post celebrating your bro. He's lucky to have a sis like you, even if he IS a bit smarter ;) Hope you're having a good weekend. Thanks for you lovely comment on my blog =) They always make me smile.

mirmirzimzim said...

you are hilarious, for realsies. what a sweet ode to conor. what does he do at baggage claim though?!

Barry said...

Seriously? What an amazing tribute! :)

I wish all siblings could be this close.