Monday, February 28, 2011

I'm a Mom & Pop, She's a Corporation

Of all the closets in all the land, the one I would most like to deviantly sink my teeth into is Lauren Conrad's. Her style can instantly evoke both sheer envy and gratitude in me with the latter being the residual aftertaste. I like her because she has always worked while being filmed on her shows and she garners so much more accolade for exhibiting the drive of a young, educated female. I like her because she adopted a big, ol' mutt from the Pound as her doggy companion instead of getting a tiny puppy that fits in her purse for show. I like her because as she has risen in celebrity status, yet her chest has remained its natural shape and she hasn't presented the message to girls that all young ladies need a huge bustline. I like her because she seemed like a normal girl...but.... I love her,
oh how I LOVE her

for her immaculate, perfect, varying, awe-inspiring head to toe, impeccable style.

all images via
Ferris Bueller Lauren Conrad- You're my hero.

Who makes you swoon in the name of style?

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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Male Inspired. Female Conquered.

Menswear ignites a powerful persona in the ladies who choose to rock it. I LOVE Menswear on Women. Not to be confused with dressing like a man but rather, a distinct branch of fashion that centers on the idea that clothes aren't gender specific. I think to wear a structured outfit in lieu of a traditional girly one, sends a ferocious message.

The catapulting addition to Menswear is unapologetically showcasing your feminine prowess alongside the male-inspired garments. For me, I always enjoy a level of femininity in my outfits- that's why I pieced together the outfit I wore on Friday night to the Portland Wine & Cheese Festival. Much like Wine and Cheese, fashion has a lot to do with successful pairing. Same can be said for feminine menswear. My black, male-friendly suit jacket was rendered wonderfully, femininely mine when I paired it with liquid leggings and a bare chest (bare chest appropriate due to the formality of the venue and the evening schedule. I wouldn't have gone so low during the day).

{gasp! my bra showed! It's okay, it's okay- it was part of the plan.}

A successful outfit often makes for a successful night. After feeling wholly comfortable in my 'fit, I enjoyed the very lovely festival with The Boy, my Sister & my Brother-In-Law. We dined on cheese, fruit and appetizers and enjoyed various wine pairings.
We even met Oregon's own Amy Roloff from "Little People, Big World".

And... I was reminded again of what a weirdo my boyfriend is...

Wishing you a perfectly wonderful Monday and inquiring your own thoughts into gender fusion dressing- how do you bring the opposite sex into your look?
*Thanks Megs for the tickets

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Unflattering Picture Sunday

What's up: My girlfriend and I had gone dancing. She was snapping pictures the entire time, including this one which seems to imply that I'm acting out something else which wasn't the case. How unfortunate, I gotta learn to control my fierce moves! No wonder the Puritans banned dancing... it leads to the Devil's work!
Thursday, February 24, 2011

denim on top? make it a do

Jean jackets have a way of looking very sharp and crisp... if you do them right... I'm sorry, but can I please openly hate on the type of "denim jacket" look that most girls fresh out of college do?? They stumble away from the land of parties on Mondays-Sundays and enter the workforce seemingly thinking that the BEST way to dress for an office is an OLD Gap Jean Jacket (or Old Navy, pick your poison), black pants and a white top underneath. Where's the snooze button? I want to go back to bed...
Denim jackets can rock and look amazing and that's why I love when I see one that has something different or something that declares a statement other than "I got this in 7th grade for my family's khaki pants, jean-jacket matching picture and it still fits". Noooo, rock up your denim jackets, there's such a better way to do them!

I admit, my distaste for the way denim jackets are worn

have typically meant that I don't go near 'em. But about 2 years ago I came across a long, trouser-style, dyed dark denim jacket that sparked my interest. It had a different vibe to it than most denim I've seen- even rolled up cuffs which exposed delightful lining- a perfect fusion of work meets denim meets modern. I had to have it.

Cuts to earlier this week and I took it off the hanger for the very first time. Yes never worn but needed so badly, the jacket has hung in my closet for over 2 years. However, feelin' spicy this week I guess, I pulled it off for its debut and paired it with my Banana Republic dress previously mentioned here. I wore it to work and all day long enjoyed the way it added warmth, spunk and formality to my employment look.

So is denim on top a DO? Of course, just try to make it look a little more like this...

and a little less like it fell out of

PS- Happy Friday :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

be excellent to each other... and party on dude.

I understand if one didn't know me, this blog may seem to imply that I only care about things that are materialistic. To set that straight - I utilize this blog for the most part to talk about things that have no place in my every day. My job is great and wonderful but linear-minded and formulated thus... it implores the very analytical side of me and not the creative side of me. I started this blog as an outlet for the other aspect of myself- the side that loves textiles and celebrities and the works.

However, the contents of this blog are not my only vantage point. I absorb good nature and good people and love them with all of my soul. That's why I was in Astoria last weekend. Astoria is located in the very, very upper Northwest corner of Oregon (if you know "The Goonies" OR "Kindergarten Cop"- you've seen the town!!!). One of my college friends/sorority sisters lives there with her husband. Her Mother is someone (who also lives there) I have spent a lot of time with ever since college- she's spirited, upbeat and oh so much fun.

{Meagan, Guest of Honor, Megan, Krysta and Me- so blessed to be there!}
So when I heard that she had cancer, I was supremely saddened. That was completely compounded when I heard that they were going through this without health insurance (if you're from an eastern country, yes America has yet to implement a program that truly alleviates healthcare costs to the non-insured. It's scary. And I'm not saying that patriotically, I understand quite a bit about Insurance. Basically, the point being- having a serious illness here without Insurance is financially very detrimental).

Thankfully, they are from a small town and I am quickly learning what a blessing that is. Their community and church took care of this entire benefit to raise money for her medical bills. The entire city donated either time or auction items to aide in her recovery. The ENTIRE aspect revived my spirit and I can't even imagine how much it lifted the spirits of the guest of honor who just underwent chemo and a double-mastectomy. Honestly, so many hugs.

Really, I would have gone to a benefit for ANY of my friends. But Krysta (daughter of the patient) is truly salt of the earth. One of the realest people I have ever met- while everyone I know went through a phase trying to conform, Krysta has ALWAYS authentically and unapologetically been herself. She's wonderful, giving, hilarious and I was so happy to support her. Not to mention gain some quality time with my best friends and my old college friends. Is there a better way to spend the weekend???

{Loving my friends in Krysta's backyard.}

{Wine tasting}

{Upon arrival to the auction we found this donated 4' by 6' cat portrait- love at first sight!}

{See, the dress had a night out! the bestie and me}
{Me and Krysta, the daughter of the guest of honor. Honestly- this girl is THE best.}

{Wine tasting in Astoria, Oregon}

{Cupcakes for the ladies- bloggers love cupcakes- I know this :) }
 {All of us and our silent auction purchases for the cause}
 {Who doesn't end their night with breakfast at 1 AM?}

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday and imploring you to find your own way to pay it forward- after all, fashion and clothes and all that jazz is wonderful, but the best things in life have nothing to do with that.


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't we all just get along?

When I was young- I never cared about fashion. I cared about bugs and mud (seriously, in every way). I wasn't a girly-girl growing up and though I liked to play dress-up, I remember arguing with my Mom about times I did have to wear tights or a dress for a special occasion - why did ANYONE care what I wore?? I would think to myself. I could come in sweats or in a dress and it'd still be me.
Now older, wiser and more in tune with how I like to look, that makes me laugh. What a different girl that was! Though my outlook on clothes has COMPLETELY changed (not changed its hair changed... more like, went to Thailand with a p*nis and came back with a V*gina changed...) I still remember the little rules I thought I knew when I was younger. One being, NO brown and black together. No way, no how (I managed to always sport a fanny pack but had still been briefed completely on brown and black) could you put those together!
Shaping into the young adult I am, I have quickly abolished that rule. Sure, some black pieces don't go well with brown but as a whole- I believe they go together wonderfully and find it funny when people tell you otherwise.
Someone who is in my life who often says rude things (which makes me wonder why I'm friends with said person) approached me the other day as I wore a black dress, black heels and brown tights. "You can't wear brown and black together, it doesn't look right. You should know that, thought you liked fashion."

Due to her ultimate goal to get a rise out of me, I just said "okay" and continued about my day. As she walked away post-insult, I looked at her cargo khaki pants, her fleece pullover and her chunky-soled black shoes from circa 1994. It is clear she doesn't know much about the fashion world today but I am positive that she is just reiterating the fashion old wives' tale that they don't go together because hey, she's never figured out otherwise.

Hopefully, someday she'll come into her fashion own too. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy my brown and black together.

all images via minus image of me above: F21 dress, Buffalo Exchange Leather belt.

What's your take on the brown and black pairing???

Monday, February 21, 2011

Coats make their fashionable, Carrie Bradshaw exit...

There's some things I tend to never get sick of, one being TV Shows or Movies that I love. Honestly, the ones that have touched my core will forever remain with me. I don't get tired of the characters or deciphering secret meanings in scenes nor do I wish to ever stop talking about them. Nope, nope- I tend to obsess over my favorite shows/movies and merely hope that I will meet someone who can have an entire conversation with me in quotes.

Such is Sex & the City. I admit, the last movie was what the f*ck were they thinking... sub-par, but I couldn't care less. I love the girls and I truly believe that it's fun to recognize the ways we dress like them.

Spring is coming! Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife and hide yo' jackets because soon they won't be approps! Image above of my girlfriends and me at a charity event on Feb. 16 downtown- cute jackets all around! I'm on the far right.Also, today at work, the sun shone through my window all day long and reminded me that Spring is JUST around the corner (even though Snow is supposed to hit us on Wednesday and you Midwest/Eastcoasters are basically living in the North Pole- but make no mistake, it's coming!) and I know this to be true because the Groundhog told me, duh. I am so excited to welcome warmer weather but at the same time, I'm getting sad to know that soon I'll be packing away my coats for their Summer hibernation. Bummer!

I love my variety of coats... they're easy to grab, go with so many different outfits and always take on a persona depending upon the day, the mindset and the accompanying pieces.

Here below, you'll find a few of my favorite jackets I'll be sad to kiss goodbye in the next month or so... and wouldn't you know, they seem to fit into the closets of some of my favorite girls.


Sometimes I can't help but love to dress like Samantha- the va-va-voom, the pure sexual girliness... oh it is a delight being a female. Thank you for the inspiration Madam Jones in my Forever 21 faux-fur white jacket that pairs perfectly with my LBD for a night on the town.


Few things are cuter than dressing like Charlotte, especially in Winter. I adore my button-happy jacket from Forever 21, which surprisingly- has held up pretty well for about 3 years. Great for coming and going from the office and even cuter to wear while spending a chilly afternoon meandering through town.Miranda

Linear lines for a linear, no bullsh*t girl. My Limited jacket is streamlined enough for an evening out to create a simple flow and formal and professional enough to pair with my most professional of outfits for the work day.


My Laundry by Shelli Segal jacket is just about my most elegant/quirky thing I own and cost a small fortune (black jacket) and it reminds me so much of Carrie. Also a perk- it's insanely warm.

Needless to say... I'll be sad to pack up my coats soon and will be sure to use them as much as possible before then!

What Sex & the City girl do you think has a swoonworthy coat?
Sunday, February 20, 2011

Confronting College Caitlin

Back, back, back from Astoria, Oregon I have come. My best friend and I traveled to the very NW tip of Oregon to attend a benefit which I'll discuss this week. However, there's something to be said for this fine Monday morning: I was visiting a girl in Astoria named Krysta whom I met my Freshman year of college. My best friend (and roommate) and I instantly clicked with her and for the duration of college we traveled together in packs to the Library, to get food... and oh yes, to every single party we could find.

Krysta usually had a video camera in tow (pre-facebook thank God!) and would often idly film parties as the level of intoxication and stupidity eagerly rose. Before departing to come back to Portland on Sunday, my girlfriends and I crowded around her TV and hunkered down to watch some of said videos from circa 2003.


I couldn't quite tell you who the girl on the screen was though she had my same name and looked an awful lot like me.

{Typical college outfits: my girlfriends and I in 2003. I'm 2nd from the right.}

To put it as plainly as possible: the way my friends and I acted in these videos makes me embarrassed to even watch now. We were SO stupid and SO not the same girls we are now. The footage showed us bouncing from room to room, drinking more and more and wearing highly distasteful outfits that likely cost $3.00 from head to toe (and looked the part).

Pushing aside the way I was acting, my clothes alone disgusted me. Everything was too tight and too short: my shirts, my skirts, my shorts... ah, get this girl to Stacy and Clinton ASAP!

The videos were as fun to watch as they were horrible and it was pleasurable to remember these times in our lives. I'm not that reckless college girl anymore but she still helped me become the respectable lady I am now. Everyone has to go through a wild phase and if you do it in college then boom- you made a choice millions of your peers did as well. I don't mind that she's a part of my history... I'm just glad as hell I no longer dress like her.

{More appropriate weekend outfit? Betsey Johnson bag, American Apparel shirt}

Happy Monday!

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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Brothers don't get it.

{My siblings. My sister has never dyed her hair. It's always the natural redheads who shouldn't mess with their hair- too pretty!}

Jocelyn, to a packed car:

"Gosh, I don't know what I want to do with my hair since the wedding is over. I spent so much time growing it out and now I'm just not sure because there's so much I could do if I kept it long but I also have the option of a good haircut. I don't know- what do you guys think? Pleaassee give me advice about this! I mean PART of me really wants to continue to let it grow longer and then PART of me wants to cut it into a cute bob..."

Conor, from the very back seat:

"And ALL of me doesn't care..."

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pleather and Blue Eyeliner is a dish best served Saturday

I used to watch Office Space all through High School. It made me laugh- always. From the TPS Reports to the struggles with the Printers or your coworker telling you you've got a case of the Mondays... it's funny. However, looking back on my high school self, I want to just hit me upside the head knowing there was no way that I could have fully comprehended that movie until I worked in an office. The company I work for now is a huge company and is as corporate as they come. I don't think Corporations or their policies are bad (they are likely necessary) but it is still hilarious/frustrating at times (I guess that depends if you have a case of the Mondays or a case of the Fridays) having to adhere to corporate code.

Working is weird- you spend SO MUCH time in one place (if you're an office gal like myself) sitting in one desk at your computer... with the same people (one of my best friends at work is like this 50-year-old Dad). It's fabulous, hilarious, horrible and a case study all rolled into one.

It's also the reason Fridays are so grand. No more analyzing or restructuring data... just me, my friends, my time... (I love how I'm explaining what Friday is to you guys like you don't know)... anyway SHUT ME UP.

My point of this pointless post is that I would sooner die than wear blue eyeliner to work. But last Saturday night I tried to rock it because hellllllllllo, companies rent us to conform Monday-Friday but Friday Night- Sunday, that's all me baby.

{Saturday 2/12/2011: Blue eyeliner, fringe boots, bra straps, pleather pants... yup, it's the weekend and I'll dress how I want to}

My day will suck no matter what merely by comparison- my baller friend Kiesha who is this insane young professional (she's with me in the last plaid picture in the post below, in the adorable boots!) gets to meet President Obama today as she does PR for a company he's touring here. I think that's outstandingly cool- I would love to meet literally any President (the end of the day, I think they all meant well), but it'd be a true honor to meet Obama. She's really getting a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity...I don't think I'd wear blue eyeliner to that either.
Have a wonderful day and an even better start to your weekend!!