Wednesday, February 23, 2011

be excellent to each other... and party on dude.

I understand if one didn't know me, this blog may seem to imply that I only care about things that are materialistic. To set that straight - I utilize this blog for the most part to talk about things that have no place in my every day. My job is great and wonderful but linear-minded and formulated thus... it implores the very analytical side of me and not the creative side of me. I started this blog as an outlet for the other aspect of myself- the side that loves textiles and celebrities and the works.

However, the contents of this blog are not my only vantage point. I absorb good nature and good people and love them with all of my soul. That's why I was in Astoria last weekend. Astoria is located in the very, very upper Northwest corner of Oregon (if you know "The Goonies" OR "Kindergarten Cop"- you've seen the town!!!). One of my college friends/sorority sisters lives there with her husband. Her Mother is someone (who also lives there) I have spent a lot of time with ever since college- she's spirited, upbeat and oh so much fun.

{Meagan, Guest of Honor, Megan, Krysta and Me- so blessed to be there!}
So when I heard that she had cancer, I was supremely saddened. That was completely compounded when I heard that they were going through this without health insurance (if you're from an eastern country, yes America has yet to implement a program that truly alleviates healthcare costs to the non-insured. It's scary. And I'm not saying that patriotically, I understand quite a bit about Insurance. Basically, the point being- having a serious illness here without Insurance is financially very detrimental).

Thankfully, they are from a small town and I am quickly learning what a blessing that is. Their community and church took care of this entire benefit to raise money for her medical bills. The entire city donated either time or auction items to aide in her recovery. The ENTIRE aspect revived my spirit and I can't even imagine how much it lifted the spirits of the guest of honor who just underwent chemo and a double-mastectomy. Honestly, so many hugs.

Really, I would have gone to a benefit for ANY of my friends. But Krysta (daughter of the patient) is truly salt of the earth. One of the realest people I have ever met- while everyone I know went through a phase trying to conform, Krysta has ALWAYS authentically and unapologetically been herself. She's wonderful, giving, hilarious and I was so happy to support her. Not to mention gain some quality time with my best friends and my old college friends. Is there a better way to spend the weekend???

{Loving my friends in Krysta's backyard.}

{Wine tasting}

{Upon arrival to the auction we found this donated 4' by 6' cat portrait- love at first sight!}

{See, the dress had a night out! the bestie and me}
{Me and Krysta, the daughter of the guest of honor. Honestly- this girl is THE best.}

{Wine tasting in Astoria, Oregon}

{Cupcakes for the ladies- bloggers love cupcakes- I know this :) }
 {All of us and our silent auction purchases for the cause}
 {Who doesn't end their night with breakfast at 1 AM?}

Wishing you a wonderful Thursday and imploring you to find your own way to pay it forward- after all, fashion and clothes and all that jazz is wonderful, but the best things in life have nothing to do with that.




Unknown said...

wonderful images!!! ^^
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erika sorocco said...

Ah, it sounds like you had such an incredible weekend, Caitlin. Krysta sounds like a fantastic person - definitely someone you want by your side for all time!! :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

i like this post...i agree pay it forward however you can!

Anonymous said...

im really sorry to hear the bad news, but i am glad you were able to have alot of smiles and fun!!!

i have been to astoria and it is truly breathtaking there!!!

<3 megan

Alison Kinsey said...

your weekend looks like it was incredible Caitlin. that's so amazing that the community rallied together for your friend's Mom.

i hear you about blogging. many people's blogs are just one facet of their life and not the whole entire picture.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a great and meaningful way to spend a weekend indeed! Seriously hope your friend's mother gets better very very soon!

Anonymous said...

Im glad so many people have come together for her. Insurance in this country is.... ugh, well you know how it is. Inspiring to see people coming together though!

PorkStar said...

Great, great post. So sorry to hear about your friend.

Positive thoughts your way.

Unknown said...

Awww small towns are amazing! Looks like an amazing event for what sounds to be an amazing women!


also, breakfast at 1am is the best kind of breakfast!!!


Anonymous said...

you are so right! the best things in life have nothing to do with all the material things, unless it's a million dollars! j/k you are too pretty for astoria, i'm sayin'. it's kinda sad sometimes that what we put out on our blogs gets misinterpreted and people think we're this and that, when it's really just a small part of who we are.

Panty Buns said...

Your photos make me yearn to be one of the girls. What an ordeal Krysta's mom has been going through, but the benefit for her was beautiful. So were it's participants.

Sierra said...

girl i love your blog and never thought you were into materialism/fashion to an extreme because underneath your posts there is a girl who is genuine and kind! hope your friend who has cancer gets better and glad you had a nice time with friends and cherished the time with them.

i just chuckled when i scrolled down because i saw your unflattering photo Sunday. ha ha love that you can laugh at yourself - it's amazing.