Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Can't we all just get along?

When I was young- I never cared about fashion. I cared about bugs and mud (seriously, in every way). I wasn't a girly-girl growing up and though I liked to play dress-up, I remember arguing with my Mom about times I did have to wear tights or a dress for a special occasion - why did ANYONE care what I wore?? I would think to myself. I could come in sweats or in a dress and it'd still be me.
Now older, wiser and more in tune with how I like to look, that makes me laugh. What a different girl that was! Though my outlook on clothes has COMPLETELY changed (not changed its hair changed... more like, went to Thailand with a p*nis and came back with a V*gina changed...) I still remember the little rules I thought I knew when I was younger. One being, NO brown and black together. No way, no how (I managed to always sport a fanny pack but had still been briefed completely on brown and black) could you put those together!
Shaping into the young adult I am, I have quickly abolished that rule. Sure, some black pieces don't go well with brown but as a whole- I believe they go together wonderfully and find it funny when people tell you otherwise.
Someone who is in my life who often says rude things (which makes me wonder why I'm friends with said person) approached me the other day as I wore a black dress, black heels and brown tights. "You can't wear brown and black together, it doesn't look right. You should know that, thought you liked fashion."

Due to her ultimate goal to get a rise out of me, I just said "okay" and continued about my day. As she walked away post-insult, I looked at her cargo khaki pants, her fleece pullover and her chunky-soled black shoes from circa 1994. It is clear she doesn't know much about the fashion world today but I am positive that she is just reiterating the fashion old wives' tale that they don't go together because hey, she's never figured out otherwise.

Hopefully, someday she'll come into her fashion own too. Meanwhile, I'm going to enjoy my brown and black together.

all images via minus image of me above: F21 dress, Buffalo Exchange Leather belt.

What's your take on the brown and black pairing???



Anonymous said...

Brown and black can look great together, and anyone who says otherwise needs to get out more. I think I got told that once when I was wearing a black top and camel colored boots. Uhh, it looked amazing :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I actually always thought that black and brown was a tricky combination and something you must be careful about. It can look really good, but I feel it's easy to go really wrong with it too. I guess it has to do with particular shades of both colors and types of clothes worn... Maybe ven fabrics. It's like with an all black outfit - sometimes different shades of black in one look can seem so wrong! Whereas pairing different shades of gray looks amazing most of the time... In my personal opinion, of course :)

Leia said...

Fashion is all about breaking the rules! I'm all for unusual color combinations :)


kate said...

I think black and brown look great together! Fashion is about wearing what makes you look and feel good. I wish there was a Buffalo Exchange near me- miss that place!
G i v e a w a y !

Anonymous said...

Blacks and browns together is seriously one of my favorite combinations. And yes, my mom is soooo anti-this. And she made my dad fear of mixing the two as well. I was always like "DAD--you're wearing a salmon colored polo, I think having your shoes and belt match is the least of your concerns!".

But anyhoo...I enjoyed this post! My mom is still stuck on the "no white after labor day" rule too :-P

<3 Megan

Unknown said...

I've been liking this combo too. I wore black leggings with my new brown leather Frye boots (LOVE) the other day and I loved it. Another combo I am loving: navy blue with a rich yellow.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

i actually love this color combo..it's not so "taboo" anymore. as long as the brown isn't SO dark, it works for me! esp love doing a darker camel color with black

Anonymous said...

i'm not a lover of brown textile, but black and light brown looks great. but not because i don't like them together doesn't mean it can't look good on others, you know what i mean?

Kara said...

I loooooove black and brown together. I have a girlfriend who scoffs at me for wearing them together but I tell her that "you don't have to MATCH, you just have to GO!" and show her how cute the combo is :)

Sierra said...

you know i still have a hard time pairing the two together, but like your outfit i think it can be pulled off - this picture is fabulous!