Thursday, February 10, 2011

Chris Farley, Patrick Swayze and Moi: Workin' for the Weekend

As much as I would love to break free from tradition and not have a "WOOOHOOOO IT'S FRIDAY!!!" post, that's not in the cards: WOOOOHOOO, IT'S FRIDAY!

Surrrriously, was it just me or did this week go by mind-numbingly slow? I worked through most of my lunches because I've been so bizzzzayy at my place of bizznattt (seriously I'm typing like that- I'm on a one track mind that it's the weekend) and I think that really affected the seemingly longest week of my life. I am so exhausted and so ready to not be sitting at my desk.

Anyway, I'm into work outfits lately so here's a peep at my work outfit today (to the left, to the left). I'm getting used to the glasses little by little!

On the agenda for tonight after such a long week? Sex, drugs and rock and roll? NOPE. Tiny skirts, body shots and hot men? NOOOOPPPPE. How about hanging out, low-key and happily with my boy toy? Ding-ding-ding, there's the winner!

Have we gotten lame? No, we haven't but I just try to not go out as much anymore (and I don't), mainly because it makes it fun when I do go out and that's truly the number one reason why. Hitting the town should be special, not every weekend night of my life- so I don't go out as much anymore. But I'm happily looking forward to my low-key plans of going out to eat and then perhaps having a glass of wine while we watch a movie (Maybe I'll make him watch The Sandlot with me again!).

PS- I went to Betsey Johnson's site and found this shirt which I am fairly certain I will need as I need Oxygen. Thoughts? I have a similar American Apparel one which I sported in the same fashion this gal did (See Betsey? It's like we have a one-track mind!) and I really want her version of it-especially because I'm blonde now so we'd be totes matchy-matchy like twinsies (Dearest Reader, how much am I annoying you right now??).

{TOP: Betsey Johnson model/top found here BOTTOM: Me in my American Apparel top & skirt paired together very similiarly last May}

So Betsey Johnson, The Sandlot, Work Outfits... that's pretty much all I got today...

Happy Friday!


this free bird said...

Have a great weekend you crazy movie watching animal. I'll be doing the same. With a kleenex box. Glug


Leia said...

I hope you enjoy your nice, quiet weekend! We all need those sometimes to relax and recuperate. Love that BJ cropped tee :)


The girl with the pretend crown said...

Loving your dress it is gorgeous! I love dresses and skirts! I don't even own trousers!! haha! Boy toy... love it :) Love the t xxx

Sher said...

Oh I'm definitely one of those "WOOHOO IT'S FRIDAY!" kind of person too!

You look super cute with the glasses and your work outfit:)

Happy weekend!


erika sorocco said...

Ohmigosh The Sandlot! I seriously watched that movie about a billion times when I was younger - and I don't even like sports; so weirdness, right?! :P

Happy, Happy low-key weekend, Caitlin!! :)

And yes, you need that top immediately!! :)

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

i love hanging out home with the boy. i think it beats going out.

Anonymous said...

have a good weekend!

i dont think it's lame you're spending it relaxing. you could be me and going to buy a new car because your best friend totalled yours ;-) ENJOY!!!

<3 megan

PorkStar said...

I had to re-read the post twice. Your braincells are a litte hypper today lol.

Nothing wrong with spending the time at home with someone special. Night out in the town will only be more money to spend and all that. Enjoy the weekend.

Anonymous said...

It was a long week! Here's to a low key weekend :)

Anonymous said...

loving your new glasses.

Kara said...

You have the best style. I'm NOT secure enough with my midsection to wear that top, but it's sooooo cute on you. Damn.

I love your new glasses!! Very Charlotte :) Oh, and btw, don't feel "lame" for staying in sometimes. We've started to do it a lot - mostly because we'd rather spend money on eating at fancy restaurants now than buying booze at bars :) Getting old can be kinda fun!