Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hawaii Week: All Good Things Must Come to an End

So much like the Puppybowl, all good things must come to an end.
Our last night in Hawaii was super wonderful- we dined on Hawaiian food, looked at beautiful Hawaiian flowers, checked out the Hawaiian Sunset and enjoyed Hawaiian Happy Hours. After only 3 blissful days (quickly planned, quickly executed trip), it was time for me to go.

And so, I bid Hawaii adieu with some lingering images of our trip:

{Above: All images above taken from my camera while in Hawaii. Immediate above: The Boy and I and head Oregon coach Chip Kelly, whom we met at a restaurant in HI [2013 UPDATE: He's now the head coach of the Eagles}
So I'm officially done with my Hawaiian recap, though I took over 500 pictures so consider yourself lucky you only had to suffer through 4 days of it! But nah, I'm officially done blogging about it (at least for awhile) because so much has happened since I got back, item number 1 being that I got glasses! So as you can see, I have just so much stuff to blog about this week!
Happy Monday, have a wonderful day working/being at home/online shopping- however it is that you spend your Mondays, have fabulous ones.


Anonymous said...

You have SO many gorgeous pics! Do you have your next trip to HI planned yet? :)

this free bird said...

I love all of them. You look so incredibly relaxed and happy. I can almost feel those sweet breezes from here!! Thanks for sharing.

Carrie :)

LindseyEveryday said...

You're post is making me miss Hawaii. I'm hoping we'll be living there next! I went for two weeks a few years ago.. isn't it just so gorgeous?? Paradise.. I'm so glad you had a good time. Your picture are amazing!!!

Ooooh.. and I gave you a blog award : )

Anonymous said...

Im glad you threw a 'Puppybowl' reference in there! Great pics as always! Hope you enjoyed the weekend (and that dang Packers win UGH). :)

<3 Megan

PorkStar said...

Pictures are awesome as always. I remember you saying you were so excited about going, and now it's been over a week! Glad to see you guys had fun.

Kim Axani said...

That was a great series of posts, I like how you extended them as much as you can.
I love that little wrap skirt you have! And that first drink pic made my mouth water.
But didn't you find the drinks expesive? Like 12 bucks for something like that?
Crazzy, but so worth it =)

Anonymous said...

isn't great to be able to go back home looking tan? :) so glad to hear that you had tons of fun!

Panty Buns said...

There is so much beauty in your photographs it's hard to take it all in. I'm making a note to myself to come back and gawk at it all. I hardly ever travel but if I did that sure looks like a perfect place to visit. What a beautiful memories.

Sierra said...

i'm so glad that you had such a wonderful time! i still can't get over your photos, you really took and have some great shots of you both! you both are too cute and you look so super happy. plus i love all of the bright colors - just gorgeous! hope going back to work isn't too much of a shock for ya.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I like your couple shots - looking so sweet, rested and happy!

The girl with the pretend crown said...

Just been catching up - what and AWESOME time you had!! YAY! xxx