Saturday, February 12, 2011

I believe in the beauty of miscellaneous beliefs

I believe in the importance of exercising and the profound impact it has in every part of your life.

I believe that Dresses improve my day.

I believe that it's important to be close with your siblings.

I believe that guys should be handy and know how to fix things.

I believe that Dijon mustard is the worst taste in the entire world.

I believe in not shoving your religious or political views down people's throats.

I believe in swimming in lakes and getting completely underwater.

I believe that taking pictures is a choice you make now that you'll be thankful for years later.

I believe that your profile picture on Facebook shouldn't just be of your baby, how about you AND the baby?

 I believe in having days where you eat anything you want.

I believe in dying your hair (unless you're blessed with gorgeous, special color).

I believe that doing sports is always better than being a cheerleader.

I believe in finding a way to interact positively with everyone you work with.

I believe that high school sweethearts who get married miss out on most things that are important for personal development and that it's a horrible idea to only ever date one person. Blech.

I believe that Chicken Strips will always be hard to not order once I see them on a menu.

I believe that people in the Pacific NW need to chill the f*ck out on their fleece addiction.I believe in high-heels.

I believe in blogging, keeping a journal, etc.

I believe that The Princess Bride is one of the greatest movies of all time.
What do you (randomly) believe in?



Panty Buns said...

I loved the Princess bride ("As you wish."). I wish I'd taken and saved (lost too many) photographs of more of the fun times (and each other) when I was younger. I believe your dresses improve my day. I know I'll stay a vegetarian the rest of my life. I believe I know how to fix things and that I should stop being so lazy and anxious and just do more of it. I believe I have a serious addiction to buying, wearing, and male modeling panties. I believe I have eaten a lot of coconut custard pie. I believe I'd been so busy looking at your scalloped skirt that I hadn't noticed your high heels even though you were looking at them in the photo. What high school sweetheart? I believe if my first love had married me when I first proposed I could have been a great grandfather by now. I believe your hair looks great dyed. I believe if I lived in the city I could dye mine blue and red like Rihanna or silver like Gaga did. I believe I should swim more. I believe I agree with you much more than disagree. I believe that I failed to be completely random in saying what I believe. I believe I should stop rambling on this comment. :-)

Anonymous said...

i agree with the many things you said, but i love the one with doing sports is better than being a cheerleader and the high school sweetheart thing. yea, it's sweet, but like you said, you gain more life experience with at least being with a few more people before you say you've found the one.

my miscellaneous beliefs are: i believe that not everything should be posted on your facebook status. like really, those who use four square where it logs where you've "checked-in" recently like the gym, the grocery store ... really???

i believe that not everyone should have children.
i believe that traveling is good for the soul.

i'm sure i have more, but that's all i got for now.

thanks for the sweet comment about my converse hotness! ha ha ha

happy saturday!

Anonymous said...

I love this post...and boy do you and i have many of the same beliefs! Especially the one regarding people and their facebook profiles being of their babies. Ugh (ultrasounds ARE included in this people!!!!).

I believe in going on dates by yourself.
I believe in sometimes doing your makeup and hair for no reason...even if you have no plans to leave your home.
I believe in complimenting people for no reason.
I believe in embracing your inner nerd ( yayyy i like sci-fi movies and westerns! ).
I believe in mini-vacations.
I believe in eating Nutella straight from the jar.
I believe in watching sports, eating wings, and drinking beer.

I hope you have a fabulous Saturday night! Enjoy your time without the man :).

<3 Megan

PorkStar said...

I believe I should be working instead of blogging.

I actually believe, it should be the other way around.

I believe I should get paid for both.

I believe I get paid for work but I don't see much of the dough.

I believe I should get paid to write a lot of BS like the one I do on my blog.

I believe your posts are awesome and inspirational.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

i absolutely love this post! i totally agree about posting a picture of your baby as a facebook picture. it's odd.

Claire Kiefer said...

I love this post and I love your blog, and I love what you said about babies on fb. :) Related to that, I believe that moms should not post the mundane shit their babies do. If I see one more fb status that says: "Austin just napped for an hour and a half!" I might explode.

I believe in good strong coffee.
I believe that the more places in the world you see, the more interesting you become.
I believe in compassion and empathy.
I believe that we need to reevaluate and reform our prison system.
I believe in wearing pretty lingerie (even if no one will see it) just so you feel sexier.

happy weekend pretty girl!

Leia said...

This is so lovely :)

I believe in always being there for family...

I believe in the healing properties of music. And tea. :)


erika sorocco said...

I believe that pink makes everything more fabulous!

I believe in meals consisting solely of cake frosting eating directly out of the container.

I believe in bubble baths.

Ooh, I love this post!! :)

Jessica said...

I LOVE this post!! There are so many things I "believe in" but one has been at the top of my list recently.

I believe that EVERY girl (no matter how beautiful) looks better with a little makeup on!

Kara said...

Naturally, I believe everything you believe in because we are like soul sistahs, but most especially this one:

"I believe that high school sweethearts who get married miss out on most things that are important for personal development and that it's a horrible idea to only ever date one person. Blech."

SO. TRUE. Without getting emo, I never knew I deserved someone like Ryan until some other asshole treated me like shit for a year. Highschool sweethearts are a nice dream but so rarely a successful reality.

Sierra said...

I believe this is one awesome post! I believe too that couples should date other people - I also {cough cough} stayed with my ex past college and so glad I dated more after that point before meeting BK! Also, I believe that The Princess Bride is amazing, LOVE that movie. I believe I should be in bed right now but I wanted to catch up on blogs, lol. I also believe that I'm getting a cold but it better stay far far away. I also believe I'm being a goof and better stop this comment soon. Ha ha, bye love!