Sunday, February 27, 2011

Male Inspired. Female Conquered.

Menswear ignites a powerful persona in the ladies who choose to rock it. I LOVE Menswear on Women. Not to be confused with dressing like a man but rather, a distinct branch of fashion that centers on the idea that clothes aren't gender specific. I think to wear a structured outfit in lieu of a traditional girly one, sends a ferocious message.

The catapulting addition to Menswear is unapologetically showcasing your feminine prowess alongside the male-inspired garments. For me, I always enjoy a level of femininity in my outfits- that's why I pieced together the outfit I wore on Friday night to the Portland Wine & Cheese Festival. Much like Wine and Cheese, fashion has a lot to do with successful pairing. Same can be said for feminine menswear. My black, male-friendly suit jacket was rendered wonderfully, femininely mine when I paired it with liquid leggings and a bare chest (bare chest appropriate due to the formality of the venue and the evening schedule. I wouldn't have gone so low during the day).

{gasp! my bra showed! It's okay, it's okay- it was part of the plan.}

A successful outfit often makes for a successful night. After feeling wholly comfortable in my 'fit, I enjoyed the very lovely festival with The Boy, my Sister & my Brother-In-Law. We dined on cheese, fruit and appetizers and enjoyed various wine pairings.
We even met Oregon's own Amy Roloff from "Little People, Big World".

And... I was reminded again of what a weirdo my boyfriend is...

Wishing you a perfectly wonderful Monday and inquiring your own thoughts into gender fusion dressing- how do you bring the opposite sex into your look?
*Thanks Megs for the tickets

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Stevie said...

Love it. You look fantastic.

Menswear on women always reminds me of Katharine Hepburn. In an era when dresses and skirts were all you ever saw on women, she rocked pants like nothin' else.

Anonymous said...

You are rocking the liquid leggings! Great look.

julia louise said...

Looks really good! :-)

Hope to see you on my blog again. I buy my new Canon camera this week, so look forward to a renewed "blondis" blog!
au revoir.

Leia said...

Wow, you look fabulous! I really admire you for staying true to your feminine side while still channeling the opposite sex. And the bra showing - sexay but still classy! Love it!


Leia said...

Wow, you look fabulous! I really admire you for staying true to your feminine side while still channeling the opposite sex. And the bra showing - sexay but still classy! Love it!


erika sorocco said...

Okay, so this is basically the GREATEST look on you ever! Incredible Caitlin - you look gorgeous!! :)

Tina said...

OOh I love it! You look so good! Those boots are KILLER!! And you and the boy are just adorable, even if he likes making funny faces alot alot lol

Anonymous said...

well hello hotness!

im totally a huge fan of menswear on females (when done correctly i should say!). and girl you knocked it outta the park!

i have to wear suits and blazers alot working in corporate-land, so posts like this make me excited because this is all stuff i wear to work on non-dress-down days (minus the victoria's secret popping out of course).

anywaysss i love it! glad u had a good weekend!

<3 megan

Unknown said...

You look absolutely FIERCE!! Love that you dared to expose your bra too!

The Suburb Experiment said...

You can do menswear - it's just not really in my wardrobe vocab. But it sure is fun to see other people rock it!!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ohh sexy!!! And teh wine and cheese event sounds awesome - I might be attending one dedicated to wine and sushi soon!

PorkStar said...

3 things:

1. You said bare chest. I held for a moment the reading and browsed for pics of said statement. I had to keep reading.

2. You totally rock that outfit. Looks very good on you.

3. I can't bring the opposite sex into my look because, I'm a boy and that would not be too cool.

Anonymous said...

omg! i met amy last year in vegas, weird place, huh? but she was in an early childhood education conference that we were in.

thank you for clarifying menswear and dressing like a man, i hope many read that clearly! :)

Kara said...

Blazers, YES PLEASE. I have a few (they're all black and have the same cute, lol) and I love to rotate them throughout my wardrobe. I really need to do a few outfit posts soon... thanks for the inspiration pretty lady. I always love your posts and your sweet comments on my blog :)

Anonymous said...

weird question, but what's a liquid leggings? is it like jeggings? pleather-y leggings? i'm curious!

Unknown said...

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