Tuesday, March 15, 2011

2008 rocked some badass heels

I loved the year 2008.

Don't get me wrong- it was a hard year for me in the beginning: a tumultuous relationship ending in a horrible break-up knocked the wind outta my tires. I spent the first quarter of the year very sad, often crying and completely confused.

But then... out of nowhere one day, the sun lifted. I got a spectacular new job and traveled that entire year. This independence gained me a steady, comfortable income, a plethora of new friends and a deep, deep love for the Upper Midwest (yup, it's when the Chicago love was born). It is hard to explain how fortunate I was at that time to have a new life that now included a large number of work trips. Getting out of Portland frequently for professional reasons really helped me along in my healing process and gave me plenty of time for healthy reflection. With time, I realized how okay I could be single and once that final puzzle piece locked into place, my personal growth was endless.

My bottom line from 2008 isn't that I hate men or never want to date again or have any anger whatsoever. The reason it was so great was the realization that after I give myself time to grieve, I can always pick myself back up and life can go on as it should. It's a wonderful mantra to always have in your back pocket.

Due to this, I still have this 2008 folder saved on my desktop. It's full of images and quotes that I became obsessed with on my own mini spiritual journey. In rummaging through it last weekend, I stumbled upon this image of Mary-Kate Olsen.
Holy Hell. Is this not one of the hottest outfits you've seen? From the dress, to the earrings to the shoes... it's dynamite and I couldn't be more obsessed.

I remember initially seeing this and hoping and praying that something she was wearing was in my price range, I focused on the shoes. Sadly and obviously, they were far beyond what I could/would/should spend on shoes. As a part of Giambattista Valli's 2008 Spring collection, these retailed for $900.00. They're not available now but even if they were, I wouldn't be buying them.

However, after searching and searching, I was able to find a suitable replacement for them last weekend. Check out these shoes:

Uncanny, right?
The above are created by Shiekh and I believe are a fabulous alternative to the pricey designer shoes that MK sports. At only $44.97, they contain all of the elements to mimic the desired Olsen look (save for a little bit of a missing va-va-voom pump height): electric pink, tall heel and white embellishments. And in case I needed another sign that they're meant for me- they're titled the "Women's Persia". And unless you still don't know, the "Persie" in my blog title is pronounced like "Persia" with an "e" at the end(If you don't know, now you know), they were meant for me!

So with that, have a fabulous Tuesday!


Brianna! said...

she's amazing!
I am completely OBSESSED with MK

Was my idol as a child and still is twenty years later


erika sorocco said...

Ooh Caitlin you had better buy those shoes - they are incredible!! :)

Lindsay said...

Those shoes are amazing! I give any girl credit that can walk in those bad boys. Spending most of your growing up years in tennis shoes=barely being able to walk in kitten heels. So please buy those shoes and give them a fabulous life...for those of us who can't!

Anonymous said...

i think your 2008 was like my 2010!!! and chicago is badass and you should come to the midwest WAY more often (even though im usually trying to escape myself from it).

i love those shoes...when i scrolled down from her dress, i TOTALLY did not expect to see these shoes on her feet!!! but that is what makes them so great!

i havent heard of this site...but im heading to check it out now! hope u have a good tuesday girl!

The Suburb Experiment said...

Oh. Those shoes! Those are AMAZING. I loved that outfit on MK too.


Anonymous said...

Oh man! those are some killer heels, love it.
and I am very happy everything is brighter for you, and I hope 2011 is even better!

Miss Neira

Anonymous said...

Those shoes are pretty amazing!

drollgirl said...

those shoes are insane! i could see nicki minage (sp?) wearing them!

Maria Galv√£o de Sousa said...

thank you :)
those shoes have made my tuesday great

Kim Axani said...

I've never seen them b4 your little post here. I can't believe you found such a great dupe and, for a fraction of the price!

Val said...

Be still my heart!!! I'm in HEEL LOVE.

Anonymous said...

wow! those are the queen of heels. not sure if i'd ever be able to walk in anything that tall, but i do love women who cans strut that $h!t.

Rick said...

The heels on your badge (upper left) are badass too!

Your posts are inspirational. Glad I found your blog :)

Punctuation Mark said...

i saw her (or her sister) once in LA and they are sooo cute... those are some pretty rocking shoes!

Raven said...

Uncanny? Almost an exact replica! I LOVE those shoes!!! Love your personal style btw, and your blog. Will most definitely be following along :)

julia louise said...

i just lovee the heals!<3

Hope to see you on my blog again soon..


Unknown said...

i want i want xxx

Sierra said...

ha ha ha those shoes are definitely unique! i love the hot pink!

Kristin W said...

2008 holds a special place in my heart...for different reasons than yours.

FAB Fab FAB heels! So exciting when you find an inexpensive replacement :)

Olivia.Dee said...

im quite in love with Sheikh mainly because they have the best priced knock offs on the block :]

Anonymous said...

Where do I find the knock-off shoes?