Wednesday, March 2, 2011

all style and no substance

A couple weeks ago at work, we had an all company meeting mandated by our home office. That meant that everyone across the entire nation with jobs big and small, must come together in their respective offices and partake in this corporate course. Due to the fact that my workload is often quite large, I was actually kinda excited to be forced to step away from it for 4 hours and partake in this session.

When I arrived there, I realized that not only was I getting to interact in a more casual fashion with my team but that I also was surrounded by many who were higher up than me, much higher up. I enjoy this - I love having the chance to speak with these people for professional and personal reasons.

A few minutes later, the meeting started. First thing on the agenda? Introductions and... drumroll please... say something interesting about yourself. Well F. Whenever I am asked to do this, I instantly draw blanks. What the h*ll is interesting about me? I'm reaching and reaching through my brain but can't find anything. As the little facts are delivered one by one around the room, I quickly found it to be my turn and headlights on- what is interesting about Caitlin?

"Well, I am not superstitious for the most part (true), but I am very superstitious about knocking on wood (true). You will often find me knocking on wood (true) and when I can't find wood, I will knock on my teeth (true)."

True. All True things. I DO in fact knock on wood constantly. And yes, since 8th grade, I have knocked my teeth when there's no wood around. But why in the world did that come to my head as an "interesting" thing about myself?

The only thing worse than my decision to share to a huge room of bigwigs that the most interesting thing about me is the fact that I knock on my teeth like Rain Man was when the girl after me (who is my age) gave her interesting fact: "I'm a Cancer survivor."

Shoot me.

Anyway, here's what the teeth knocker wore to work today...

{My outfit to the office: 3/02/2011}

Have you ever said something really stupid at work {Knock on wood}? Do tell... do tell....

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Leia said...

Eek! I've said a lot of cringe-worthy things and I always have a hard time coming up with interesting facts as well. Oh well, at least you said something that was totally different from anyone else ... and you looked fabulous! :P

erika sorocco said...

Haha! That is so classic - love it! Though I've never said something truly wacky at work (thank goodness!), in school, when we had to tell everyone something interesting about ourselves, I told everyone that I had an interesting pet: snails. :P

Anonymous said... least the knock on teeth girl looks hot when she goes to work! I used to work at the Limited, so I have ALOT of stuff from is perfect office attire.

I say stupid stuff all the time at work, but unfortunately, since it is so frequently, I have chosen to forget about most of the times, so nothing comes to mind. I started to listen to my headphones at work recently to avoid speaking out stupidly LOL!

And that is totally cool your Mom and Co. are from PA! What part?

Panty Buns said...

Thank you, Caitlin, for making me laugh! I'd been feeling depressed and needed that.

The Simply Vera tights and Calvin Klein full skirt look pretty on you.

Of course I've said really stupid things at work. I have chronic foot-in-mouth disease, and for decades I have knocked on my head whenever saying "knock on wood".

I sometimes ask lumberyard salesman if they carry any wood, adding that I have heard it can be sawed and drilled just like plastic.

Unknown said...

Wow, that must have been a great session with all the wonderful people...I think we should all try to be part of such events they are certainly very useful. You look great, Cheeers :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

UGH. I HATE that's always so awk because what is really "interesting"? lol. Love your skirt though, esp paired with the patterned tights!

Anonymous said...

Every day I say something I probably shouldnt! ahha oh well!

LOVE the look girl, very 50s of you!

Miss Neira

Anonymous said...

i LOVE that skirt! at first glance i thought it was kate spade, then i wondered if they even made skirts?! ha ha ha

i'm from L.A. and am a total walking valley girl, so i've done a lot of stupids, i mean said a lot of stupids! ha ha ha last year i ran into a friend i hadn't seen in years and her eye shadow stood out to me, it was so bright, with glitters and everything and after our mini convo she talked about her eye shadow and make-up and said, "so, how do i look?" and i just blurted out, "hooker-ish, but in a really nice way." we're still friends. she gets me that way! thank god!

PorkStar said...

hahaha that was funny... well, you got it out of the way. No one said anything interesting about yourself needed to be interesting for others, so there lol

I don't think I have had that question asked before. However, the equivalent of that question, to me is when the employer or top management asks, where do you see yourself in 5 years? My answer has been, In a beach, laying out and getting some tan while drinking beer, after winning the lotto and ditching the job.

True answer.

...hell do I know what Im going to be doing in 5 years... pshhh

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh, this is too funny! And it is interesting!

Lexi @

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

LOL Caitlin! :) I feel you though - sometimes it's hard to coem up with an answer to something like that without any prior preparation. I don't remember any such work situation, but this reminded me of something similar in a way that happened to me in one of my English classes some 5 years ago or so. For our homework we were given a task to bring to class an object that was very meaningful to us and explain why it was important and tell some story in relation to it. I've never been too good with doing my homework, and especially my English homework, as I always thought I didn't need it and could always come up with an answer right away anyway, so I completely forgot I had to bring something. And there I was sitting there, waiting for my turn, havign no idea what on Earth I was going to say... I liked the teacher though and really didn't want to upset him. When my turn came, the only thing that came to my mind was to say that I had a thing for star shaped everything and how it always had a personal meaning for me, and because I didn't bring anything but wanted to act like I totally knew what I was doing, I turned around and showed my star shaped tattoo on the back of my neck as proof LOL

Sierra said...

ohhh i'm sure i have - i usually speak before i think, lol. love the outfit love!

Kara said...

Oh. My. God. I am like, crawling with embarrassment for you right now hahahaha, how rude of her to upstage your teeth knocking!!!

I really just hate shit like that. There's only two ways to go: say something like "I got my master's degree before I was 24!" and sound like a pompous asshole or something like "My favorite food is artichokes" and sound like a total doofus. What a stupid exercise!