Wednesday, March 9, 2011

east coast olivia

Isn't this girl a beauty? She didn't come from some *online search- she's my flesh and blood, my amazing cousin.

Olivia grew up

on this side of
the United States...

My immediate family grew up on
this side of the United States...

That's because my Mom and her Mom, grew up here:

However, my Mom left
and moved all
the way across the
country after falling in
love with my Dad,
so we were raised here

Needless to say,
between Olivia's home and our home,
there are many of these...

However, she has one the nicest faces and spirits to ever go the distance for.

I love her, we love her. She's the most fabulous Freshman in college I know and lives and breathes the stereotype that East Coast girls know how to dress and that true style exudes from every pore of an authentic fashionista (I mean look at that picture of her!).

Love you Olivia.*The pictures of Olivia came from her own account. However, all of the non-Olivia pictures are via here. But GET this, in searching on here for images, one search engine brought up the very first picture of her. Someone hearted her! And I found it searching for something totally separate from that picture on a post I was centering around that picture... so weird, so weird. I will tell her this tomorrow. Internet is freaky.

Is all of your family near-by or are your cherished ones far away?

PS- I'm kicking it right now with a 102.6 degree fever, ugh. This was a pre-drafted post so I didn't have to fight through it to blog, thank goodness! Hopefully I'll be better soon aka tomorrow aka I don't like taking sick days!


Anonymous said...

Shes so cute!

Jazzy E (Hivenn) said...

so adorable! love her hair colour. x hivennn

Anonymous said...

She is adorbs! Hope you feel better! :)

Anonymous said...

she looks like a little fashionista! i love it! AND...even better...she is an east coaster ;-)

all of my family lives in the pittsburgh area...but i grew up in virginia/dc area for most of my time, so it was always a travel to see them...which i thought was kind of cool even though i missed having family closeby.

olivia seems pretty awesome though!!
<3 megan

erika sorocco said...

Gah! Caitlin you seriously have the most gorgeous family - Olivia is stunning!

Most of my family is close by; except for my Aunt and Uncle who still live in NYC - but we talk on e-mail. :/

Alison Kinsey said...

that's too funny that someone 'hearted' her on that search engine!
she's so pretty!
my dad's side of the family is all here in the Boston area, but my Mom's side is scattered all over. although i love my family to pieces, i don't feel like i need to live near them, since i love to travel anyways!
i hope you feel better Caitlin :(

Sher said...

Aww, she is indeed a beauty! I'm lucky to have all my closest loved ones near me, well , except for the boy whose 10000 miles away from me now. But not for long:)


Anonymous said...

so you have that L.A. blood in you, too, huh? ha ha most of the fam are in L.A. and across the U.S. and the philippines! sometimes, i wish i had my sister close by or mom, but it's always an excuse to travel every time i visit them.

mirmirzimzim said...

wait that internet search story is pretty creepy dude....are you 100% sure thats her in the photo and not a twin? i'm creeped out. cute post though!

PorkStar said...

Nice post and nice pictures.

All of my dad's side of the fam is here, whereas mom's side is still in South America. Mom has been here with me for 6 years though and that's the most important part of the family I needed close to me. Grandma and beloved cousins still in S.A. : ( I miss them.

Feel better Caitlin.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

she looks just like you! my family is mostly in New England- MA, RI, CT.

bananas. said...

i'm jealous...i wish i lived on that side of the US too. well sometimes...not when and snows and stuff. haha.

Slamdunk said...

It is fun having relatives in places that you can go visit and catch-up. For me, all of my family lives many states away.

Kara said...

What a beautiful cuz! I saw your tweet this morning...I'm so sorry you're so under the weather!! Feel better soon little lady.

xx said...

love these pictures! these are amazing xx

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Olivia.Dee said...

most of my family is back in my hometown: Santa Barbara, CA. the rest (as well as myself) is scattered up and down California, reaching as far as Venetta, OR.