Monday, March 21, 2011

I simply must do this.

Like any person in this world, I make lots of little goals for myself. I have plans to do this and do that... I feel joyful when I accomplish them, and wallow my pity in edamame when I don't (sorry, the appropriate wording there is "cake" but I'm into salt, not sweets). So here's the point of this post, I'm going to let y'all in on a little secret... a few goals I plan to accomplish this warm season that are super easy, super shallow and totally attainable. Thus, you get to witness my little latest fashion muses and I get to seem like a badass to everyone as I accomplish these simple tasks.

So without further adieu... here's some simple Things I WILL do.

Combat Boots:

I will rock combat boots soon. I have fallen head over heels in love with combat boots. They have that edgy vibe but paired with something smokin' hot on a girl, they become something else entirely. I will, lace up combat boots soon in the near future.

Maxi Skirt:

I will find a way to make a maxi skirt work. Not a maxi dress, I have those and I love them- but a skirt. I think this is a bit of a harder task and one that I have yet to take on due to my rotund derriere. But after Leia's numerous posts looking beautiful as ever and my attempts to copy Ashley Olsen, I promise that I'll find a way to rock a Maxi skirt.

Play Pretty-Pretty Princess

And finally, I will find a way to feel fabulous on the day of the Royal Wedding. I don't know if that will mean a champagne toast while wearing a fascinator or a tea party with lace gloves... but I WILL find a way to make that day feel special. Because it's not every day that a Princess gets bloody crowned there is it? I think to not partake would be equivalent to going up to 6-year-old me and putting my middle finger in my face. Plus, my Sister married a Brit, so I'm going to assume that that now qualifies me to mimic British life sans shame.

[Images: Dream. Boots. Ashley. Kate]
tell me kittens, what are some of your easy-to-reach goals??



Anonymous said...

Like the Royal Wedding idea! Definitely need to do something that day.

Tina said...

Um, you BETTER make the day of the royal wedding special cos its the day IM getting married! lol so think of me as you play pretty pretty princess cos ill be doing it too!!!

ooh yes combat boots! i am so dying for some of those. and i have a maxi skirt! just need something to go with it good lol

Julie and Lauren said...

<3 the royal wedding idea, but those combat boots are pretty killer!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

ya i want to do the maxi skirt too...i saw a cute one in a mag from Gap. It's not online yet though.

erika sorocco said...

The maxi is one of my easy-to-reach goals. I so badly want to rock one this spring/summer - I just need to find the ideal piece!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love your goals! :) I guess mine would be to get my "before baby" body back and to be more creative when styling outfits. This isn't my bucket list by any means!

Unknown said...

1. I love combat boots. I have a pair, but they aren't the lace-up version. I doubt I can justify buying another pair, just to have laces. (what am I saying? I can justify any purchase)
2. I have a Maxi skirt obsession right now too! But I dunno if my body shape/my height will make it work. I am skeptical, and have tried a few on without loving them. But there is still hope!
3. Can we go shopping together? Lets make this happen.

Anonymous said...

Fun post Caitlin!!!

First of all, being a veteran, I'm totally a fan of combat boots... I only own two pairs, but I LOVEEEE them!

i think my cravings this summer are sheer skirts and printed pants. i have a sheer skirt i plan on wearing, but no printed pants yet...i haven't found the perfect pair! :-)

have a great weeeeek!

drollgirl said...

i simply MUST start working out more. this fat ass is only getting fatter by being lazy! must try harder!

this free bird said...

you will easily take on combat boots and maxi skirts. i'm not good at the princess part so i can't comment too much, but just given the gusto with which you approach chicago something tells me there is a tiara in your future!

i'm going to master the 30 day shred and toned legs, thighs, butt - the whole nine yards. DOING IT.


PorkStar said...

I didn't even know those two were getting married, much less had a website for the whole thing. I just clicked on it to see if it was a fake and it isn't. I forgot to see what the date for their wedding is. Shows how interested I am, ha.

Those boots are pretty cool, not just for girls but guys too. I used to wear them but with jeans. I would not show my skinny legs on those things.

LMFAO at the super shallow part. I didn't see where this was but you girls sure can rock all those looks.

As for me, easy-to-reach goals, well, traveling to South America next month and the Baltics in the summer. That's all I want to do. Not so easy to reach but no one can say no.

Anonymous said...

love your goals.
i still remember back in high school when the doc marten combat boots were so the in thing. i had them in burgundy. i saw some cool combat boots looking shoes at a few weeks ago.

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

We're having a champagne breakfast at my mama's for the royal wedding!

bananas. said...

i will finally take my ass to NYC. yup....done and done.

easy goals are way fun!

Olivia.Dee said...

the only thing i have on my immediate to-do list is figure out a way to make the Jessica Simpson Dany shoe work appropriate. That 6" heel, 2" platform is ruining all hope!

Kara said...

LOVE combat boots, they're so fetch right now :) And that maxi top is perfection. I can't wait to see you get one and pull it off beautifully. After lent, of course! :)

Leia said...

I love this little to-buy list! And I'm so flattered that you mentioned me (I'm wearing a maxi skirt at the moment... predictable, huh? :P). In any case, I think you'll look FAB in a maxi skirt - they're much more versatile than dresses, too, which is always good!

Rick said...

These are a variety of different looks (and settings) but fortunate are those, like you, who can pull them each off :)

(Alexa Winner is wearing Anna Sui :)

Kristin W said...

I'm dying over that maxi skirt. It's going to be a total do for me this season!

mirmirzimzim said...

my bosses name is kate, and her younger sisters name is pippa, and she is "the pretty one" even though my boss is super gorge, and magazines say that pippa is "the pretty one" cool story huh.