Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Pearls for Day, Shorter for Play

I grew up not liking Pearls. All girls I knew always wanted to grow up and adorn their magnificent necks with their Grandmother's Pearls much to the tune of Fancy Nancy. To me, they always reminded me of "The First Lady". Not a specific First Lady, just the woman who stood alongside any President of ours who had to dress conservatively in the spirit of representing our nation.

...Not my style...

{my style muses usually have a little more Kardashian in them than Kennedy}

From a very, very young age I have been completely attracted to a sexier look. That doesn't mean that I always did it or pulled it off (um... yeah, pictures speak for themselves) but what I fantasized about looking like alwaysssss had way more to do with being a Marilyn rather than a Jackie.
However, life always comes into play. I work in a very corporate America environment and Pearls are not only welcome, they are definitely encouraged. In that token, as I've gotten older Pearls have found a place in my professional life.

Though, I know in my heart that I won't be the girl who wears Pearls on her wedding day, I have definitely enjoyed my little, funny, amusing relationship with the official stone of all the First Ladies.

What do you wear now that you never thought you would?


Unknown said...

O WOW !!

erika sorocco said...

High shoes. As in towering wedges, heels, etc. I only started wearing them last summer - after twenty years of wearing flats 24/7. It's strange, yet empowering to make such a change - even if it is just one of style. LOVING the pearls on you!! :)

Tina said...

giiirl the pearls work on you! even in retail, a couple days i wore pearls to work and people loved it. i love me some pearls!

oh! and i wrote a post about prince william stealing my date lmao it was in december - the post was titled HEY! THATS OUR DATE! perfect huh? lol

Kim Axani said...

I LOVE the pearls, but like you said, it has to be with the right outfit! I like them on earrings, too. =) I thought I'd never wear Uggs or skinny jeans, but here I am wearing both these days.

Vanessa said...

I love that you wrote this. I use to think pearls weren't for me. I've changed, I now find them cute. They are great to accessorize a more professional outfit. 8)

Anonymous said...

Loved this post! I used to feel the same way. Pearls are my birthstone, so I felt they were sort of forced upon me.

Also, love the "more Marilyn than Jackie" quote. I could watch Legally Blonde over and over! :)

Unknown said...

hahaah "A little more Kardashian than Kennedy" crack me up! I actually kind of love the traditional aspect of pearls....My grandma bought me a strand for high school graduation! (but i lost them...shhh)

Teela said...

Love me some Pearls. But I like to play with the colors (all those fun ones from the World Market in Hawaii). Part of my affinity comes from the fact that it's my birthstone, I'm sure :)

Rachella - said...

nice blog x

Anonymous said...

Ive never liked traditional pearls and didnt wear a single pearl on my wedding day. Black pearls, Tahitian pearls, more non-traditional ones - thats more my style :)

doniree said...

I'm the SAME way. Never liked them, then I inherited a gorgeous long strand from my great-grandmother (after whom I was named), and I still didn't love them for a couple of years. Now? I LOVE long strands, and unique twists on the traditional single strand.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I like how you took the pearls and made them work with your aesthetic. You may not love them, but you look good and still true to yourself!


Olivia.Dee said...

i love pearls. but don't own any. odd.

ummm... i sport leggings 5 days out of the week... and i used to despise them!

Lexi said...

I totally agree with you - the single short length pearl necklace is a bit too Miss America for me, but I love love the piled on pearls look. Way to rock the layers!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

Anonymous said...

i could only do pearl earrings.

those things that i said never to, but now wearing:

1. clogs (danskos)
2. plaid shirts (i only have 4)
3. stripes (i swore them off when i lived in l.a.)
patent stuff (like bags, shoes - i still have very few, but still)
4. gladiator sandals (seriously, i thought they were spartacus like but cuter styles have emerged)
5. leopard print (i have 2 pairs of shoes, i think that might be enough)

i'm sure there's a few more but i can't remember because i'm distracted by my ipad! LOL i hope your day was better than yesterday. today was rough for me. i had to fire a staff member. those things are never easy, whether you like them or not, it's hard not to think about how they're going to live after but i have to really keep in mind what's best for the whole school. it's not my favorite part of my job.

hope your day was happy.

Leia said...

I used to hate pearls too! I don't know why - it wasn't their assocation with fuddy-duddy ladies, I just didn't like the way they looked. I love them now, though! Maybe it has something to do with getting older? I think you look lovely in pearls, anyway! :)


maddy said...

You can definitely rock pearls miss lady! You work the Marilyn AND Jackie in you!!! Love it!

Stay classy,

Rick said...

A First Lady of fashion I would say :) I agree. You are rocking those pearls!

Hope you had an amazing weekend, Caitlin.

Anonymous said...

ive always been a pearls fan over a diamond fan actually! so i loved this post as usual. i think i became obsessed with pearls because not many people wore them where i grew up...just alot of diamonds. and wanting to be different (as i sit here in my north face fleece), i embraced the look of pearls.

in addition, i think rockin pearls with the unexpected can be incredibly fashionable. i love wearing my grandmother's old pearls with a grungy looking flannel shirt. people don't know how to take it :-)