Friday, March 25, 2011

Ruthlessly Fashionable

One thing I don't really discuss on this blog is my obsession with events. Though this blog serves as a platter with which to serve my rambling thoughts and visual affections, I still try to keep it a bit interesting. For this reason, I spare all readers my obsessions with historical events and typically don't delve deep into all the interesting facts that I find.

The funny thing is, I get very infatuated with certain topics for about a month or two. I watch Documentaries, I read Wikipedia, I read books... I take in all that I can and pillage any interesting facts that I will then dole out to anyone who will listen.

Current apple of my eye: World War II.

Lately, due to sheer curiosity and a lot of couch time due to illness, I have been soaking up everything I can find. I've been watching WWII Documentaries, Third Reich Documentaries and Germany documentaries. In addition, I went to the Library and checked out sooo many books on Hitler and Eva Braun and have learned so many interesting things that I never knew.

Here's a few:

  • Hitler was a Vegetarian because he was a huge animal lover. Yes, the most evil and disgusting man the world has ever known had a soft spot for animals. He also didn't drink and didn't smoke.
  • When the Red Army invaded Berlin, a move which arguably ended the war and certainly lead to the suicide of Hitler, they were working for The Allies and this move was also our victory- so technically, this was a "good" act. However, in the days following, one of the largest instances of mass rape took place in Berlin with the Red Army raping young girls to old women. Over 100,000 women were estimated to have been raped. Of that number, about 10,000 died as a result, mostly from suicide.
  • Hitler's longtime companion and wife for the last 40 hours of his life, Eva Braun, was never a Nazi and much evidence is presented to argue that due to his shielding and protection of her, she knew little about the brutality of his reign.
And that's just a little taste, I'm full of information regarding the war and I find it fascinating. However, I don't want my blog to become taxing to read so let me tell you why I'm bringing this all up.

My WWII obsession has lead me wildly into the arms of Inglourious Basterds (I also watched Schindler's List again. Ugh. I can't even touch on that sadness). I've seen the movie before, but now armed with my new knowledge of the events, it takes on a whole new meaning. This movie is FABULOUS, there is not any other way to put it. It's amazing, unapologetically clever and as humorous as it is gruesome.... it's 153 minutes of pure badass...if you haven't seen it yet, you're a fool.

The only thing that comparatively is as wonderful as it is... were the amazing outfits of the female leads:

Julie Dreyfus as Francesca Mondino

Diane Kruger
as Bridget von Hammersmark

Mélanie Laurent as Shoshanna Dreyfus

{She's my favorite. Love her.}

So that was your curve ball post- WWII is definitely on my mind lately and what I've been chatting about.
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What is the most interesting fact that you know regarding World War II?


Anonymous said...

My grandfather fought in WW2 and a few weeks ago I looked up some stuff online about where he was, the group he was in. It's all interesting and you can definitely get lost in it.

Leia said...

A few weeks ago I went into a random Hitler Research Mode and spent hours trawling the web learning and re-learning WW2 stuff! It's so fascinating. Although it really troubles me how much Hitler and I have in common (vegetarian, don't drink, and don't smoke... but luckily the similarities end there!)

Cylia said...

this is pretty interesting:) I loved reading it. Not sure what my most interesting fact is from WWII.. my boyfriend knows a whole lot about history and all these little facts and bits and bobs.. might need to ask him;)

erika sorocco said...

The first interesting point you mentioned - about vegetarianism - is basically one of the only things I know about World War II. I have been huge into animal rights since I was about eleven, so I was always shocked to know that! :)

Lindsay said...

I love,love,LOVE Inglorious Bastards. Growing up I was always obsessed with WWII (after reading the book Number the Stars), and now that movie is definitely in my top ten. And you're right, the wardrobe for the ladies is amazing.Shoshanna is so awesome...I love when she decides to burn down the theater.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Diane Kruger- LOVE her/want to be her- have her bf and her wardrobe!!! lol

drollgirl said...

i swore off all wwii movies/shows a while back, as i think i just had seen too many. but THEN i watched inglorious basterds. i just LOVED IT. i even BOUGHT IT (and dammit, i need to watched it again). SUCH A GREAT MOVIE! i give it 4 million stars!

Unknown said...

Oh so we got the facts this are amazing. Btw, I just knew only 1 of them..thanks for the trivia, cheers :)

Anonymous said...

Very very interesting. You can read about this era forever and still not get enough information about it!

xoxo Miss Neira

Melissa said...

I studied History in college and I now teach it. SO I also get into these little phases of being really into a certain time periods. And I would say WWII is one of those times I can never learn enough about. Its just sooo fascinating.
As far as interesting facts, I read fictional book called "Sarah's Key" a year or two ago and in that book it references this roundup of all these Jewish families that happened in Paris in 1942. I had never heard about any of this so I was pretty amazed and had to research it immediately. It is a pretty fascinating piece of WWII history that is often left out. (If you've never heard about it go here to read more about it:
Anyways hope you're having a great day!! Thanks for the great post!

Lexi said...

This was an amazing post! I think you should do History Mondays and teach us something new every week!

xox Lexi
Glitter & Pearls

Anonymous said...

inglorious basterds was awesome! i also like spy movies, like "shining through" with michael douglas and melanie griffith. awesome love story, too!

Anonymous said...

Excellent post! Your interests are so diverse! :) We also enjoyed watching Inglorious Basterds.

Lindsey said...

I love history and true life stories!! Such interesting facts you posted!!! Makes me want to look up more!!

The Suburb Experiment said...

Wow. I had no idea about the mass rape. It gives me a stomach ache thinking about it. It makes me wonder why that's not talked about more.

I get kind of obsessed on things too. It's why I changed majors 100 times in college. :)


Julie and Lauren said...

One of my favorite movies is Saving Private Ryan- you can get wrapped up in all the history. So terrifying and interesting all at the same time.

Anonymous said...

this post just reconfirmed my love for you girl! i am the same way...i become like infatuated with certain events, or things, for a little time and indulge myself on all kinds of information about the subject.

in regards to WWII, i dont know as many facts as i wished. I loved the diary of anne frank, number the stars, and i was fortunate enough to have had the opportunity to visit concentration camps, berlin wall, etc as a kid. i think every kid should learn the history behind them and make them a visit. it is life changing for sure.

and ps: im obsessed with diane kruger :-) love these photos of her!

have a great day!

Raven said...

At least your obsessions are more...substantial than mine. I just revealed to the world through my blog my obsessive love for Britney Spears. Maybe I should read up on some more real world events :)

Interesting fact about Hitler being a vegetarian. The irony, huh?

Anonymous said...

LOVED I.B. Such and awesome (yet violent) movie!! I am fascinated that my BFF's father in law was in a concentration camp! His stories! I could sit and listen to him for hours! AMAZING!

Punctuation Mark said...

i love that movie and love these women's outfits!

Kara said...

Girrrrl I just fell in love with yo BRAIN. I really don't have any WWII comments to contribute other than that I think it's really awesome that you have such diverse interests! There's really nothing hotter than a pretty chick with awesome hobbies!

Rick said...

I'm a history buff who loves fashion and I really appreciated you for dedicating a post to WWII. And I see I am not the only one who expressed such interest :) you are right: that period was extremely brutal and it makes me think of the men and women (of the "Greatest Generation") who served our country during that time as heroes. you may have seen my WWII tribute post to pinup girls who boosted morale for US troops, and one for my dad who served in the army. Those are among personal favorites. (and so is your blog which I love!! :)