Thursday, March 10, 2011

shake your groove thing

The picture above makes me laugh. It was taken circa 2006 (Left to Right: Megan, Tracy, Caitlin) on the evening of an all-girls' sleepover for our dear friend's birthday. We hung in her house, made drinks, laughed, wore various weird outfits and danced pretty much the entire night. We had no need for boys or superfluous individuals to fill the room- we just needed a makeshift dance floor, plenty of brilliant ideas and youthful irresponsibility (and Justin Timberlake, this was soooo during "Sexy Back" days).
As I've been sick these last few days (not sure if I will be at work on this fine Friday) and have a lot of boring, housekeeping stuff to do this weekend, I won't be doing anything as dumb as above. However, I so wish I were. I guess for every great wochenende, there's a few boring ones to take care of business, eh?
Have a great Friday everyone and I hope there's lots of dancing (and headbands apparently??) in your weekend.



Anonymous said...

Fun picture :) You cam tell you had a fun night! Get well soon!

erica said...

Fun picture! Have a fabulous weekend.


Anonymous said...

these are always the best nights for sure! no pretentious bars...just a low-key night at a friend's house (which usually turns into "NOT low-key" at some point).

hope you're feeling better! have a wonderful weekend caitlin!

erika sorocco said...

Haha! I so love this picture. Happy, Happy Friday, Caitlin!! :)

kate said...

Ah yeah, dance party timmmmmmme!
Happy Friday!

PorkStar said...

No headbands around these here parts, that would be absolutely terrible. Not to mention, yeah, terrible.

Ladies can always pull off PJ parties and sleep overs. With men is totally weird and gross.

Feel better, C, and have a nice weekend.

Anonymous said...

Girls just wanna have fun, loved the picture, enjoy the weekend dear, you have an amazing blog!

<3 Cess O.

Anonymous said...

Love that pic! Have a great weekend!

Also, I LOVE German - took 3 yrs in HS. I think Hubs gets annoyed when I speak to him and Babe in German... "Hallo! Ich bin Tangles. Wie gehts?" ha ha

Jen said...

I'm not the best dancer but girl, I like to shake what I've got!! ;-)

Happy Friday! xo

Anonymous said...

ha haha i think i've had moments like those, and no, they were not just from college! :)

Kara said...

Those nights are the BEST nights. I love crazy stupid nights with my girlfriends when we drink too much and laugh til we cry.