Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Ugly Feet, Pretty Feet

I like my feet. I've always liked my feet. In elementary school we had an activity where we discussed what we liked most about ourselves. After a few pensive minutes, I declared "My feet!" to which my adorable best friend acknowledged, "Yeah Caitie, you have nice feet!"
In contrast, for one reason or another, my Sibs have always told me that my feet are the devil. They say they're disgusting and will either punch me in the shoulder (my brother) or slap my legs (my Sister) if I dare to rest my God-given walkin' shoes on their lap. Granted, the salon worker in Las Vegas on a family trip stalling my otherwise radiant pedicure to alert me to Athlete's foot didn't help the cause (I was an athlete at the time, what do you want from me!).

However, my feet have always taken me where I need to go. And soon, I hope they'll take me a few more places I have always wanted to step.

Brooklyn Bridge

I've definitely been to New York City, not once, not twice... but a lot of times. However, I have somehow managed to always explore the city and never make it onto the Brooklyn Bridge. What gives! Next time I saunter through the Big Apple, you best believe I'll make it a point to step onto the bridge.

Anne Frank's Hideout

I'm not a WWII junkie but I have always wanted to visit her space. Her intimate and honest musings during the worst devastation of human life in modern history are heartwarming and tragic. Not to mention, if Anne Frank were born today- you know she'd have a blog. We're in good company.

German Bier Hall

The "Arts" in my Bachelor of Arts is due to my studies of the German language. Granted, this means that I can now essentially alert someone to the fact that I don't have the time ("Keine Zeit, es tut mir leid") and tell them anything a creepo on AIM circa 1998 would ask (a/s/l? "Hallo! Ich bin Caitlin, ich komme aus Amerika") but be that as it may, I have still always had a little special place in my heart for Deutschland. I also reserve a very special place in my heart and my stomach for good beer.

What about you? Where do you hope your feet take you soon?
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Anonymous said...

Since we hardly went anywhere last year, hopefully 2011 will be the year of my feet taking me SOMEWHERE. We're aiming for 2 vacations, who knows where. Planning would probably be good.

Amira said...

Like your blog! follow you) Follow me?

Unknown said...

There is a plan in the pipeline, I might visit Chicago this year ..lets see :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ha, I so expected a picture of your feet!!!!

I do hope you get to walk the bridge when you're back in NYC, and since I've never been, I hope mine will take me there some time soon too! All over NYC :) As for Germany, I totally hope you get there as well!

PorkStar said...

Ann Frank's hideout definitely is good for walking in comfy shoes due to how uncomfy is to walk around there. I was there last year and it was lovely, good thing i'm not the high heel walking type of person :P

When you comeback to NY, I hope you let me know! I live in NY and I've never walked the Brooklyn Bridge, what a shame.

What I hope my feet take me soon to is Germany, Greenland, Iceland, Finland and Estonia this year.

After that I may need to give my feet a good rest.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

that is rude of your sibs! lol. i want my feet to take me to greece, china, bali, australia, back to FLorence...oh the list goes on and on!

erika sorocco said...

Hmmm...London. I want my feet to take me to London! :)

Melissa said...

When my sister and I went to NYC with my Uncle like 8 years ago he had seen on one of the food network specials an ice cream shop that was in Brooklyn right at the end of the Brooklyn Bridge that was suppose to have amazing ice cream so of course he decided that we HAD to walk across the bridge and have this amazing ice cream. Aside from my sister not being in the best of moods (her back was bothering her) and the rain that we encountered at the end of our walk back to Manhatten it was a really cool experience. The bridge is awesome with lots of great photo opportunuities and if you decide to indulge the ice cream definitely lived up to its hype. Anyways I had to share this story with you....

And to answer your question I have so many places I want my feet to take me its almost ridiculous. I guess if I could choose one right at this moment I would have to say somewhere in Italy.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this post!!!! I think your posts always inspire me of doing similar ones on my own ;-)

I am cracking up about your siblings telling you your feet were the devil. Usually sibs make fun of stuff that is NOT true I have noticed. I used to call my little sister "stupid" because she was too smart. LOL...so I am sure you're "DEVILISH" feet are actually quite nice haha.

I have been to NYC MANY times, but never on the Brooklyn Bridge either! I have been to Anne Frank's place, and to a German Bier Festival. However....if you're looking for company for the German Bier Festival, I'm all yours! HAHA!

Have a great day!!!

<3 Megan

Anonymous said...

I saved it and completely had more to say... SOOOOOO....

1) I am excited you're a GOOD beer drinker. Too many people aren't. If I'm gonna gain weight from beer, it better be the good stuff!

2) My #1 place to visit is Iceland. I have wanted to go there since I was like 8 years old! A close second is South Africa. A close third is Eastern Europe. I wanna go everywhere... what am I talking about.

My feet are taking me to Dublin, Ireland this month, though...so some of that good beer will pour in my veins...I'm quite excited about it.

Ok...I'm done!

<3 Megan

Anonymous said...

o my, how pretty are you?!


Unknown said...

I want to see Anne Franks hideout too! always have!!!
I also cant wait to go to the Maldives in June...
and one day I plan to make it over to the US :)

doniree said...

I LOVE your style! And I've always liked my feet too - I have really high arches, so I've always said I have Barbie feet because they look like Barbie's ballerina feet. Where would I like mine to take me? I just moved to Portland and am desperate for some coast time - so I'd like mine to take me slightly further west where I can feel sand between my toes :)

Alison Kinsey said...

haha, i thought this post would have a pic of your feet in it too!!
i actually hate my feet, but luckily they aren't really ugly. i just don't think they're "cute". LOL. i always keep my toes polished to increase the pretty factor.
my feet will be taking me to the casinos later this month for my sis's 21st! so excited!

Anonymous said...

you are going to love the anne frank museum in amsterdam. i was there in 2007. heck, you're gonna love amsterdam on its own. i've always been one to travel internationally just cause i'm always curious, so this year it'll be belize/honduras but not till late. last year was the philippines (though i've been there many time since i'm originally from there) and costa rica.

Teela said...

I have a fascination with bridges (Portland is perfect for that) and the Brooklyn bridge is by far my favorite. On my 4th trip to NYC, I finally took a walk across the bridge at night all lit up and I HUGGED the bridge right smack dab in the middle of it.
It was magical.

Unknown said...

def do the bridge - it's a fun lil walk - and GREAT icecream and pizza in Brooklyn!

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Kara said...

I would LOVE to take a day trip with my boy soon. I don't need anything fancy - just a day trip to a northern city in AZ would suffice. I want to hike and frolic and picnic!!

Sierra said...

i love the ocean (you know me) so of course my shoes always take me there! ohhh enjoy Anne Frank's hide out. i've always been facinated with her book, i did a paper a while back on her.