Tuesday, April 26, 2011

just like a [little] girl

You'll never find the name of where I work online or hear anything but vague details about what my job entails. That's because, despite the fact that I've been raised in (and been obsessssed with) the technology era- I'm not a fool. My company doesn't need to be associated with my Twitter, my Blog, my Facebook- I mean, it's boring and who cares? Besides, I highly doubt that my professional life has to be aligned with my posts about black eyeliner and sunglasses.

It's also nice to not name your work because I can say out loud to everyone that TODAY WAS A VERY BAD DAY. Not because of a particular thing, just a slew of instances that were unfortunate and stressful. It was just one thing after another after another... I think by the end of the day I was ready to either search for Ashton Kutcher because surely I was being Punk'd OR run away with the mail delivery man as he was the one nice part of my day (he tells good jokes and likes cats- that's really all I need from someone at 8 AM).

It's not just a bad day at work. It's the solar system on my face. Like REALLY!?! I did my due-diligence in the world of Zits in High School. Why am I having them now??? I know, I know... probably just the stress at work but it's annoying and like people against gay marriage, I wish they would just retreat back into their own little worlds and leave me alone (ps- I'm not gay. I just have lots of friends who are PLUS I'm a nice person who fully supports the rights of Gay Americans to marry the loves of their life. And if you think I think this because I'm one political party or another, you'd be surprised. If you don't believe in gay marriage and you're around my age- you're weird).

Anygay, at work- I stifled all my stress with headphones and concentration. However, now that the professional side of me can subside, I want to vent like I used to do as a little girl: acting out! When I was little I think that meant pulling my Sister's hair (I'm sure she deserved it) or being rude to my Parents (a one-way ticket to a solo night in my room). However, despite the dismal consequences, when you were frustrated, didn't it feel kind of good to irrationally lash out?

Here's my IRRATIONAL lashing out:

I want to wear these shoes. Immediately. I get it- they're stupid and serve ZERO purpose. But I f*cking like them and would endure all looks of judgment in order to rock them with an accompanied distasteful dress.

I want to go out with my friend Tracy, dance and take shots (which I don't even do). Seriously- Tracy can lift any spirit. She's bomb and always makes me feel like there's nothing that a little girl talk and handsome men can't fix. Muah, muah, muah!

{what the hell does this even mean?}

I want to water balloon Hipsters. People who are unwilling to try anything just because it's "mainstream" are literally as stupid as people who only like things because they're "mainstream". Get over yourself- you're not that deep and dark, you're insecure and annoying.

OKAY- rant over. Here's hoping that Wednesday brings better things. Serenity now!
Monday, April 25, 2011

give to others, give into hors d'œuvre

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
~Dr. Seuss*
{Friday. April 22nd}
Every April, I attend a scholarship/charity banquet downtown. The company who puts it on is a client of my Dad's and he has diligently thrown a horrendous amount of energy at the event year after year. Since 2005, it's been a nice little kick-off to Spring for me. The event is always in late April when the sun starts to shine, plus I get to dress-up and mingle downtown in the extravagant Heritage Ballroom in Portland's luxurious Governor Hotel.

It's funny to look back on all of the outfits I have put together over the years for this exact same event:

[Why I'll never get a tattoo- I hate how look usually about a year later. Like years 2006 & 2007- ew! Hate my style there.]

But no matter what I wear on this night, I still always have a blast. After all, how can you possibly dislike a night which is reliant on charity, scholarship, mingling, noshing, sipping and dressing??? Sign me up for life!
{Beautiful, historic Governor hotel}

{Part of my crew. Let's get together, ya-ya-ya!}

{The beautiful Portland view. If I accidentally make a pic fuzzy can I play it off as 'abstract'?}

{Such a handsome boy}

{nom nom nom nom}
Wait a minute....
{Ever have deja vu? 2011 on the Left. 2010 on the Right}

*Dr. Seuss has the best quotes
What's your favorite charity to eat, drink and be merry at??

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sangria & Sun

{Saturday 4/23: Enjoying some Sangria at Cha Taqueria in Portland. Left to Right- Shanin, Kolbi, Tracy, Me}

The only thing I know is that the weekends are my favorite... my favorite. As I get older, I am realizing how much more pissed I get on Mondays. It's just redonkulous that I get to spend two days romping around town without a care in the world and then, come Monday, have to be up, at'em and responsible beginning at 5:30 AM. Say what?!?!?

If there was one resonating thought from this particular weekend it was that friends and long friendships are dire to my life. Yesterday, I was on the mountain skiing with two of my guy friends from college and we had a blast. I was laughing so hard I was crying on the way home. And Saturday, I explored sunny downtown with college friends, high school friends, elementary school friends and work friends. Each person came into my life at a different milestone and their positive contributions to my life are limitless.

These friendships are some of the biggest assets I have in terms of describing my character. Simply put- good people can always maintain long term friendships. Don't walk...Run from those who are unable to hold on to multiple people who were once dear to them. Typically speaking, when you burn all your bridges due to your needless, selfish and hateful acts, you become an island. Any proof of character lies inherently in that. Me? I enjoy the people in my life and my actions surely reflect that.

When I was young, I admired clever people. Now that I am old, I admire kind people.
~Abraham Joshua Heschel

Happy Monday!

Friday, April 22, 2011

bring it on home girl

For all my bitching about Portland during the rainy season, coming into the Sun-filled city is truly a delight. All of a sudden you're surrounded by a happier group and the city seems newer, refreshed and revived. I feel like a lot of people outside of the Pacific NW have no idea what Oregon is all about and what our downtown is like - make no mistake, Portland cityscape is wonderful and there's plenty to do.
Besides, how can I be sad it's the weekend!
On the agenda: Charity Banquet tonight (where I donate thousands of dollars dahhhhhhhhhlllinnng- jk) which means dresses, wine and art! Yes! Watching the Blazers proceed in the playoffs like the badasses that they are and Skiing on Mt. Hood again! Can't be too shabby! Oh, and it's Easter which will be a nice family dinner for me but not a whole she-bang.
{Portland can be a dream when the sun comes out}
Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I'll have what she's having...

After Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt announced their separation- I was a little more than perturbed at him. Jennifer Aniston has always been my girl given my blind allegiance to Friends. I wanted to hate his new union with Ms. Jolie and write them off as a passing phase (hang in there Jen!).

And then... W magazine posted the above pictorial set in 1963 and my jaw dropped to the floor.

Holy f*&!.

If I wish for one thing in life, it is that my world turns into these images- erotic clothes, beautiful family, undeniable passion and intrinsic confidence. These images are full of life and simply stunning...not to mention sexy as hell. Despite the fact that they look a bit disconnected from one another in every shot, I still want this life- it's just that easy on the eyes.

The unsung heroes of this shoot, I would imagine, are Jennifer's friends who likely had their hands full the week this magazine came out... hopefully they rotated shifts(I still love you Rachel!).

Hot, hot, hot.
Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ask the People on the Street

Unintended Blogging break the last two days! If it weren't such an overused phrase lately, I would make some lame joke about being too busy "Winnnnning" to Blog. However, seeing how that phrase now makes my head explode, I'll just say that Skiing on Sunday made me too tired to type and then I fell asleep the following night at 6 PM. Crazy life I lead kids...ca-ra-zy life.
{this is another reason why my blog is not just a fashion blog. I look really stupid modeling clothes, haha.}

But on to fashionably inclined topics; I'm way into the crop top/black pencil skirt look. I actually dabbled in this last year but the end of warm weather quickly halted that endeavor as cold weather + any of your waistline = no bueno (I didn't understand this in high school and college as I spent many winters in Hollister shirts that ended 2 inches above my belly-button and Abercrombie jeans that started 5 inches below it...). But, the warmer weather has me obsessssed with trying it again. Here's my first 2011 debut of the crop-top/black pencil skirt.
 I think the key here is to not show any belly-button. The length of the skirt and the slight sliver of waistline is what allows this trend to maximize the "WOW" factor without wandering too far into "Hooker" territory.
Basically, I just want to look like these girls:
 And just remember, behind every embarrassing attempt at an outfit display, is a lovely boyfriend with a camera. ;) Thanks :)

Also, the nerd in me who is obsessed with events and facts, feels inclined to point out that today is April 20th which is infamous in every way: Hitler's Birthday is today which undoubtedly lead to the *most fascinating incident in American History- the massacre of Columbine High School. It's a good day to reflect on the lives loss and the ramifications of these acts of evil. In the end... "good" always perseveres.

{How I spent my evening in this outfit. Hanging and lounging with The Boy and messing with his new iPhone.}

*My own opinion. The incident at Columbine has me riveted in every way and I'm a database on what occurred there. I think my main level of interest is rooted in the fact that these were seemingly normal kids, in a seemingly normal American suburb.

To Rinniez- I can never respond to you but thank you for your comments now and again. I miss your Blog and glad you are doing well!
Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Baby is Two! Happy Birthday C&P!

Two! It's been Two whole years since I started this here Blog.

Though I didn't really start blogging regularly until November 2009, the conception point still has its place in the story of Candyfloss & Persie. Something possessed me that very day April 15, 2009 to start a Blog... and, here I am now two years later and happy as a clam

In very simple terms- I adore my Blog. It's an escape for me. A place to get creative, speak my mind and publish my thoughts. I've watched it grow and evolve in a way which mirrors the changes I have gone through, it's a daily retreat, a wonderful delight and I'm so glad it's in my life.

What is Candyfloss & Persie?

I don't really know how to describe it:

It's not a Fashion Blog...
as I'm not Ivy League educated in the art of fashion enough to give you textbook terms and thorough insight into the industry. However, I like how I dress, I put thought into how I dress and I like to talk about said thought (however: I KNOW you shouldn't wear fleece to work. I stand by that 500%).

It's not a Food Blog... I eat... oh and I eat well. Do I cook? Yeah. Do I post about it? Nah, not really. Just not my vibe. Maybe it will be tomorrow but it's not today. However, I will gladly eat any recipe I see on the Blogosphere.

It's not a Stream of Consciousness Blog... I always hope that my values and morals will come through in a slight way with what I write. However, I'm not here to bore you to tears or tell you who I'm voting for in 1,000 words or more. SNOOOZE.

I don't know what it is- but I love it. It's my creative manifestation, my gift to myself, my own little world. I heart my Blog.

And of course, like any good Blogger- I have learned a couple things in the last two years:

1. Bloggers love Cupcakes- Oh how Bloggers love cupcakes! They love to post pictures of them, do write-ups on bakeries that serve them, post pictures of them, give recipes for them... post pictures of them... Bloggers are obsessed with cupcakes.

2. IP Address Secrets: If you're a Blogger, IP address tracking is as common as your left arm. If you're not, people tend to not realize what we can see from our Blogs. My interesting IP Address Tracker stories are:

A) People Google Miranda Kerr thousands of times a day. I did a few posts on her back in '09 and without fail, every single day I have a ton of hits on that post because of her. Good for you Glen Coco Miranda Kerr, you go Glen Coco Miranda Kerr.

B) "Enemies". Remember in grade school when they'd tell you that people who go out of their way to pick on you, tease you, etc. are generally angry people who hold a fondness for you? Too bad you didn't have the visual proof like I have had this last year and a half. Yup, yup! Those who "can't stand you" will come to your blog multiple times a day and click everything. Funny stuff (you really don't go to people's sites multiple times a day unless you care about them, you just don't). Not that I mind, I ain't mad at 'cha, got nuttin' but love for ya! Do your thang on my Blog! Life's too short to be so full of hate.

A lot of people wet the bed. I used to wet the bed until I was 11 and I did a post on it. People Google variations of "How can I stop wetting the Bed" hundreds of times a day. These poor people! It'll just stop one day, trust me! And now it's funny to say: I'm a Former Bedwetter.

3. Blogging saved me from Facebook overload. I used to try and slip elements of Blogging into my FB before I had a Blog. I am so glad that's not the case anymore. Doing what Bloggers do on FB is weird because it's more so "look at me, look at me!" as you know it feeds into everyone's stream. With Blogging, I can be creative and know that I'm not forcing my writing on anyone (minus my family who gets daily emails when I post, oooops, sorry!) but rather, people are coming to your site on their own. I NEVER tell people to come to my Blog either so that also makes me feel better when they do/less awkward when I know them in real life and they've just looked at 40 pictures of my Belt (God Bless you Miranda, Yuki, Lindsey, Jordan, The Boy, Shanin for never belittling me about that in real life) :)

4. Is it bad that I feel like I "know" half of you?? I care about your stories, honestly. Reading your Blogs is truly my pleasure. TRULY my pleasure.

5. Blogging is better than Sex. Okay, they're not comparable but really- my online perusing has pretty much whittled down strictly to Blogs. There are SO many different people with different Blogs and tastes and they're all wonderful. I love it. I love your words. I love your pictures. I love being a part of your life.

6. The Blogging community is supportive. Even when Bloggers disagree on topics, it's basically a secret code we have.

7. Don't Blog after 3+ glasses of wine. I won't go into which posts suffered such fate but needless to say, they were humiliating to look at the next day.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for coming into my world and thank you even more for letting me be a part of yours. Blogging has been a delight and an honor.

{I think you know this girl- my original Blogger profile picture (which is still reigning) in all its glory.}



There's Spice to be had- just shake it up!

One of my Girlfriends (who shall remain nameless, my blog is for my own enjoyment, not airing other people's laundry) has been slightly having a rebirth lately. The ending of a relationship has brought her full-swing into the "anything goes!" mentality and let me tell you... she has never been more fun. Anything you suggest ...she wants to do, any activity that we could go to she wants to go to... she's up for anything. It's been AMAZIN'!

Last Friday, she was deadset on having a hardcore girls' night downtown. I haven't even been out in awhile so I was really excited at the prospect of dressing up and seeing what the night had to offer boring me and my newfound insanely fun friend. After a nice happy hour after work with the Boyfriend, I told him my plans, kissed him goodbye and headed off to the land of Ladies.
 [taken the morning after. that explains the daylight and the less than stellar hair and makeup]

I wore an outfit that I thought was fun, though I wouldn't expect many to like it- I certainly do. It's weird: see-through lace, black bra, itty-bitty miniskirt and thigh-highs... what is it? I don't know, but I dug it.

However, midway through our Girls' night I ended up running into The Boy at a local watering hole. Quickly after he expressed his excitement in seeing me, he instantly looked at my outfit and stated "What the h*ll? Do you always dress in skintight clothes on nights you know you won't see me!??!"

Haha. Nope. But I see his point.

Speaking of black and white (was it even mentioned...?), I recently purchased these Bulldog Salt & Pepper shakers from a local amazing store in Portland named Compound, and pretty much - they are my favorite things in the world.
[above: the Salt & Pepper shakers I got.] [below: more of their animal designs]

[don't be a Moo-sance, just pass the salt and pepper shakers!]

[All this dish needs is some salt and pepper and it'll be Purrrr-fect!]

[Great Scott!!! This dish is bland! Pass the S & P!]

[Her heavy Salt & Pepper use went wildly un-Gnome by the chef]

[Extra flavor would never Rex this meal]

As if I needed another excuse to salt my food... Anyway, my cute Bulldogs Shakers were $8.00 (I know, a steal) and they're very well made. All items are located here but it looks like you have to find the niche stores they sell them in to find their products. However, I definitely would recommend it. [Editor's Note: I was not coerced, endorsed or asked to write this post. Merely did because I am impressed with their product].

One more day til Friday which also happens to be a milestone for me :) Tune in tomorrow!