Sunday, April 3, 2011

Are Mondays really necessary?

Oh Monday, you are an unwelcome visitor! I just hate the thought of sitting at a desk, doing my working thang after have two whole days to do whatever I want. On Saturday, my girlfriends and I embarked on the 1.5 hour drive to Astoria (very NW tip of Oregon) to partake in a Murder Mystery party that we purchased a little more than a month ago at my friend's auction. I (obviously) will have pictures of that later for you but I wanted to share the image that I took on the Pier in Astoria as we ate lunch on Sunday on the way home [below].
 [our view at lunch in Astoria. Taken Sunday 4/3/2011]

There's so many wonderful places in Oregon and I always try to remember that a change of scenery, change of pace and new places to explore are always about an hour away (in any direction).

PS- I'm so glad it's April. I seriously hate March. It's just an ugly month. I think it's mainly because the Winter-Spring transition is disgusting and March falls right in the middle of that. Onward and upward! And getting closer to Summer... makes me want to wear this, pretty much right now:

Free People
Threaded Lurex Maxi Dress $128.00. Found here.

But maybe that's just because I want to have that body and a dress that flows like that, so hopefully it comes with a wind machine. Anyway, Mondays are stupid but enjoy yours!


Anonymous said...

Mondays are stupid. I guess we'll make it through somehow :)

this free bird said...

That view in Astoria is wonderful. I wish we could drop kick Monday into the sound.


mizztraveller said...

once upon a time , hate monday because monday hv to start school day and wake up early .. haha

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Since I don't have class until Tuesday, I love Mondays. And also since I don't have a life, Mondays are Gossip Girl night, so I pretty much live for that...Yeah, I need to find a hobby.

Wouldn't the world be perfect if every where we went, there was a wind machine? I think so!


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Mondays are perfect! They're a new beginning ;)

The view is fantastic for a lazy Sunday lunch, wow!!!

The dress looks really pretty, but something tells me it's less so sans the wind machine lol

erika sorocco said...

The only way to make Monday's tolerable would be if they came with a present - a new pair of shoes, that dress...something to make them worthwhile! :P

Sher said...

Oh gosh, that view is amazing! I wish I could have that kind of view every morning:)

btw, Bern's in Switzerland!

Anonymous said...

mondays do suck! couldnt agree with you more! but thank goodness it is april...allergy season woohoo ;-)
have a great week!

Kenzie said...

To be honest, right now i would love to have a normal monday with a job haha. Being jobless really starts to strain on you!

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Count me in too...That Free People dress is going to haunt my dreams!

Kayla said...

Mondays should not exist. But then I guess we'd just hate Tuesday. Love the dress.

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Kenzie said...

p.s About the Alien movies, i am totally fine with most of them because the Aliens look robotic and fake. E.T ruined my childhood haha, i had constant nightmares about that damn guy!

I watched the Fourth Kind and honestly, i regret it so much. I still have trouble sleeping because of it. I have to have all my blinds closed at night or i freak out. So childish but man that movie really terrified me!

Unknown said...

First of all. Mondays and I don't get along at all...I love to travel on the weekends but then Mondays just seem to suck that much more afterwards.

ANd that dress is amazing...but I think my boobs would looks super awkward in it...the whole low-cut-can't-wear-a-bra thing is not a good look for me

Sierra said...

Ewww Mondays are so not fun and I hope yours gets better! :) Looove that Free People dress, SO pretty!

Have you entered into my flat iron and beauty supply giveaway love? Plus there is a 70% discount code for NuMe's site if you want to snag it if you haven't already...


Helena said...

I agree...Mondays are an absolute nuisance

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

ugh i know! i had a really nice weekend too which made today just even tougher! but today was so busy at work, so it flew by- finally have a breather and ready to go home!

PorkStar said...

lol Mondays are supposed to be to rest from the weekend. If you have days to rest from the workdays, then there should be those days to rest after the weekend.


Sounds like Monday talk to me.

It'd all get clearer after a Monday night mojito.

Alison Kinsey said...

I love to trash talk Mondays too!
i'm glad you found some fun adventures within your state (and so cool that they were only an hour's drive away!)
that photo of Astoria is gorgeous. the effects you put on the picture look amazing.

Anonymous said...

the title of your post had me laughing at hello! :) i ask myself that question, especially when it's gloomy. but during the summer, i welcome it with all my heart, unless i have a hangover and have to go to work! HA!

Anonymous said...

Mondays are SO unnecessary! Love that pic you took off the pier. Hubs' aunt lives in WA and she says it's just beautiful up there. I LOVE that dress - so pretty!

Ellinor Forje said...

I love the Marilyn Monroe look. Beautiful dress. Thanks for sharing and drop by me too, soon.

A+ to you header!


Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Murder mystery?!?!? SO FUN! Can't wait to see those pix.

Mondays suck, agreed, but I try to do anything to make 'em better.

THnx for the hair suggestion = so sweet, the 'quintessential blonde' - hehe, I guess so 'eh? :)

A.Co @ A.Co est. 1984

Ashleigh said...

Thankfully it's almost over! Agreed though, it's a pretty lame day compared to 2 full days of freedom :)
I hate March AND April - we really have no spring here and that's just a bummer...all the snow is melted but it's still brown, cloudy and ick.
Astoria looks gorge though!

Anonymous said...

I cant wait to hear about the dinner! Sounds fun!
I might have to do it some time!

Kaity Stardust said...

Beautiful photograph!! What did you take it with?