Monday, April 25, 2011

give to others, give into hors d'œuvre

Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not.
~Dr. Seuss*
{Friday. April 22nd}
Every April, I attend a scholarship/charity banquet downtown. The company who puts it on is a client of my Dad's and he has diligently thrown a horrendous amount of energy at the event year after year. Since 2005, it's been a nice little kick-off to Spring for me. The event is always in late April when the sun starts to shine, plus I get to dress-up and mingle downtown in the extravagant Heritage Ballroom in Portland's luxurious Governor Hotel.

It's funny to look back on all of the outfits I have put together over the years for this exact same event:

[Why I'll never get a tattoo- I hate how look usually about a year later. Like years 2006 & 2007- ew! Hate my style there.]

But no matter what I wear on this night, I still always have a blast. After all, how can you possibly dislike a night which is reliant on charity, scholarship, mingling, noshing, sipping and dressing??? Sign me up for life!
{Beautiful, historic Governor hotel}

{Part of my crew. Let's get together, ya-ya-ya!}

{The beautiful Portland view. If I accidentally make a pic fuzzy can I play it off as 'abstract'?}

{Such a handsome boy}

{nom nom nom nom}
Wait a minute....
{Ever have deja vu? 2011 on the Left. 2010 on the Right}

*Dr. Seuss has the best quotes
What's your favorite charity to eat, drink and be merry at??



Unknown said...

I haven't really been to a fancy charity event before but now I really want to go! PURPLE! I love that your dress is purple! You look fabulous!

this free bird said...

I think it's so cool that you've participated all these years and can look back through your archived outfits. Congrats to you for caring and giving girl - I mean that sincerely.

I haven't actually attended charity events, but I am an avid supporter of the Stray Cat Alliance in LA (sounds nuts but they do SO MUCH for cats that have been abandoned), and on the people side of things support a girl in Africa to go to school and have her daily necessities met. I've not been to visit her yet, but love the group that cares for orphaned kids over there...they have HQ in SoCal and friends of mine have actually gone to Africa and visited the village where all the kids live that we support. It's supposed to be incredible...some day!


Anonymous said...

you look stunning my dear! the governor hotel is amazing, sadly, the time i was there was for a memorial rite. anyway, it seems like i've been going to the rose garden to watch the blazers every week. the first time was lakers/blazers, then last week was of course the playoffs with the mavs and this thursday, i'm going again!! i hope they tie the series. i was telling my mom the blazer fan in my is coming out after 8 or so years. she was like, "i always wondered why you didn't cheer for the blazers. you live there, it's not like you're going to dump the lakers. blazers-lakers, they rhyme." i guess it wasn't a big deal for her! LOL

this free bird said...

I'm counting you in on that dress!! You got her on twitter and that's good enough. HOLLAR!!


erika sorocco said...

I'm huge with the Blind Cat Rescue & Sanctuary. It is one of my favorite charities to work with! look incredible as per usual. I am loving your looks from 2010 and 2011!! :)

Julie and Lauren said...

Cute pics! Looks like fun : )

Anonymous said...

Love the pics! So happy that you're also a giving kind of girl! I've never been to a charity event like that, but sign me up! :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

(I think I am in love with your boy's eyes. OMG, so blue!)
Never been to a "American" charity event, but the Bangali once I go to are boring, their are no drinks. But I do get to dress up. Which really isn't the point of the charity events, but yeah...
I love your hair dark, but then again I love dark hair. The Governor hotel, beautiful! But not as you & the boy together.


Anonymous said...

That is so cool you have made the event and participating a ritual and routine all these years!

I used to be more generous with my time for charities back in the day...but now I find myself too busy to donate alot of time, so I donate money. I don't necessarily agree with that, but once things calm down a bit in my life, I will definitely start giving time again :-)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I remember that pic of you kissing from last year!!! Kind of unusual to see it now and to realize that it's so familiar! I also noticed that this year you're the blondest you've been at the charity event in a while ;-)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

what a fun event! anything to get dressed up is ok by me :) I love that color on you and the earrings are really fun.

PorkStar said...

Nice pictures, you two look so sharp!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

great pictures ! I think you look great throughout the years. this looks like an awesome event. i've never really been anywhere which i had to dress up.

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Love the looks through the years (and totally with you on the tattoo front).

You guys are so cute. You look stunning & those desserts look delish (yummi!!).

Kara said...

How amazingly fun! There's nothing quite as rewarding as being part of planning or being behind the scenes of a huge event and watching it go so successfully as you enjoy the evening. And you get to dress up too?? YES. My favorite look is 2010. That dress is amazing!

Sierra said...

Wow I love your outfit this year! I think it's my favorite even though I love your past years' outfits as well. :) Glad you had a nice time.

Liesl said...

You look beautiful and I love that dress color on you...just lovely!

Liesl :)