Tuesday, April 26, 2011

just like a [little] girl

You'll never find the name of where I work online or hear anything but vague details about what my job entails. That's because, despite the fact that I've been raised in (and been obsessssed with) the technology era- I'm not a fool. My company doesn't need to be associated with my Twitter, my Blog, my Facebook- I mean, it's boring and who cares? Besides, I highly doubt that my professional life has to be aligned with my posts about black eyeliner and sunglasses.

It's also nice to not name your work because I can say out loud to everyone that TODAY WAS A VERY BAD DAY. Not because of a particular thing, just a slew of instances that were unfortunate and stressful. It was just one thing after another after another... I think by the end of the day I was ready to either search for Ashton Kutcher because surely I was being Punk'd OR run away with the mail delivery man as he was the one nice part of my day (he tells good jokes and likes cats- that's really all I need from someone at 8 AM).

It's not just a bad day at work. It's the solar system on my face. Like REALLY!?! I did my due-diligence in the world of Zits in High School. Why am I having them now??? I know, I know... probably just the stress at work but it's annoying and like people against gay marriage, I wish they would just retreat back into their own little worlds and leave me alone (ps- I'm not gay. I just have lots of friends who are PLUS I'm a nice person who fully supports the rights of Gay Americans to marry the loves of their life. And if you think I think this because I'm one political party or another, you'd be surprised. If you don't believe in gay marriage and you're around my age- you're weird).

Anygay, at work- I stifled all my stress with headphones and concentration. However, now that the professional side of me can subside, I want to vent like I used to do as a little girl: acting out! When I was little I think that meant pulling my Sister's hair (I'm sure she deserved it) or being rude to my Parents (a one-way ticket to a solo night in my room). However, despite the dismal consequences, when you were frustrated, didn't it feel kind of good to irrationally lash out?

Here's my IRRATIONAL lashing out:

I want to wear these shoes. Immediately. I get it- they're stupid and serve ZERO purpose. But I f*cking like them and would endure all looks of judgment in order to rock them with an accompanied distasteful dress.

I want to go out with my friend Tracy, dance and take shots (which I don't even do). Seriously- Tracy can lift any spirit. She's bomb and always makes me feel like there's nothing that a little girl talk and handsome men can't fix. Muah, muah, muah!

{what the hell does this even mean?}

I want to water balloon Hipsters. People who are unwilling to try anything just because it's "mainstream" are literally as stupid as people who only like things because they're "mainstream". Get over yourself- you're not that deep and dark, you're insecure and annoying.

OKAY- rant over. Here's hoping that Wednesday brings better things. Serenity now!


Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

LOL...I hope you feel better! And I hope you have a better day today! Crappy days at work suck.

Anonymous said...

ohhhh goodness i could feel the wrath of caitlin on this one!!

anyways i hope today is going better (sounds like it's all uphill from here).

unfortunately, i know days like that all too often at my job. which is part of the reason im eager to leave. one difference is i still wouldnt wear those nike shoes (are they shoes or pumps boots or i dont know). just kidding ;-)

have a GREAT day girl!!!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Love your honesty! Hope you have a better day. ;)

Anonymous said...

After some irrational lashing out, I'm pretty sure things have to get better!

Chicago Chic said...

Your lashing out was quite entertaining, I loved it! :) I hope you have some better days soon!


Unknown said...

Ohhh let it alllll out!! I hope the rest of your day goes better :)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

You're right your job doesn't need to know about your social networking site it's pointless. You should be able to keep your personal life away from your job. Your site is your personal haven. Anyway, hope things get better, and I'd rock those heels too !

Beth Dunn said...

I'm totally tired of that particular "shocking allegation," myself! ugh

Kristin W said...

Totally agreed on the job front. I don't have my blog in google for that reason. Probably reveal too much in the fact that I'm a teacher. But one thing I've learned is to NEVER talk about individual students, parents, or really anything that goes on in my day.

Feel you on the shit days though...it's all I can do to get to summer break now! Hope you get some stress relief :)

Unknown said...

I've been pmsing and I totally had an irrational lashout last night.. Poor Kris had to shoulder the abuse but I feel LOADS better today haha.

You're entitled to lashing out now and again, it's healthy! I also totally agree with the shocking revelations by celebrities, not even cool to make that up!

As always, I adore you <3

Anonymous said...

ohmylanta! i'm so glad you were able to let it out on your blog. i know, i don't mention where i work anywhere else other than a vague school - i don't even post my blog link on twitter and facebook! hope tomorrow's much better! AND, yay to another Blazer game!

Alison Kinsey said...

i think this is the best vent fest i've ever seen on a blog (so pls take that as a compliment!!) but in all honesty i wish your day went better! :(
we all have those kinds of days. i hope you had a glass of wine or 2 when you got home!

naghmeh said...

reading your rant was actually fun! not that I think other people's bad days are fun if you know what I mean. and I loved when you started with anygay i had to read that twice lol and I really believe that a little dancing can be a great thing, I love dancing and if I'm having a bad week I'll start my day with a little dancing in my room to extremely annoying pop-y music.
hope you're day is better tomorrow!

PorkStar said...

Put down the eyeliner and back away slowly.

LMAO u cussed! OMFG you did it!!! I hope i am not to blame for that haha

I hope your day gets better.

Raven said...

um ok I seriously loved this post, where do I ever start. If you got those high heeled sneakers and wore them, you would forever be my hero.

I will take shots with you. I love shots :)

and I'm with you on the solar system on the face thing. I thought people my age weren't supposed to get zits! Like you, I paid my dues in high school!

loved this. Hope your day is better manana :)

Kara said...

HAHAHAHA oh man, I love your hatred of hipsters. It makes me laugh all the time! This was a hilarious post and SO true...it's a little ridiculous how accurate your outlook is on a bad day because mine is exactly the same! Except to mine, I would add a big ol' fat burrito to the post because it's what I always have on days I'm feeling pouty. Comfort food! It's the best :)

Natasha Gregson said...

Great post :) I love your writing, and your doing the right thing by keeping both seperate-only a few of my close friends know about my blog!! Those nikes are pretty awesome also :D xx

Sierra said...

Hey doll sorry about your bad day and I hate zits. They should be non existent, seriously. I hope your weekend was better! I wanted to thank you for your thoughtful comment on my personal blog - so sorry it took me so long to thank you but I'm just getting back into blogging after my trip to CA. xo.