Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Baby is Two! Happy Birthday C&P!

Two! It's been Two whole years since I started this here Blog.

Though I didn't really start blogging regularly until November 2009, the conception point still has its place in the story of Candyfloss & Persie. Something possessed me that very day April 15, 2009 to start a Blog... and, here I am now two years later and happy as a clam

In very simple terms- I adore my Blog. It's an escape for me. A place to get creative, speak my mind and publish my thoughts. I've watched it grow and evolve in a way which mirrors the changes I have gone through, it's a daily retreat, a wonderful delight and I'm so glad it's in my life.

What is Candyfloss & Persie?

I don't really know how to describe it:

It's not a Fashion Blog...
as I'm not Ivy League educated in the art of fashion enough to give you textbook terms and thorough insight into the industry. However, I like how I dress, I put thought into how I dress and I like to talk about said thought (however: I KNOW you shouldn't wear fleece to work. I stand by that 500%).

It's not a Food Blog... I eat... oh and I eat well. Do I cook? Yeah. Do I post about it? Nah, not really. Just not my vibe. Maybe it will be tomorrow but it's not today. However, I will gladly eat any recipe I see on the Blogosphere.

It's not a Stream of Consciousness Blog... I always hope that my values and morals will come through in a slight way with what I write. However, I'm not here to bore you to tears or tell you who I'm voting for in 1,000 words or more. SNOOOZE.

I don't know what it is- but I love it. It's my creative manifestation, my gift to myself, my own little world. I heart my Blog.

And of course, like any good Blogger- I have learned a couple things in the last two years:

1. Bloggers love Cupcakes- Oh how Bloggers love cupcakes! They love to post pictures of them, do write-ups on bakeries that serve them, post pictures of them, give recipes for them... post pictures of them... Bloggers are obsessed with cupcakes.

2. IP Address Secrets: If you're a Blogger, IP address tracking is as common as your left arm. If you're not, people tend to not realize what we can see from our Blogs. My interesting IP Address Tracker stories are:

A) People Google Miranda Kerr thousands of times a day. I did a few posts on her back in '09 and without fail, every single day I have a ton of hits on that post because of her. Good for you Glen Coco Miranda Kerr, you go Glen Coco Miranda Kerr.

B) "Enemies". Remember in grade school when they'd tell you that people who go out of their way to pick on you, tease you, etc. are generally angry people who hold a fondness for you? Too bad you didn't have the visual proof like I have had this last year and a half. Yup, yup! Those who "can't stand you" will come to your blog multiple times a day and click everything. Funny stuff (you really don't go to people's sites multiple times a day unless you care about them, you just don't). Not that I mind, I ain't mad at 'cha, got nuttin' but love for ya! Do your thang on my Blog! Life's too short to be so full of hate.

A lot of people wet the bed. I used to wet the bed until I was 11 and I did a post on it. People Google variations of "How can I stop wetting the Bed" hundreds of times a day. These poor people! It'll just stop one day, trust me! And now it's funny to say: I'm a Former Bedwetter.

3. Blogging saved me from Facebook overload. I used to try and slip elements of Blogging into my FB before I had a Blog. I am so glad that's not the case anymore. Doing what Bloggers do on FB is weird because it's more so "look at me, look at me!" as you know it feeds into everyone's stream. With Blogging, I can be creative and know that I'm not forcing my writing on anyone (minus my family who gets daily emails when I post, oooops, sorry!) but rather, people are coming to your site on their own. I NEVER tell people to come to my Blog either so that also makes me feel better when they do/less awkward when I know them in real life and they've just looked at 40 pictures of my Belt (God Bless you Miranda, Yuki, Lindsey, Jordan, The Boy, Shanin for never belittling me about that in real life) :)

4. Is it bad that I feel like I "know" half of you?? I care about your stories, honestly. Reading your Blogs is truly my pleasure. TRULY my pleasure.

5. Blogging is better than Sex. Okay, they're not comparable but really- my online perusing has pretty much whittled down strictly to Blogs. There are SO many different people with different Blogs and tastes and they're all wonderful. I love it. I love your words. I love your pictures. I love being a part of your life.

6. The Blogging community is supportive. Even when Bloggers disagree on topics, it's basically a secret code we have.

7. Don't Blog after 3+ glasses of wine. I won't go into which posts suffered such fate but needless to say, they were humiliating to look at the next day.

So thank you, thank you, thank you for coming into my world and thank you even more for letting me be a part of yours. Blogging has been a delight and an honor.

{I think you know this girl- my original Blogger profile picture (which is still reigning) in all its glory.}




Anonymous said...

Congrats on 2 years! I dont think Ive ever blogged after 3 glasses of wine but I have commented and Tweeted which is just as bad when you look at it later. Anyway. Not the point.

erika sorocco said...

Happy, Happy Second Bloggyversary, Caitlin! Here's to another two (and many more!) years of fabulosity!! :)

Carla said...

Happy birthday to your blog, darling! It's so cute and I'm definitely following now!
I started blogging last year around June, but just like you, I didn't get so much into it until only this year. I'm looking forward o my first birthday though!! Continue the great job you've done here! it's amazing!


Unknown said...

Hey Congratulations :)
Those IP secrets were really funny...I love your blog and I love reading you...You Rock..Cheers!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! I absolutely LOVED this post - especially the part about what you've learned. Happy B-Day to your toddler! ;) Can't wait to read more!

Kim Axani said...

What a great post, and happy 2 years! Too funny about the google searches. Can you actually see the exact people who look at your blog? I can't ... but want to!

Kristin W said...

You put it all so perfectly! Those are some of the exact reasons why I love blogging too. It's almost become an obsession of reading my current blogs that I follow AND finding others to follow!

I definitely love the group of people that blogging has connected me with. While in some ways it seems weird (hello, we've never actually met!) but it's a great support system and outlet. Haha...thanks technology! One day I hope to meet some of my fellow bloggie friends!

Happy two years and I'll toast to four more :)

Sher said...

Happy happy bloggy birthday darlin! And all the things you learned from blogging really cracked me up!

Am so glad we're bloggy friends:)


Unknown said...

First of all Happy Bloggerversary!!!!!!!!! I am so excited for you. I love your blog so much and I agree so much with all your points on blogging. You are amazing girl. Keep it up!

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Cute post!! happy bloggy birthday to C&P! :)

Ashleigh said...

Happy Bloggie birthday!! I'm so happy to have 'met' you this year and have loved following along on your adventures :)It's so hard to define blogs these days - we all have so much going on in these little heads its hard to stick to one topic! I love your #4 - so true! I would never be afraid to seek out one of you if I were in your city for advice or a little meetup and I hope my readers would do the same! It's fun!

Alison Kinsey said...

haha #7 is funny. i'm so happy i've discovered your blog Caitlin! you've definitely been a very loyal reader to my blog and it's so appreciated!
how exactly did you find out that people that didn't like you visited your blog? if only i could find out that info!!

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!!! And to celebrate, I'm gonna actually capitalize words for once when they are supposed to be!

I started reading your blog nearly two years ago when it started. I used to have a blog that was primarily fashion back then (hence why I stopped it and later started and "everything" blog...I had too many passions to limit myself to just one). I loved how you wrote and I felt I could connect with you because you were alot like me. Girl with big dreams and lotsa of thoughts in a corporate (or business) world, where our brains couldn't spill creativity to its full capacity. I also liked that you're confident and aren't embarrassed of what you write on here.

I am cracking up at your realizations in Blogland. Especially how people that gave you crap growing up were some of your biggest readers, even if you didn't "KNOW" it. Isn't that ironic? That might be why I keep my blog so private in my personal life (but the real reason is because I often blog at work and I don't want them finding out LOL!).

I can also sympathize with how you stated you were "overusing" facebook to a degree to channel those expressive thoughts you had. I went through the same thing.

It is amazing the people you met on here...I feel like I know so many people...from all over the US and all over the world. And I often talk to many of yall more than people who are present in my daily routine! I'm very fortunate enough to call you and many other bloggers my friends :-)

Hope you have a great weekend and happy bday Candyfloss&Persie!!!!

Anonymous said...

oh my gosh i wrote a novel. sorry everyone!

mirmirzimzim said...

remember when i had to squeeze the name of your blog out of you? and then you hesitantly shared the link? i think i was in atl at the time, and you were like cringing as i read it. hahahah. it is my daily joy. i can't tell you how annoyed i get when it hasn't been updated in a few days...

happy anniversary/birthday!

drollgirl said...

happy blog birthday! keep it up!

and have a killer weekend!!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Woohoo, CONGRATS!!! :))) This post reflects blogging oh so well... Hard to add anything else! As for the things people google... Oh trust me, I know! lol I've noticed some funny patterns too. People also google "European streets" all the time! Some also want to know "how to order tall americano" (is it hard, really? lol)) But it's all good and funny :)

And I totally know what you mean about this feeling about "knwing people"... I totally talk about some of my e-friends with my real life friends lol

Natasha Gregson said...

Happy Blog birthday :) I'm coming up to mine in May :D xxxx

Kara said...

Happy birthday to youuuu
Happy birthday to youuuuuu
Happy BIRTHDAYYYY dear C&P!!!!!!!!

I love reading your blog - it's one of my daily musts. Keep on writing girlfriend.

Michelle said...

Happy birthday!

I love your blog and your positive spirit.

You really seem like a delightful person and I enjoy visiting your blog to catch a little of your sunshine.


BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Happy blogiversary lady! Blogging under the influence...been there. HAHA! And you're right...We DO heart cupcakes!

stilettolover91 said...

Congratulations!!! I have never seen your blog before but you're gorgeous and I'm now going to follow you :)

Anonymous said...

happy 2nd birthday to your blog! dang, i forgot to wish my blog a happy 1st birthday last year. there's always this year! i'm so glad that i found your blog!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary of your blog. :) I'm new here and I was reading on this post and browsing through your site and I must say I absolutely love the content you have here. I love your sense of style a well!

Raven said...

I love your blog! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I LOVE what blogging has brought into my life, I get to "meet" awesome people like YOU!! Keep it up for another 20 years, will ya??

PorkStar said...

awwwww man, i'm so late in reading this post, im very sorry. Life is happening around here boo hoo but what a nice post!!! and congratulations on your 2 year old baby! I have loved your blog since I started reading it and I love your comments too. : )

Leia said...

Whooo, happy birthday to your blog! We are SO happy you started blogging, it injects a bit of fun & fabulosity & positivity in our lives!


Unknown said...

yay! happy blog birthday...
im still here reading each and every post even though i dont always have time to comment anymore!
and you're blog is the one where i find my self telling my irl friends "oh my friend did..." and then realising half way thru its actually a story i read on here.
keep the good stuff coming.

ellinelle said...

..HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to such a wonderful blog :) I love it because you write your blog so good , funny and honest in the same time ..
I wish I could express myself more in words as well ..

Amanda @ Life with A.Co said...

Happy 2nd Blog Birthday, Miss Caitlin!!

Unknown said...

Happy 2 Year Blogiversary Caitlin! Wishing you many many more! :)

Bohemian Life said...

so happy happy happy birthday and let it still work better and better :) I just bumbed into your blog and like it ;)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Happy Bloggy Birthday!I love that you cannot define your blog because the randomness is WHY I love it! And your reasons are awesome and so true!


Rick said...

Congrats on your 2yrs. Not sure what I did before! love your blog and all of your thoughtful messages. stay sweet! :)