Thursday, April 14, 2011

There's Spice to be had- just shake it up!

One of my Girlfriends (who shall remain nameless, my blog is for my own enjoyment, not airing other people's laundry) has been slightly having a rebirth lately. The ending of a relationship has brought her full-swing into the "anything goes!" mentality and let me tell you... she has never been more fun. Anything you suggest ...she wants to do, any activity that we could go to she wants to go to... she's up for anything. It's been AMAZIN'!

Last Friday, she was deadset on having a hardcore girls' night downtown. I haven't even been out in awhile so I was really excited at the prospect of dressing up and seeing what the night had to offer boring me and my newfound insanely fun friend. After a nice happy hour after work with the Boyfriend, I told him my plans, kissed him goodbye and headed off to the land of Ladies.
 [taken the morning after. that explains the daylight and the less than stellar hair and makeup]

I wore an outfit that I thought was fun, though I wouldn't expect many to like it- I certainly do. It's weird: see-through lace, black bra, itty-bitty miniskirt and thigh-highs... what is it? I don't know, but I dug it.

However, midway through our Girls' night I ended up running into The Boy at a local watering hole. Quickly after he expressed his excitement in seeing me, he instantly looked at my outfit and stated "What the h*ll? Do you always dress in skintight clothes on nights you know you won't see me!??!"

Haha. Nope. But I see his point.

Speaking of black and white (was it even mentioned...?), I recently purchased these Bulldog Salt & Pepper shakers from a local amazing store in Portland named Compound, and pretty much - they are my favorite things in the world.
[above: the Salt & Pepper shakers I got.] [below: more of their animal designs]

[don't be a Moo-sance, just pass the salt and pepper shakers!]

[All this dish needs is some salt and pepper and it'll be Purrrr-fect!]

[Great Scott!!! This dish is bland! Pass the S & P!]

[Her heavy Salt & Pepper use went wildly un-Gnome by the chef]

[Extra flavor would never Rex this meal]

As if I needed another excuse to salt my food... Anyway, my cute Bulldogs Shakers were $8.00 (I know, a steal) and they're very well made. All items are located here but it looks like you have to find the niche stores they sell them in to find their products. However, I definitely would recommend it. [Editor's Note: I was not coerced, endorsed or asked to write this post. Merely did because I am impressed with their product].

One more day til Friday which also happens to be a milestone for me :) Tune in tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Ok now I'm curious of what you have up your sleeve for tomorrow!

And I think your outfit is cute first of all. And those salt and pepper shakers are freaking adorable. I espeically love the dinosaurs LOL!

Hope you're having a great day!

erika sorocco said...

Gah! You look incredible, Caitlin. I am loving the thigh-highs and the miniskirt. Too cute!

Ooh, I need the kitty cat salt and pepper shakers - love love! :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

"what is it? I don't know"...Um, its hot! Love the lace top with the bra showing, that's sexy, not tacky. And the skirt too, love. I have this werid thing, where I can't wear those together, but you look great. & the boots, OMG, hot!

The salt/pepper shakers, too effin' cute!

I love how these pics are from the the morning, the night went well then?


Tina said...

giirl the outfit is hella cute! work it! i love it! and yeah.. my fiance might not lurve me walking out like that but he'd sure lurve me coming home looking like that too lol

and uhm... OMG! I NEED THOSE BULLDOG SALT AND PEPPER SHAKERS!! all of them are cute but the dogs! i want!

Anonymous said...

Super cute outfit! I'm glad y'all are having fun due to your friend's newfound freedom of sorts. :) The s & p shakers are adorbs - might have to order the scottie ones for my m-i-l.

Re: dressing "better" when your SO isn't around. All Hubs ever sees me in is yoga pants, a tee, and a hoodie. Even before I had Babe, I would "get comfy" after I got home from work. So Hubs hardly ever saw me all dolled up w/ makeup and cute clothes. Ha ha :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I just love how this post's written with co much cheer and happiness!! I swear I can feel it through the screen :))) Love the shakers you got, your bulldogs are the cutest of 'em all! Reminded me of those I encountered in Prague (, although they seemed to be more like white and metallic, humm

Kori said...

Fun outfit! I'm hosting a blog hop for Fashion Friday tomorrow, hope you can link up! Have a great Friday honey! Kori xoxo

Unknown said...

I think your outfit is cute although I'm not sure I could pull it off! And you pull off the morning after look quite well haha

Ashleigh said...

hahaha men.
It's all in good fun :)

I 'need' those kitty shakers!

Stevie said...

LOVE the outfit and the salt & pepper shakers! Especially the dino set. So cute.

mirmirzimzim said...

HAHAHAHA to the boys reaction!

cute salt shakers! any elephants?

Anonymous said...

LOL, that is too funny with the outfit and the bf's comment! :)


well these are just too cute...
I want a pair of bulldogs

apw said...

i gave your blog an award. head over to my page for the deets! *allison

Raven said...

I loooove friends like yours! The ones that just wanna do anything and everything wild and crazy. I love your outfit. Way to make a boy jealous, good for you :)

Carla said...

OMG i think i have that same skirt you're wearing! that's so cool =)


Kara said...

KILLER. OUTFIT. I love every single thing about it, including your hair and makeup ;) It's fierce in all the best ways. And I love that your boyf ran into you and was surprised, hahahaha. You're a hot piece.

Those S&P shakers are precious!!