Tuesday, May 31, 2011

And the door flies open...

This morning is a big day for me- it's the first day in my new role that I mentioned awhile back. The transition out of my old role took a month but on Friday, I bittersweetly washed my hands of that Department (will miss my coworkers) and am looking forward to venturing into the new suite today.
I must be honest, it's not just the new digs at work that have me excited. As I am not one to lower the boom on my emotions to people, it's slightly difficult to admit that the last few months have been quite hard for me. I have been stressed, often kinda sad and just have felt like I've gotten a case of the blues that I can't shake. This exacerbated itself when my only reprieve from thinking about my personal life was when I was at work and had to then surround myself with a high-stress job that, by nature, deals with sad incidents and others' misfortune (new department doesn't, thank goodness!). So my days have either been spent stressed beyond belief at work or home and feeling blue about other personal issues- it hasn't been very fun at all. Not to say that there hasn't been a lot of happiness in my life in the last few months or that I'm always sad it's just that something has been.... off.

But today, it's a new door and a new venture. Like everyone else, Oprah's simple final episode of her show has still resonated with me. Most importantly, she instilled that we are responsible for our own life and have to make the changes that evoke all of the goodness that this world has to offer.

Today marks a day that I really hone that in as I know what change needs to be made. I worked hard to be starting this Promotion and I'm hoping that with Peace of Mind at work, regular exercise, more Iced Tea and less Pop and Oprah's words, I'll be on my way to a better me in about 1-2 weeks.

Changes are afoot in my life and hopefully, will bring me the joy that has been ever-so-slightly evading me for awhile.
What's one thing that you could change today that you think would bring you more joy?
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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wranglers for Briefcases

If you were around me as a little girl, you would have always heard the same tale from me about what I wanted to do when I got older: Live on an illustrious farm and make all of my money by growing, shucking and selling corn.

Kids say all kinds of stupid crap.

If you need me today, you can find me rat-racing at a huge company...


Did you end up where you thought?
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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

a fashionable place to put the keester

Pierre Chair - Aubergine $999.00

Rafael Bed - Oyster $1,699.00

Borghese Mirrored 7-Drawer Chest $999.00

Chicago $379.95

Angelique Mirror - Black $399.00

Linden Sofa - Buckwheat $1,399.00

Horse Head - Wall Mounted $129.95  [update: I know own this. see here!]

If I could afford it, I would purchase everything exclusively from ZGallerie.

Swoon![All images via ZGallerie and can be found by clocking price of image]
Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah.

I wish I could say that the images below were pictures I took of myself... they're not. Those are all stills from a video I sent The Boy this weekend. He was in LA partyin' with his old friends and I was home- however, we've started to be super cheesy and send videos to each other throughout the day. I hate holding the phone out and pointing it at myself as the video usually gets shaky and my arms tire, so mirror videos it is! It's funny all the faces I tend to make while I bore him incessantly with tidbits about my day... well, because I love my blog friends as much as my boyfriend loves my stories (You love them Mister, you just don't know it yet), here's some blah, blah, blah'ing about my life...(picture hand movements and weird faces):

I HATE the cliche of depressed women post-break-up eating ice cream. I hate it and it is seemingly everywhere in movies, shows, etc. Enough already, think of a new plot line. How about the depressed girl starts working out a lot to feel better? Cause we do that. We also sleep with someone else immediately. And drink. And go on walks with our friends. And stalk our EX on Facebook until the day when we no longer think to stalk because we are finally free of that relationship (oh happy day). How about any of these options??

Flying is my number one fear.

I have a vast interest in boundary pushing: erotic art and performances heavy-laden in sensuality are groovy. As long as it contains an element of intellect, I find it intriguing.

I think Mitt Romney is a babe.

I hate "music" by the Beastie Boys. I literally think it makes my ears bleed.

I love styles from across the board- there's amazingness to be found in the most conservative of outfits as much as there is in barely-there ones.

My boobs are a lot smaller than they were in college but then again, so is the rest of my body.

I have no idea how people with beautiful nails do it. I don't have the energy to put that much effort into my nails! However, I'm a big admirer of girls with fabulous ones.

I believe in Gay Rights and judge people who don't.

My job can be quite sad at times. Y'know the images of Osama bin Laden dead that weren't released to the public?? I see those types of images often at my job. Except they're not of terrorists, they're of teenagers, parents, children... so if my Blog seems shallow to you, please consider what I am potentially entrenched in all day- the horrific reality of life.

Now it's your turn- what's a random musing about yourself ??
Thursday, May 19, 2011

Thursdays are hotter than Fridays

{Thursdays are a dish best served with good beer, great clothes and art- like above}

I love me a big, fat, joyous Friday thus I'm very excited that today is what it is.

But can Thursday ever get some credit?? A good Thursday is like finding 20 bucks in your pocket- unexpected but valued much more than if you knew you had had it all along. I always know Fridays are going to be fun, relaxing, enjoyable... but when I get my groove on on Friday Eve, I'm a bit happier all week.

So on this Friday, let's hear it for Thursday!

Oh PS- I'm excited to Blog next week. If you're going to be raptured up to Heaven on Saturday, let me tell you how much I've loved our Blog interactions. However, if you're like me and you'll be sticking around until October- I'm even more excited. That means we get 5 more months to play!! [Editor's Note: If you have no idea what I'm talking about- click here to read what the crazies are discussing these days]
Happy Weekend :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Jorts for May!

So today, I found myself at the mall with 30 minutes to kill while I had my glasses repaired during my lunch break. This left me just enough time to pop into Forever 21, an old friend whom I haven't seen for dayyyyys. Seriously, by the time I finally had time to chat with F21 today she had married her college boyfriend, had 3 kids and became President of her HOA- time has flown
  (minus popping in for earrings, I think I last shopped there in 2010??)!!

I've been shopping a lot less these last few months but luckily the task came back to me like riding a bike with an old friend. Thankfully, because mama needs shorts, my shorts have completely disappeared from my life! Where are my jean shorts to carry me through the hot summer days??!? Ohh how I miss m jorts.

My main goal was to just grab a simple, cheap pair of shorts [see: I've been shopping a lot less in 2011]. And I narrowed it simplistically down to these two pairs:

Which ones do you like better??? Jean or Nautical???
Goodness, these pictures are so douchebaggy! However, A. Co Est 1984 just did a pretty good post on the joys of blogging in instances like this- read that here.

Ohh by the way, for sh*ts and giggles, here's what I actually wore to work today:
{work outfit 5/17/2011}

Nothing too special- pleated black skirt (of course you can't see details from my phone pics), black sweater loose tee, feather belt and Nine West pumps- bada bing, bada boom.

And I did buy one of those pairs of shorts... we'll get to that on another day.
Happy Hump Day!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

You taught me how to Dougie, taught me, taught me how to Dougie

Once every 4-7 weeks (depending on our motivation, the size of the book and our busy schedules), I meet with my book club to discuss our current reading. That's right, I'm in a book club, I'm layered and deep like that!
{Book Club group. May 13th, 2011. Left to Right: Tracy, Kiesha, Yours Truly, Megan, Miranda, Shanin}
But...before I get too far into an intellectual lie that I can't find my way out of- let's call a spade a spade: my book club isn't entirely comprised of book discussions. We're all college graduates with plenty to say... but we also are sure to make the night as much about books as it is about drinks and food.. lots and lots of food. Case-in-point, our May book club took place at a unique eatery which I've blogged about before, Davis Street Tavern. It's a delightful restaurant with ruthless beer, decadent appetizers and transcendent plates:
{Very Pacific Northwest- above: our Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale}
{Above: Carrot-fennel soup, marinated olives, Pinot Noir}
After we're stuffed with food, we tend to use the last hour to discuss other wordly events pertinent to our existence. Harrowing questions such as:
  • Should I get highlights?
  • What are you guys doing tomorrow night?
  • Do you like these jeans (I got them on sale)??
  • Did you see what so-and-so wrote on Facebook that was [one will always be picked] funny/weird/annoying.
  • "Do you know how to Dougie??"
I kid you not about that last question... that was a fun book club. Two hours post-legitimate book discussion, a select few of us realized that not only did we not know how to Dougie but that we wanted to know how. In one swoop we were lined up in front of the TV taking the Cali Swag District course on learning how to Dougie with swagger. And because the Dougie teacher himself M-Bone was just shot dead (so sad) and this song is so damn catchy, consider this video your little Tuesday pick-me-up and my little tribute:

As for book club: friends, reading, wine, food, laughs, discussions... and gangsta rap?? Safe to say I'll be a lifelong member.
Monday, May 16, 2011

Dazzling at the Coast

I'm officially scared to post today... holy bejeezus Friday Blogger! You deleted my posts (since returned, thank you) and deleted comments on my blog posts as well as ones I left for others (still an issue, f*ck you). Lammmme!

It was hard to lose the ability to blog, especially when all I saw everywhere were blogworthy scenes... most notably inside the Purple Moon Boutique at Cannon Beach, Oregon. This is the kind of store that you walk in and instantly determine that the clothes you own are absolutely dreadful. Every piece they displayed was stunning and the store itself makes you begin to think of loopholes to the whole "Thou Shall Not Covet" rule...
From the window treatments to the plush floor, the boutique evokes the most flirtatious emotions between you and the interior decor. Oh, Mr. Mirror with your gold crowning, how you do make me smile! And what's that Michael Kors section? You want me to take you off the hanger and drench my body in your silk? If you say so...

I certainly was enjoying myself with the crème de la crème items for sale and the sensational store design but the true testament to the fact that this Boutique knew what they were doing can be evidenced by what The Boy did while I gorged myself aesthetically. Instead of his usual song and dance of standing around with my purse looking like he wants to die, The Boy stationed himself on the gorgeous couch to watch Sports on the flat screen, sip on a Maker's Mark which the store owner made him and enjoy articles from his favorite masculine magazine.
Pleasing me with beautiful clothes is easy, dazzling me with every angle of your presentation is difficult but keeping the Boy not just content but happy while I shop... that is a fete. Purple Moon- you are doing something everything right.
Check Purple Moon boutique out here- if you're going to the Oregon Coast I definitely recommend visiting this boutique. The quality items and spectacular store are definitely worth checking out.

Enjoy your Monday!
Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make Me Up before I Go-Go

It is no secret that I adore my make-up. Seriously, I love my mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss... I just love make-up so much, I think it's a blast to put on and highlights the ultra feminine life (half the fun of going somewhere is getting ready for it- how do boys even enjoy life! JK).

However, due to my inclination to usually be done up when I head off into the world, I am constantly being talked to about how I "never" am without my make-up. To be honest with you, it gets pretty annoying. Not only are the insinuations insulting but I'm sooo not the kind of person who would make a comment like that to anyone else so it bothers me that people say it to me. Just because I like to present myself a certain way to society doesn't necessarily mean that I need everyone's opinion on my make-up.

And never without make-up on? Wrong.
{No make-up isn't scary to me, it just isn't how I generally face the world.}

Usually the people saying it are people who definitely wouldn't see me without my make-up. For instance, when people I work with comment about how I always have makeup on, I think to myself- I'm at work- of course I have make-up on! We have a professional relationship, one that I get plenty ready for in the morning.

{Not no make-up in this pic, but very little.}

All the important people in my life see me without make-up. If the first thing I do for the day is go to the gym, I do not put make-up on for the occasion. Every boyfriend I've ever had has witnessed me meander for hours sans make-up (probably more than they would like to be quite honest with you) and my family, my girlfriends have all had equal opportunity to take in my un-made-up self...
{Really no make-up AND just woke up. So there you go- kind of what I imagine Jack Sparrow looks like in the morning.}

FURTHERMORE, I've always been athletic, I can throw a football with a perfect spin pretty dang far, I camp happily, I care deeply for others and I read History books- I don't need to be sans makeup to prove any of that to anyone.

Make-up is on my face because I enjoy looking a certain way when I'm off in the world. I rarely wear flats because I just feel better in heels. Same goes for make-up, I wear it because I like it, plain and simple.

{Yup, the heavier eye make-up look makes me swoon, doesn't mean I need your comments!}

Thankfully, Miss Dolly Parton summarized my thoughts quite well in her recent interview with Kenny Rogers for People magazine:

Kenny: I've never seen Dolly when she wasn't fully made-up and in heels, looking great.

Dolly [Laughing]: And you never will!

What's your make-up style? Lots, little?

PS- all unfortunate Duckfaces in this post are dedicated to my dear Bloggyfriend, Porkstar because... he like really loves them...

Monday, May 9, 2011

Home Sweet Home Alone!

Mentioning "Home Alone" in May on a Blog just seems sick and wrong, don't it?? But guess who is about to (think hard..)??

Last week, I saw online (plus had many wonderful family members and friends email me) about the online listing for the Home Alone house. It's up for SALE! For a cool 2.4 million dollars, you could be the owner of a historical landmark [Editor's Note: Clearly it is not a registered landmark. But it should be.]. Here's the [link] to the Property listing showing it in all its glory. But don't get too excited, you have to be pre-approved to buy the home before you can even tour it. That means psychos like myself are banned from showing up to satisfy their Macaulay Culkin fetish.
{guess what I'm standing in front of??}

If I had 2.4 millions dollars, I would be blogging from Winnetka, Illinois right now. Because let me tell you a couple secrets: A) I love the Chicago area and B) I have visited the Home Alone house in the flesh and it was (insert 'stereotypical gay voice') FABULOUS!

I used to have to head to Chicago quite a bit for my job. Not only did I fall in love with the City but I fell in love with the surrounding areas and all of the pop-culture history that seeps out from every angle in Illinois (Michael Jordan, Oprah, John Hughes' Illinois obsession in all his movies, etc). On a particularly cold November morning, right after landing at O'Hare, I got in my rental car and headed off to Winnetka for my own Home Alone experience with just me, myself and I. To this day, I stand by the fact that I had one of the most fun days in my short life and I was completely on my own. It was the best time I've ever had hanging out with myself.

Despite the sheer ridiculousness in every aspect of the ensuing sentence, knowing that it's available for purchase and I can't buy it kind of stresses me out. I almost just want it off the market rather than think of the happy new homeowners who get to set up camp in one of America's most beautiful homes. But I digress...

Because I have ZERO self-respect when it comes to this whole Home Alone thing, when I was walking up the street to the home in 2008, I filmed myself for my family so they could enjoy my experience as well. As I didn't have a blog at this point, I never thought I'd put this online. However, I do now and you know how that goes. So in all my white-hot hair and eyeliner glory (not that I'm even remotely over those things now), if you want to see what it's like to walk along Kevin McCallister's street, you may click below. However, if you end up buying the home, you are henceforth obligated to allow me to Summer there.:

Keep in mind this was filmed for my family and pre-blog on November 30th, 2008. Original blog post I did in 2009 can be read by clicking here

Happy Tuesday! Buzz, your girlfriend, woof!
Sunday, May 8, 2011

getting older but still too young

I remember being in high school and being creeped out by the attention of older men (rightfully so). A lingering eye by a Man any age north of 30 and I would feel uncomfortable and awkward. That all made sense- I was still a teen who wore Abercrombie and had a curfew, being a bit peeved by older men who creeped was acceptable.

But now, I'm older. I'm in the later part of my 20's (BARELY) and I spend the majority of my weeks in clothes that are fitting of a young lady as opposed to a juvenile girl. Now, as I am in a solid relationship, this is all kinda a moot point. However, being the age that I am, with the experience and job that I have, if I were a single girl, I would definitely consider dating men who are in their 40s or younger. It's just not scary anymore to talk to them and I find that I can contribute to an adult conversation with ease. The age-gap isn't too gruesome anymore.
{The older men drove in packs. These ones found us at a Brew Fest summer 2010}

HOWEVER, last week I popped away from my Desk to run to Starbucks around 10 AM Tuesday morning. As I stood and waited for my coffee, a man who had to have been at least 55 started chatting with me about the weather, my drink order, etc. I laughed and we had a nice convo that filled the 2-minute wait. Upon receiving my order, I smiled a nice smile to him, wished him a good day and headed for the door. "Hey!" I heard him say as I stepped out onto the sidewalk "Would you like to get dinner sometime?"

Really?!? Here's the thing: I was definitely dressed more appropriately that day and he may have thought I was a bit older than I am. And, like I said, I would be willing to date an older man if I were single. But in his 50s?!? That's the same age range as my Dad and I truly do not think I would ever be qualified to substantiate a relationship given that large age gap.

Here's a few reasons why men in their 50s wouldn't want to date me:
Y'know the scene in Dumb & Dumber when Harry gets violently ill on the toilet? There's sound effects and funny faces... and that scene never ceases to make me crack-up. Yes, I still enjoy juvenile potty humor.

I still like to go out regularly. I don't go out as much as I used to but I often find myself in a short dress on a Friday night and usually, I am headed off with my Friends to a trendy venue...and undoubtedly, we have just drank some cheap wine/vodka/beer prior to headin' out.

I'm still figuring out my life in many ways- where do I want to end up, where my career will truly go and questioning the decisions I have or haven't made that lead to where I am. It's semi teen-angstish.

I like to sleep in on the weekends when I can. Sometimes until, gasp, 11 AM.

I spend my money on stupid purchases still. I like to get my hair done and buy nice champagne. I imagine most older men have figured out the value of a dollar by now and would cringe watching me plunk down $20 on hair balm.

I love rap music. And I play it frequently and often. I have yet to meet an adult in their 50's who enjoys listening to that.

I would maybe want to date your son over you. That's really just a math equation seeing how Junior might actually know what the word "totes" means and understand why I keep saying "Gotta get down on Friday...".

I would likely be grossed out if we ever fooled around. Not because older men are gross but just because, I really do not need to have the knowledge in my head that men in their 50s and up are still sexual beings. These are the ages of most of the parents in my world (mine, my friends', etc.) and the last thing I care to know is that they are just as perverted as high school boys.

So 50-something Sir, I respectfully decline your invitation to dinner but appreciate the offer.

And George Clooney: you are the exception to this rule. I actually think we would be great together.

What's too old or too young for you???
Thursday, May 5, 2011

point => shoot => pose

{Left: My suit jacket. Right: The neutral bra strap that the suit jacket successfully covered all day.}

I do believe that the smartest thing I've ever done in my life is purchase a 2-year extended warranty plan on my camera. Yes, my little point & shoot camera has time and time again broken and succumb to my heavy use of it and that in-house warranty has saved my life. I take a lot of pictures. Not like... oh, I go out and snap 20 pictures... I have my camera with me at all times. If I do forget it or I go somewhere and it breaks and I'm unable to document anything if I want, I have less fun. Fo' reals. I live my life in accordance with the principle that when I reach into my purse, I will find a camera and it will make my day better.

Last week, my reigning little point & shoot friend died. When I took it to the techies at Best Buy, they simply told me that damage wasn't worth the price of the camera. I flashed the extended warranty at them (like a baller) and 15 minutes later, I was walking out of the store with a brand new cam all free of charge to me.

Life is whole again. Those 2 days without it in my purse literally scarred me.

What did I do after I left? Tried out my new gadget on an outfit post of course!
What I wore to work May 4, 2011.

The H&M jacket and the Free People tank literally fall all over my skin like BUTTTAH. Other than that, this outfit isn't that cool- I just wanted to try my camera.

Happy Thursday to all!
Tuesday, May 3, 2011

no necklace, lots of shoulder

Absolute Perfection.
I predictably never cease to drool over a white top cascading over denim bottoms. If Summer masqueraded around as an outfit, it would surely be made-up of this delectable equation. Something so elusive yet enrapturing about this classic look, especially when it is accompanied by a hint of back, waist or tummy.

And better yet, when this look comes to play, you know that....

are soon to follow.

What outfit reminds you of the warmer weather?
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