Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blah, Blah, Blah.

I wish I could say that the images below were pictures I took of myself... they're not. Those are all stills from a video I sent The Boy this weekend. He was in LA partyin' with his old friends and I was home- however, we've started to be super cheesy and send videos to each other throughout the day. I hate holding the phone out and pointing it at myself as the video usually gets shaky and my arms tire, so mirror videos it is! It's funny all the faces I tend to make while I bore him incessantly with tidbits about my day... well, because I love my blog friends as much as my boyfriend loves my stories (You love them Mister, you just don't know it yet), here's some blah, blah, blah'ing about my life...(picture hand movements and weird faces):

I HATE the cliche of depressed women post-break-up eating ice cream. I hate it and it is seemingly everywhere in movies, shows, etc. Enough already, think of a new plot line. How about the depressed girl starts working out a lot to feel better? Cause we do that. We also sleep with someone else immediately. And drink. And go on walks with our friends. And stalk our EX on Facebook until the day when we no longer think to stalk because we are finally free of that relationship (oh happy day). How about any of these options??

Flying is my number one fear.

I have a vast interest in boundary pushing: erotic art and performances heavy-laden in sensuality are groovy. As long as it contains an element of intellect, I find it intriguing.

I think Mitt Romney is a babe.

I hate "music" by the Beastie Boys. I literally think it makes my ears bleed.

I love styles from across the board- there's amazingness to be found in the most conservative of outfits as much as there is in barely-there ones.

My boobs are a lot smaller than they were in college but then again, so is the rest of my body.

I have no idea how people with beautiful nails do it. I don't have the energy to put that much effort into my nails! However, I'm a big admirer of girls with fabulous ones.

I believe in Gay Rights and judge people who don't.

My job can be quite sad at times. Y'know the images of Osama bin Laden dead that weren't released to the public?? I see those types of images often at my job. Except they're not of terrorists, they're of teenagers, parents, children... so if my Blog seems shallow to you, please consider what I am potentially entrenched in all day- the horrific reality of life.

Now it's your turn- what's a random musing about yourself ??


Anonymous said...

You use your blog as an escape from your daily life - I get that. I do the same thing.

this free bird said...

Okay I saw your tweet about picking up the bf in your sweatshirt sans makeup and he'd know vacay was officially over...and I rolled!! I am also not a fan of the image of post break-up women eating ice cream and being all lethargic. While I'm sure it CAN happen it's not the ONLY thing women do post break-up. oy


Julie and Lauren said...

Ha- flying is one of my top fears too! I just rely on ambien ; )

Anonymous said...

I love your random musings :-)

I am definitely on the opposite side of the spectrum with flying...i actually enjoy turbulance (I know...sick...and im not even sure i spelled turbulance correctly). it makes me feel like im on a roller coaster.

and i think mitt romney is pretty sexy myself ;-)

while im pretty conservative in my economical views, i 100% agree with you on gay rights. it is inhumane to think that people can't be who they are and can't live a life just like the rest of us because of their sexual preference?! i guess im a bit more left on social issues...

here are some of my random thoughts today:

-i have no boobs now and never even did back in the day. i have alot of booty that makes up for it though.

-i thought the billboard awards last night sucked for the most part and i feel like my night would have been better spent eating my fingernails.

-i think you should move to chicago.

-maxi dresses are starting to get on my nerves. while i think one or two is enough in a wardrobe, im seeing that people are wearing them daily and i think they are starting to lose their appeal in my eyes. usually when i say something like this, i find one i love and my opinion changes. we'll see...

-summer has yet to arrive in ohio. therefore im comtemplating breaking out fall and all. im just tired of it.

-my dad joined facebook this weekend and i spent an entire day going through and making him his own private "list" so he can see what i choose for him to see. if that makes any sense. is it bad im 27 and still feel like i can get grounded for crap? ridiculous.

i just wrote way too much! hope u had a nice weekend!

Mani said...

Your make-up is it!

hugs and kisses by Mani

Anonymous said...

I love that y'all send each other videos! So cute! My blog is also an escape from daily life - being that the Hubs doesn't usually want to discuss pretty things (like clothes!) or pop culture. :p

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Oh wow, this was definitely quite random! I so agree with you on the post breakup ice cream thing. Your suggestions are much more realistic. After a bad experience I just feel like becoming even better and not drowning myself in chocolate or fatty foods. As for the boobs... Mine are now actually bigger even though my body is much smaller - thank you birth control! lol And I hate doing my nails too. But I do.

Vanessa said...

I love that you guys sent each other videos! Too cute!


I believe in Gay Rights and judge people who don't.

Is my favorite part. I judge them too!

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Wow, I really think we may be the same person. :) Either that or we were meant to be bffs!

I totally agree about the breakup item. From my past experience, I never even touched ice cream. It probably would have made me vomit. Instead, I drank like a fish and participated in risque activities with guys I didn't really like, and then stalked ex on fb. Just like you said. :S

I also hate the Beastie Boys (it's garbage to my ears) and I also saw gruesome things while I was working as a reporter on the crime beat (will haunt me forever) so I totally understand how this blog helps. I chip my nails all the time and envy girls who can hold a manicure.

Although, there is one difference between us. I have inflated like a balloon since college. It sucks. Haha!

Great post. :)

PorkStar said...

hahahaha love the sleep immediately with someone else. Best advice ever.

Random crap:

-My boobs are bigger than when I was younger. Because I've been working out and must keep working out and not end up with saggy man boobs.

-My number one love is flying. I was a pilot and when I was training for it, I had to practice emergency procedures and potential incidents with engines shut down mid air. Didn't scare me at all.

-However, I'm afraid of heights, but not when flying.

-If I am asked to chose between writing and becoming a math nerd, I'd chose math nerdom.

-I hate New York city 95% of the time.

-I am very shy if you met me in person. And if we talked about my blog, I'd probably blush and talk about something else.

There : )

Unknown said...

Looking good with your blah blah blah talk haha. And I agree with the post breakup devour ice cream bull, I don't do that but I def do the other things hahaha

Kara said...

This post was fantastic! I too think the Beastie Boys are grating. Big boobs are overrated. Doing nails on a regular basis is hard, that's why Sally Hansen Nail Effects are so amazing. YAY GAYS. My job can be horrifyingly sad too, I wish I could write about it online more often. Those shoes are reeeediculous - you should get them ASAP!

Those are my thoughts about this post in a nutshell :)

Alison Kinsey said...

those shoes are outrageous hahaahahahah. got a good laugh out of those!
i adore your random expression of thoughts Caitlin. are you holding an iPhone in those video stills? that would definitely inspire me to get one quicker if I could send videos that easily to friends and the boy!

Anonymous said...

why how i love those photos! and btw, is that a smartphone you are holding?! :) i finally switched to verizon this weekend, just cannot bear another relationship with att (as they're taking over t-mobile, and i've been with them for 9 years, ugh!). so, got a white iphone. it's not here yet, but soon!

anyhoo - i think the rest of us were smaller in college, body size wise. i think i'm small in terms of height every since i can remember! LOL

as a response to your comment on my cosmetic post, i, too, don't venture very often with what i use because of my sensitive skin. from time to time when friends share good reviews i try something new (and pray endlessly that i don't end up with 5 million rashes on my face!). i think you need to do a blog tutorial on smoke eyes, seriously. i like how it looks on you, hopefully, i'll look as stunning when i get to vegas. sigh.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

yikes those shoes scare me.... reminds me of the manolo blahniks that looked like construction boots LOL. and i am not a fan of the beastie boys either.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i love your blog it's awesome and i always learn something new about you :) you look great in the stills btw.

Raven said...

look at you in the sexy red dress so send your bf a video :) that is so cute, but now can you please give us a peek at some stills of HIM? I would love to see his blah blah blah's and his facial expressions :)

can I say that you are so like me? like for example, so agree on the post breakup eating ice cream thing. because I know for me, I never eat ice cream when I have a post breakup, the movies need to move on.

flying is my number one boredom experience. I hate it. it bores me to death. HOWEVER, even a slight bump in the air freaks me out. I always think that I am going to be on the plane that goes down, because it has to happen to SOMEONE, right? why not me? or you for that matter?? sorry sorry totally kidding! I think I just made your fear worse :(

boundary pushing has always been in my forte. (is that a real sentence?) but it has. I love seeing how far I can get, and what I can get away with.

Mitt Romney a babe haha!! well, he is MUCH better looking that most politicians.

hate the beasties too.

my boobs are a lot bigger than they were in college because I got a boob job :)

this comment is turning out to be really long but I really do have something to say for every one of your points!

my nails are NEVER done. not to mention that I bite my nails a million times a day and once they are painted, it takes me about 2.2 minutes for me to begin chipping the polish off.

those shoes. if you buy them, you will be my hero.

Rick said...

oh, No! if flying is your number 1 fear, then how in the world are you going to visit your fashion friends during fashion weeks on the East Coast? (sad face). get your Amtrack ticket ready then :)

Sierra said...

Oh my goodness I love your pics - too much fun! Those shoes are amazing btw. I love the pink and the fact that they look like running shoes. Too cute! Funny fact: my boobs actually got bigger after college. I think part of my problem is that I gained weight, lol.