Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Make Me Up before I Go-Go

It is no secret that I adore my make-up. Seriously, I love my mascara, eyeliner, lip gloss... I just love make-up so much, I think it's a blast to put on and highlights the ultra feminine life (half the fun of going somewhere is getting ready for it- how do boys even enjoy life! JK).

However, due to my inclination to usually be done up when I head off into the world, I am constantly being talked to about how I "never" am without my make-up. To be honest with you, it gets pretty annoying. Not only are the insinuations insulting but I'm sooo not the kind of person who would make a comment like that to anyone else so it bothers me that people say it to me. Just because I like to present myself a certain way to society doesn't necessarily mean that I need everyone's opinion on my make-up.

And never without make-up on? Wrong.
{No make-up isn't scary to me, it just isn't how I generally face the world.}

Usually the people saying it are people who definitely wouldn't see me without my make-up. For instance, when people I work with comment about how I always have makeup on, I think to myself- I'm at work- of course I have make-up on! We have a professional relationship, one that I get plenty ready for in the morning.

{Not no make-up in this pic, but very little.}

All the important people in my life see me without make-up. If the first thing I do for the day is go to the gym, I do not put make-up on for the occasion. Every boyfriend I've ever had has witnessed me meander for hours sans make-up (probably more than they would like to be quite honest with you) and my family, my girlfriends have all had equal opportunity to take in my un-made-up self...
{Really no make-up AND just woke up. So there you go- kind of what I imagine Jack Sparrow looks like in the morning.}

FURTHERMORE, I've always been athletic, I can throw a football with a perfect spin pretty dang far, I camp happily, I care deeply for others and I read History books- I don't need to be sans makeup to prove any of that to anyone.

Make-up is on my face because I enjoy looking a certain way when I'm off in the world. I rarely wear flats because I just feel better in heels. Same goes for make-up, I wear it because I like it, plain and simple.

{Yup, the heavier eye make-up look makes me swoon, doesn't mean I need your comments!}

Thankfully, Miss Dolly Parton summarized my thoughts quite well in her recent interview with Kenny Rogers for People magazine:

Kenny: I've never seen Dolly when she wasn't fully made-up and in heels, looking great.

Dolly [Laughing]: And you never will!

What's your make-up style? Lots, little?

PS- all unfortunate Duckfaces in this post are dedicated to my dear Bloggyfriend, Porkstar because... he like really loves them...



this free bird said...

Okay that extensions pic with the braids is beautiful!! I wish you lived closer to school me on make-up. Between you and Katie I think I could learn a lot.


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Your just hot! Your face looks flawless, & really the only difference I see is your eyes are made up when you have makeup on. & I love your eye makeup!!!
People has seen me w/o makeup tons of time, however one thing they have never seen me w/o is black eyeliner on the bottom lashes. Bes(ides my parents, & sister.) I feel naked, like NAKED w/o eyeliner on, I blame it on me being Southeast Asian.

PS: I freakin' love the pic with the braids, too cute! & thanks for camera advice.


ellinelle said...

..I think you read my mind while writing all this :)
let's be honest - make-up takes time and those without who comment probablyout just roll from the bed straight way to the work !!!
I love make-up but I am not an addict in a way for using everything on my face , sometimes when I read beauty/make-up blogs I feel like I know only 5 % of all that :) must have is foundation and blush , I could probably live without mascara .. look gorgeous in every single picture , especially I love the B&w ..

Unknown said...

You look awesome...One the few ladies who don't overdo or neglect the makeup..just about perfect all the time. You look great and I'm a big fan of your style :)

Tina said...

I love how you look with little to no make up! so used to seeing you with lots of eye makeup but you dont need it! you're soo pretty without it!

lately after the NICE ass tan I have from mexico lol ive only been stepping out with VERY LITTLE foundation, eye liner [my MUST] and some lip gloss. thats IT! lol i havent been this naked on my face in years. I usually put foundation, powder, bronzer, all this stuff. it's kinda freeing! lol

Anonymous said...

I totally agree w/ you girl! I LOVE makeup. It's! Especially when I am in a professional environment, I always wear makeup. It helps me to look older and just pulls the whole "look" together. Although, as soon as I get home, that $hit comes off. Ha ha ha

The Hubs would prefer that I never wear makeup, but I think when people don't wear makeup (out/to work), they look like they just got out of bed.

My favorite makeup look is flawless skin, dark purple eyeliner, purple-y smoky eye, and a nude lip. Fabulous!

Anonymous said...

you look stunning without makeup!!! im glad you can embrace both natural and going-out makeup styles... so many people i see do one or the other, and never mix it up.

at work, i wear semi-heavy makeup....going out, heavier...and at home...NONE. i never wear makeup when im at home or on weekends just being casual at grocery store, etc.

PorkStar said...

Thank you for dedicating that "duck" face to me, my dear. You know how much I appreciate that *cringes* lol

You look flawless in those pictures, and the duck face one, doesn't even look like it's you, maybe because I don't picture you doing the duck face, but if you say it's you, I guess it is. Since you took it lol.... jk :)

Nice pictures and... boy if I told you about the pig tails. One day i'll post about them lol

Nice post and no make up here, ma'am, as much as some people have tried to persuade me.

noone said...

lol I don't put on make up when I go to the gym too, just to have it sweat it off and clogging your pores? no thanks. i don't understand girls that do their hair and make up when they run on the treadmill!

erika sorocco said...

Eyeliner, lip gloss, mascara, eye shadow...good to go. I only started wearing makeup during my second year of college (sad but true), so I still don't have everything down pat. But one thing I do know for sure...I loathe leaving the house without any on (unless I'm wearing oversized sunnies, of course!). :P

Unknown said...

No need to be ashamed! I am the same way...I feel more comfortable with my make up...and it is the funnest part of being a girl! If it is what you enjoy, then don't let anyone take it away from you!

Anonymous said...

There are plenty of times I would never go without makeup, and there are some days when I love just putting on my sunglasses and not worrying about it! Both kinds of days have their plusses :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I see what you mean about people's comments. I guess some just don't know what's appropriate to say or not. But anyways, in that respect, you'll feel right at home here in Moscow - people here are much more likely to discuss why a lady shows up sans make up than why she's all done.

As for whether I liek getting ready and putting on make up or not... Ah, I don't really enjoy it. I wouldn't say I hate it, but there's no love for it either. I just think of it as something I have to do to look the way I feel like looking on a given day :)

Bonnie said...

I think we are destined to be besties.
I seriously don't understand why people have such a problem with someone who simply enjoys wearing makeup. I love it. I love the way it makes me feel, and, like you, I truly enjoy putting it on in the morning.
Plenty of people see me without makeup all the time. Don't give me grief just because I wear it when I go out. It really isn't any of their business.

P.S. I happen to love the duckfaces.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

First- i love you girl

Second- I dont wear much make up cause Im too damn lazy, however I still at least put blush and mascara on EVERY DAY when I go out.

and loving that last convo between them!

Anonymous said...

You look great with lots and little! I love a mix of both for myself, but I could never go completely naked =0

Miss Neira

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

WHy do people think that it is ok to share their all times. You look great any way! I go through make up phases but will ALWAYS wear my heels. More comfy!

naghmeh said...

you look great either way and why would it be anyone's business why you're wearing make up! I also hate it when I'll have make up on and people will ask me why are you all dressed up? argh!

Anonymous said...

i love this post. isn't it annoying when people judge you?? i like how you said that people who are important to you see you without make-up. of course, your nosy ass co-workers aren't privy to that opportunity. i like a girl who can throw a ball. i've always loved smokey eye but i just don't think i'm equipped to do it. it doesn't seem to be the kind that i like. i like to put make-up, but i make sure that it isn't too far off from how i look without it. i like it to match my natural looks, so yes, i'm scared of red lipstick!! LOL you look great with smokey eyes!!

Kara said...

I personally love your no-makeup look! Supah sexy! I usually land somewhere inbetween...I've never been able to perfect the heavy eye look, mostly because I'm just inept like that lol. I like foundation, pinkish sparkly eye shadow, very black mascara and a dusting of peach blush. That's my go-to look.

Panty Buns said...

You look beautiful without makeup! I wonder how many, if any, of your previous boyfriends ever got made up themselves and knew how difficult it is. A nice makeup job really takes talent, time and practice.