Thursday, June 30, 2011

Flying Solo

An Open Letter to Airport Employees:
I get it. I really get it. You've got a leg-up when it comes to forced Customer Service. Much like the DMV, you're a necessary product which is heavily backed by various Federal/State rulings and we must act a certain way to you and adhere to all strict policies. Having this ammo against us, you act like the Varsity Football Captain: you KNOW we want you, you KNOW we need you and you KNOW that we'll do whatever it takes to get a ride. Interestingly enough, as a woman who enjoys feeling safe when I fly, the rigid policies usually don't bother me.
{I got to spend time in Chicago unexpectedly- delight of a lifetime.}
But today, when I missed my first flight I've ever missed (it was at 5:30 in the morning, I got there at 5:01 and could no longer check-in), and found myself fighting off tears in a panic and confusion at the kiosk, the last thing in the world I expected was to be beset with your annoyed power trip rather than treating me like a paying customer. When I asked Airline Employee #1 for help and inquired "what do I do now that I'm without a flight?", she stated as she sauntered away "YOU FLY STANDBY NOW. $75 EXTRA DOLLARS."
Excuse me? Where do I do this? How do I get a stand-by ticket? Why are you being such a b*tch? I understand that you deal with this every, single day and could likely solve this problem with your eyes closed but, guess what? I don't and guess what else? I need some help. Yes, I paid for a ticket and now I might actually need your help. Oh the horror! Is that outside of your job description??

{View of Mt. Hood from my flight out of Portland.}
After asking for clarification, you sighed heavily and had me follow you to a line 20-feet to the Left. "STAND HERE AND WAIT, SHE HELP YOU NEXT!" The "She" in that sentence was the (questionably) female employee standing behind the counter. So, I did what I was instructed to do- I waited until "She" aka Airline Employee #2 (missing a tooth... just saying) called me forward.
"Are you MVP status?" "No." "Well, you need to get out of this line Ma'am." "Well, here's what happened, I missed my flight. I don't know what to do and your coworker just directed me here. I'm not sure what to do." "Well, she shouldn't have directed you to me, OUT OF THE LINE. Not my problem."
{People magazine is a must for flights. PS Casey is so guilty.}
I understand we're in completely different industries but as far as I'm concerned... customer service is customer service. If I were ever caught speaking with a client like that, I would be done. Finito. Fired. It's inexcusable.Not to mention, not that you care to know- but I'm flying for a sad event. I'm going to say goodbye to my ailing Grandmother. So the morning was tough enough.
Thank you Airline Employee #3 for pulling me aside and actually treating me like I hadn't just slept with your husband, murdered your child, burned down your home and crashed your car. It was much appreciated. Oh, and I can't thank you enough for rerouting me to Chicago where I got to spend 4.5 blissful hours in the city I love more than anywhere else.
{Me in the Chicago Terminal.}
Passenger "Portland to Chicago to Omaha at 6:00 AM" (Formerly known as "Portland to Denver to Omaha at 5:30 AM")

{Safe and sound in Omaha, Nebraska. 6/30/2011}
PS- I'm not a "Ma'am", no ring on this finger thank you very much. "Miss" works just fine.

Neon Eccentricity

Lately for me, it's all about the call to be the best AND the brightest. Though this sentiment hits at home for every aspect of my life it has special meaning in my wardrobe. Brightest can be taken literally to mean it's alllllll about the neon (in small doses of course). Whether I'm at work or at play, a healthy serving of electric coloring can fulfill any appetite.

Update: As I travelled to the Midwest today and am currently at my destination of Nebraska, I finally got a chance to see how this post looked as I posted from my iPhone for the very first time. Eeps, it looks horrid- bad formatting... etc. Anyone else know how to properly post from their Mobile device? Any cool apps I should try???


Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Britney & Me.

{my phone. my drink}
Britney Jean Spears- I LOVE you.
If you can't tell, I spent my Thursday night watching the love of my adult life perform. Before the big show, we holed up in Departure for some drinks and nibbleys {above}.

{Britney and Us}

After we had a drink or two, it was off to the stadium to see her show.
And at that point...I'm out of words.
Her concert... amazing. I couldn't love her anymore.
She's just... my preccciouuussss.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Fashionable Sipper

One of my favorite summer activities is drinking. That makes me sound like a raging alcoholic but I don't mean it how you think. In college, I often said I "liked to drink", but that meant I liked to chug as many Keystone Lights as I could until I either A) Threw Up or B) Passed Out. Yes, I "liked to drink" then.
{Beer, Wine, Cocktails - all deserve their own look.}

These days, my inclination to indulge in libations has to do with kicking my feet up after a long day and has little to do with playing last man standing. Rather, the summer drinking I perpetually enjoy involves simply sipping and enjoying fine beer, wine and cocktails. All about SAVORING over SLOSHING (I mean, we all have our nights out time and again, but those are the exception, not the rule).

Nothing tops off a steaming Saturday afternoon like transpiring with good company and good drinks. And of course, each drink deserves its very own special wardrobe. I always think of what I will wear when I'm leaving home to embark on a day of tastings. And I usually look to these similar fashion families depending on which type of Spirit I choose to enjoy:
[bohemian. earthy. natural. easy.]
Brew 'fit

Wine [sophisticated. classically trendy. streamlined.]
Wine Fit

Cocktails [raw. dangerous. exuberant. bold.]
Cocktail 'Fit

These are just my takes- what do you like to wear when you sip on your favorite spirit?