Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Lions & Tigers & Brew- oh my!

Stop what you're doing right now. Seriously. Put down your cup of coffee or your cereal or your turkey sandwich (I usually eat my lunch at 8:05 AM and then buy another lunch at lunchtime so I often consider an array of foods as "breakfast foods") and do yourself a favor and Google summer festivals in your area. Once you've perused, find a couple that spark your interest and make a point to go to them! I am telling you, Festivals big and small, downheartedly beat any other socializing, consuming, exploratory and whimsy plans that you may have.
{My Festing pals and I on Friday, June 3, 2011. Me, Tracy, Miranda}

They are just so... much... fun. As was Zoo Brew last Friday night at the Oregon Zoo. Proceeds went to Charity, we got to keep a commemorative glass AND had the sheer luxury of sauntering around the Zoo with good beer. Note: not just beer, GOOD beer, there is a difference. A huge, hoppy, wheaty, IPA'y difference.
{Any question that's me? Nope. Told you my nails are usually bald and fugs'}
{Festers unite!}
{I love this pic. Not just because of the elephant butt back there but because my skin is so bad right now but the flash went off so hard in my face, that you can't even tell. Thank you overexposure!}
What I'm wearing:
-Convertible Crochet Halter by Free People. This shirt got a ton of attention- both bad and good. Either way, people were trying to figure it out. I loved it, perfect for the heat!
-Urban Outfitters Feather Earrings.
-F21 Sunnies
-Bitten shorts. Remember that line?

I don't know what my friends are wearing but I wish I knew, they look adorbs.

[image via Free People]

Oh yeah... and why else should you fest???
Because it's for Lovers of course!!

Do you enjoy a good Fest in your area?


Anonymous said...

I loveee your outfit girl! And those shades! And yes I remember Bitten LOL! In fact, I still have a winter vest (in bright yellow) from that line that I wear during the winter to Steelers games HAHA. Soo tragic that Steve and Berry's couldn't make it LOL.

I love summer festivals! One good thing I give credit to Ohio is that there are a ton of them! Actually...there was this 4th of July festival two years back locally (small town) that I decided to go to and take my best friend who was up from Virginia visiting. Do you freaking know that Huey Lewis and the News was playing for FREE there!??! LOL...only I would appreciate that...and my best friend somehow manipulated the guards to giving us VIP right up by stage. Where I'm from in VA is too hot for too many summer festivals, but we have plenty in the spring and fall! :)

Glad you had a great weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh I thought I was the only one who ate my lunch before lunch had actually arrived, and then bought another lunch!

You always look so gorgeous! I love your outfit! I so enjoy going to festivals.

My fave is Westfest in West, TX. It is a three day Czech fest held during Labor Day weekend. It's so much fun! The pivo (beer) is flowin' and the polka bands are playing. Everyone (even the kids) are having a good time dancing around.

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I need to find festivals around the Phx area, however, its just way to damn hot to be out, so I will stay in my room.

PS: The boy & you are just to cute for words.


Panty Buns said...

I wish i were young again and hope that if a miracle happened and I were that I could manage to let myself have more fun. Wait a minute - maybe I did and don't remember it. It looks like you're having fun.

You make anything you wear look great. I like the crochet. I wonder how man different kinds of clothing items are made with that.

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

This looks SO fun. Your guy is cute!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I definitely need to look up stuff like this in my area!

Vanessa said...

Looks like loads of fun!

The local wineries around me do summer concerts. We just spent this past Friday night at a winery for almost 4 hours sitting on the deck, drinking wine, and listening to a live band. It was bliss!

Tina said...

ohhh yes i know what you mean! we all ready got plans with our friends to go to the local fair coming up at the end of the month! whoo whoo! cant wait!

you guys look like you had such a fun time! and the pictures of you with the boy at the end are sooo great! the outfits hot girl! love it :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Ahh a summer festival is something I've always been curious about but never had a chance to go and see for myself... And we don't have too many here it seems.

Love your "Thank you overexposure!", obviously :D It's something for which I never wrote a thank, but your sentiment is perfect, so I guess I wouldn't say it better anyway! Love your sunglasses, btw.

Aaaand, is there any reason why your cleavage is suddenly all mucho seductive in the shots with the bf? Looks like a good sign to me! :)

Jennifer Fabulous said...

Well, I did google summer festivals in my city. Unfortunately, they're not as glamorous as the ones near you, I bet. Haha! I came up with the Shakespeare Festival though, which sounds pretty cool. Bottle of wine and MacBeth. Can't go wrong with that! :)

These photos are adorable. I'm glad you and your friends had such an amazing time! I love your outfit, especially those lovely feather earrings! xoxo

Unknown said...

Fest...I'm a little picky about it..I take into consideration a little too many factors :)
But surely I would not have missed a fest such as the one you have been to...You ladies look super cool...Glam dolls ;)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

first of all you look great! the top looks fab on you. also i should definitely look into festivals in my area cause i want to have fun just like you lol.

also loving the pictures of you and your boyfriend you guys are too adorable.

Bronzed Humanity said...

Festivals rule! One of the best parts of summer!

Hot Pink Day
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Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Let us talk about your shirt for second...I am buying it right now. You LOOK AMAZING in it. I am sure people talked because you look G-O-O-D!

Festivals are my fav. Luckily I live in a place that has tons :)

Rick said...

thanks for the tip, Caitlin. I will definitely check out what's going on in the nyc area. You look like you are having so much fun. And as always, you look fantastic!

Anonymous said...

you probably know my answer about great fest in my town! haha we practically took the same photos last weekend! oh the zoo brew! missed it, but was at party. brew without the zoo :)

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

i love love that top- you look so effortless, beautiful and summery! CUTE montage of you and the boy :)

naghmeh said...

gah love yours and your friends' outfits too! festing looks fun lol I shall be looking some up in my area hopefully some good ones pop up!
your posts generally just make me want to go out and enjoy my days :)

Leia said...

I've never been to a festival but it sounds like you had such a great time! I love that crochet top. And your friends are so gorgeous & stylish too!


PorkStar said...

Dude, you look so nice in ALL of your pictures.

No good fest around here because I don't enjoy being next to hundreds of people. : (

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

Looking oh so lovely in lace lady!

Raven said...

YOU are my lover. seriously. you are my girl. I just love you.

hope that didn't freak you out.

moving on.

I LOVE SUMMER FESTIVALS! We have quite a few wineries around here and they have the best!

how are you so flawless? seriously, the skin? the teeth? the hair? the FACE? maybe I don't love you anymore...

and hey now, the flash didn't go off in the SECOND pic you talked about and your skin looks pretty bomb. MMHMMM.....

LOVE free people. it looks great on you. I REMEMBER bitten! SO pissed that it discontinued.

WHO is that lover in these pics?? miss Cait he's HOT!!!!!!

this free bird said...

your top, your top, YOUR TOP!! HOT WOMAN!!

Sierra said...

I love that you wore that top. It screams fashion and it's so unique! Plus, gotta love Free People.

You and your man always take the cutest photos!!

Kathryn said...

What are you wearing on your lips? Gorgeous!!! It would be awesome if you did a post of all your makeup! I'm a major makeup addict like you and love your look!!!