Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Little Big Appetite


Should you make a visit??
The evidence speaks for itself.

LOCALS: Come if you like to dine EXQUISITELY for oh so chhhhheeeaaaap.

Non-Locals: VISIT US and delight in this urban, retro treat (I can even show you around, I promise!)
Who doesn't like 50's-esque diner throwbacks? For pennies? In a trendy part of downtown?

PS here's yours truly on the trek back :)

Definitely worth a visit.

Little Big Burger is located in the Pearl District on NW 10th Ave, Open 11am - 10pm daily. 

Monday, August 29, 2011

Yes 'cut it' - OUT!

My Boyfriend is a thoughtful, considerate, smart, funny, easygoing guy.

I'm lucky to have 'em.

With that said, The Boy could have just saved my family and me from a burning building immediately after we reunited after a horrid 5 years apart where we only kept in contact via love letters sent from a carrier pigeon and I would still want to rip his face off when he says to me "cut it".

This is a self-appointed cue he uses in an attempt to aide me in my parallel parking. Somewhere along the way, "cut it" became his way of declaring that the steering wheel now needs to be strategically maneuvered so that you can get your car in the spot.

Regardless of the fact that I'm a seasoned parallel parker, the process in itself is just so annoying. I sweat pretty much every time I begin and just want to focus and be done as quickly as possible.

He could be in the middle of a story, or looking at his iPhone or reading a book and the second I start parallel parking he (without fail) will just start saying "cut it" like he even remotely contributes to the endeavor.

"Ooo Caitie, cut it now. Okay.. cut it, cut it! Oh damn you missed it, okay, cut it now! cut it now! Nice, cut it in just a couple seconds..."

Sometimes I wish I had a knife and could make slightly good on his request.*

[*editor's note, I am clearly joking so do not worry. But to my beloved BF, I never hate you until you start this act, if you promise to stop- I will stop going to bed in an oatmeal face mask, a silk sleeping cap and an XXL sweatshirt... or I'll try anyway.]

Does your significant other do anything that drives you up the wall??
Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sunderful Weekend

If you haven't heard, Summer has just started in the Pacific NW! So while many of you are gearing up for Irene and enduring flooding and rain, we are currently dealing with an overdue yet welcomed influx of Sunshine. I hate to be that person who gets alone with someone and defaults to the "weather" conversation but I just can't help it. I've talked about my joy in the sun arriving to most people who would probably like to respectfully yet blatantly remind me that they don't give a sh*t about my thoughts on the sun. I've only discussed this with a few people... my coworkers, the clerk at the Farmer's Market, the guy I stood next to while we waited for the 'WALK' signal... oh and the janitor at my office bulding? You betcha she got an earful.

It's just that the sun changes my mood so much, it turns an otherwise dull weekend into a thing of beauty, I mean. Just look at what I get to wake up to when the sun comes out in my east-facing apartment:

Much easier to get out of bed when you're greeted by that.

On Friday, I went out with a huge group of old friends from an annual rafting trip I take. I loved that I got to spend more time with this son-of-a-beezy below
That's Juan and has been my good friend since our early years. We have that blissful type of friendship where we can not talk or see each other for a while but when we do, we don't miss a beat. He's literally one of the goofiest people I know but he has that great quality of dishing and taking crap very well. In fact, I don't know that we ever really say nice things to one another but it just works for us... he's a treasured friend.

But enough about my latin lovers friends, I also took great pride Saturday in hanging up some pictures in the gap of my Murphy Bed (yup, I have one and nope, I never put the bed up). Hanging is a B*TCH and doing it alone is even more so but I pride myself on my level of comfort with tools and was very impressed with how even these came out using the good ole' fashion hanging essentials: hammer, pencil, measuring tape and nails (special thanks to My Mom for actually being the one to teach me how to successfully hang years ago)

And I certainly can't spend all day hanging without giving myself a fabulous snack such as edamame:
... and finally, I delighted (again) in American Apparel for helping me out in a bind when nothing else looked good thus allowing me to reach for Old Faithful, aka my American Apparel dress for a Bachelorette Party on Saturday. 
So now, unfortunately, it's a big week at work. A man 3 below our company's CEO (I work for a Fortune 100 company so that's a huge level of authority) is coming to our office to visit so I have a lot of sleep, coffee and power suits in my immediate future.

How was your weekend?
Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Kardashian Wardrobe Envy

I haven't purchased new clothes in awhile but looking at pictures of the Kardashians makes me want to race to Bebe and fit myself up just nice in something saweet and short...

and don't even get me started on how much this outfit makes me drool (I think Kourtney is the truest fashionista of the group)...

{all images via}

PS- I used to have so many of those stupid "Bebe" shirts in high school. Haha, it was all I could afford so I would always buy them, rock them with jeans and think I was the sh*t even though they were usually accompanied with old Pumas and braces.

Modern/Historic/Crazy Portland

I've always said that I have an A-B car. That's code for a car that gets you from Point A to Point B, no frills, no fanciness- purely utilitarian.

That has taken a new meaning now that I live downtown. I must drive every single day because I work in a Portland Suburb but beyond that, my whole life can now be accessed on foot (or via street car). It's been exhilarating to park after work and not touch my car again- I can get groceries on foot, I can go to restaurants on foot, it's just all right here in a beautiful setting.

It makes mundane tasks a sheer joy. So join me on the 25-minute walk I took tonight from my apartment to my gym:
{Residential living in Uptown Portland}
{Jewish Chapel}
{As Reni called these apartments- "Disneyland!". I agree, they look like Toontown right?}

{Residential living in the Pearl - Portland's trendiest area}

{Headquarters of Oregon's biggest newspaper, The Oregonian}
{More modern living in The Pearl District}

Diverse for a 25-minute walk, eh?? See- we have much more to offer than Granola and Bicycles so don't try to pigeon-hole my city! But I will stress out if I see that you don't recycle, that's just common f'ing sense.
Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ridin' & Decoratin' Solo

I've been with my boyfriend long enough where we could easily have lived together. We brought it up a lot of times, I mean we've been together for over 2.5 years, isn't it time to move in together?

Nope, it's not.

I needed to live sans-Parents, sans-Roommates, sans-anyone else who would eat my leftovers for once in my life (nothing upsets me more than the eating of my leftovers I'm excited for). I needed to have my own space without any intrusions. To not, would (cue the dramatic yet true statement) probably always make me feel less than whole. When The Boy and I were discussing the idea of living together, I worried. I think we could live together but I wasn't ready to do it yet. When I voiced to him my desire to live alone at least once in my life he said: "then you should obviously live alone first, I want you to. I won't live with you right now then."

So with his loving understanding and support, I am and so far, it's fabulous.

Besides, if I lived with someone, it's doubtful I would get to enjoy the swanky couch and throw pillows I just purchased.

Couch: City Liquidators (Portlanders- you are stupid to not go there especially because upholstered things should come to you brand new.)
Throw Pillows:
Combination of Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx

What about you- ever live alone???
Tuesday, August 16, 2011

DIY: The Tale of Two Dressers

Contrary to the side I present of myself on here where I negligently talk about clothes as if I buy everything I covet, I am actually a pretty thrifty shopper. I splurge on things I deem necessary but for the most part, I won't splurge unless I've looked at other alternatives first.
This played out as I moved into my own space a couple weeks ago. Though I already had a TON of stuff to fill my spot, I still knew that it was going to cost me a lot to furnish an entire place all by myself (from cleaning supplies to shelves). Some costs were going to be unavoidable (i.e. a couch) but some, I could work around and save money.

Such is the deal with my dresser. The dresser has been in my family since 1996. It came to us as an utter piece of crap but I still used it for many years in that condition: 
{The only picture I could find of the dresser in its original blech condition}

After years of dealing with that, I finally decided to paint it white a few moons ago. BUT, I didn't do any prep work because I was 21 and lazy so the paint always chipped and the knobs were pretty shoddy. Regardless, the white was a vast improvement from the original condition. 
{My white dresser}

However for the 2011 makeover, I decided to do it the right way. First, I cleaned off the entire dresser with a damp cloth. Immediately following I sanded it down to its original wood (a PAINSTAKING and boring task). I then patted it down with a cloth again and let it air out a few days. 
{Sanding is for CHUMPS. I was bored and exhausted at the same time doing it.}

After a few days, I put two coats of white primer on the wood and then again, let the dresser dry for a couple days.
Finally, when it was time to paint, I took off (and threw away) all of the knobs and painted three coats of Behr paint. I then purchased knobs from Ikea (about half the price of any other place for knobs and I put them on myself thank you very little), and viola, a dresser was born!

Oh, and who can forget the knick-knacks for the top.

{Dresser embellishments- lamps, jewelery, flowers, etc.}

All in all, the DIY method was very cheap (Paint - $15.00, Knobs - $25.00, Primer - $8.00. Total project = $48.00) but I'm most proud of myself for being resourceful and finding beauty in something old instead of wasting my money on something new - can't wait to show you how it plays into the room once I get it all set up (room still very box friendly).

PS - if you noticed, the dresser is sliced on the very top. I like this trait about it (always have),
just looks different to me.

Ikea knobs here
Behr paint via Home Depot here.

Monday, August 15, 2011

Grace Under Pressure

I spent this last weekend in the beautiful state of Nebraska, officially saying 'Au Revoir' to my beloved Grandma. The weekend was quick but absolutely plentiful. Family from all over migrated in the name of duty and desire to celebrate the life of a spectacular woman. The day was a frippin' blast and I felt so incredibly fortunate to be with my extended family. I was laughing all night and my itinerary included playing cards with my Great Uncle, wheelchair races with my young cousin and everything else inbetween. Family is the tie that binds.
{Ever had an Irish Wake? It's how we do. Love these people.}

I spoke at my Grandma Fran's funeral as well. After writing a mini-speech to eulogize her, I ascended upon the Altar to deliver the words as best I could. I touched on her style I loved, her character, her passion for her family and I ended by stating that I will always attempt to emulate her poise.

Upon leaving the podium (and like clockwork), I brushed past the main, huge, gigantic floral arrangement with my hip, sending it tumbling on its head (aka the flowers). I couldn't believe what I was seeing as I felt water pouring on my shoes and looked down to see broken flowers and water all over the chapel floor. The guests first gasped, then giggled as my Sister and I fervently tried to save as many stems as we could. In the end, my Grandma reminded me of another quality she found important that I neglected to mention: Be Humble.

Hope you got a good chuckle Grandma.
Thursday, August 11, 2011

I missed you Guys!

Moving has been a huge undertaking that has involved blood, sweat and tears (really!) however there is one resolute, profound outcome of the entire event that can't be construed as anything but heavenly: Finding all of my Friends DVDs.

Nothing, and I do mean nothing, compares to the moment I opened the ugly brown box that has sat in storage for months and unearthed my daily delight. Needless to say, even though I am now living solo in a Studio, I'm never really without Friends.

{chilling downtown with my buddies}

I was also happy to say on Monday when I turned 27 that even though getting older always a feels a bit blah, I’m quite excited that I'm officially in the age of the "Friends" characters at the conception of the show, so think of all that I have to look forward to in the next ten years. Perhaps I'll star in my own series alongside a Robot, find out that my Mother is not my birth Mother, make a habit of ironing my wrapping paper, wear a pair of paste pants on a date, get a nose job and work as a Transpondster. The opportunities are limitless!

Thanks for always being there, guys.. :)
What's your forever favorite show?

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dark & Light: the perfect combo.

To me... Blonde Hair and Dark Eyebrows go together like... peas and a pod, like Chandler and Joey, like cereal and milk, like kissing and hugging, like Mom and Dad, like Peanut Buttah' and Jelly, like Archie and Jughead, like Rihanna and Katy Perry, like Vin Diesel and Action movies, like Chicken Strips and Ranch, like Paris Hilton and Ugliness, like Diapers and Wipes, like Walmart and the Slow Economy, like Lightening and Thunder, like a Hangover and Water, like ... WHATEVER, you get the picture... I just adore the look far better than light eyebrows with light hair.
{Tis me and this isn't a mistake- the eyebrow dying won't change no matter if I'm raven-haired or a blondie}
[images via Google Images]

What do you think of dark brows framing a light top???