Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Modern/Historic/Crazy Portland

I've always said that I have an A-B car. That's code for a car that gets you from Point A to Point B, no frills, no fanciness- purely utilitarian.

That has taken a new meaning now that I live downtown. I must drive every single day because I work in a Portland Suburb but beyond that, my whole life can now be accessed on foot (or via street car). It's been exhilarating to park after work and not touch my car again- I can get groceries on foot, I can go to restaurants on foot, it's just all right here in a beautiful setting.

It makes mundane tasks a sheer joy. So join me on the 25-minute walk I took tonight from my apartment to my gym:
{Residential living in Uptown Portland}
{Jewish Chapel}
{As Reni called these apartments- "Disneyland!". I agree, they look like Toontown right?}

{Residential living in the Pearl - Portland's trendiest area}

{Headquarters of Oregon's biggest newspaper, The Oregonian}
{More modern living in The Pearl District}

Diverse for a 25-minute walk, eh?? See- we have much more to offer than Granola and Bicycles so don't try to pigeon-hole my city! But I will stress out if I see that you don't recycle, that's just common f'ing sense.


Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

That's so cool to be able to walk places. Well you know, when the weather's nice! We can't walk ANYWHERE where we live; we'd get squashed on these country backroads! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

"I can get groceries on foot, I can go to restaurants on foot, it's just all right here in a beautiful setting." - me jealous much!!!

Caitlin, get ready to host a guest from Russia haha I have no idea where exactly you live, but I'll haunt you down! lol Your city looks fabulous!

Slamdunk said...

Thanks for letting us tag along on your walk. The Mrs. is able to walk about 15 minutes from her work to the kids school--she loves it.

Bonnie said...

I have the exact kind of car. I'm just lucky it runs. I posted about the multitude of orange lights that came on about a month ago and cost me $2,000. Eff my life, right?? Stupid Pontiac.

BTW, these pictures are just gorgeous. I wish I could see brilliant sights like this every day.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Unknown said...

I want to go to there! Would love to live in Portland one day..

Dirt On The Rocks said...

I love that you can just walk and take great pictures, enjoy a wonderful walk, and run your errands without having to use a car. At the same time it's a brisk workout! That's awesome

I love where you live!

Tina said...

wow that sounds so ideal. and it looks like such a nice walk too! lol totally jealous right now. you walk 20 minutes, i drive. i'd prefer walking anyday i think lol

Anonymous said...

WOW. How amazing! I would love to live somewhere walkable. Not only is it good for you, but good for the environment, too!

It's so silly because here, no one walks unless their car is broken down or they have a DWI. We used to drive to restaurant that was across the street.

I think it's so romantic that people who live in New York City (or downtown Portland!) can walk everywhere and get just the groceries they need for the next day or so.

happy hour 24/7 said...

hahah yes, disneyland because it is so colorful!
isn't great to be able to walk and use street car or max?? of course, this is going down as one of my fave posts because i can truly say, "i know where that spot is!" the pearl is my love, and i'm just so excited for you to be living downtown and doing it on your own! rock star!

Anonymous said...

I lived in downtown Toronto last summer and it was exactly the same for me. I could walk to the biggest mall we have here in around 25 minutes, I could walk to the grocery store, I could walk to the biggest reference library here, it was actually right across from my apartment and I can say that I absolutely loved it! I love walking everywhere you get to experience your surroundings so much more!
ps. love your path to the gym and those funky houses...awesome lol

Unknown said...

Hey...Congratulations on moving in "downtown"!!
Those pictures are beautiful...I'm sure you are having fun, take care.
Cheers :)

Unknown said...

I wish the buildings in my city were that exciting to look at - i want to fill it with those really colourful ones now haha.
As for your comment on my blog a $5 note is like what i think you guys call a bill?!? like paper money (except ours is plastic).
And i attach the word totes to EVERYTHING. Im totes excited, totes ready, totes keen, totes pumped, totes bummed, etc. etc. haha its become quite the addiction actually, probably time to cut back a lil haha.

Raven said...

I recognize all this and it takes me right back! I LOOOOOOOVE Portland! I was just in Seattle and said to my sister how much I hate these big towns, as in I would never move to Seattle, but would move to Portland any day!!!

Anonymous said...

ill say it again...I LOVE PORTLAND!!!!

i have been to the pearl district and it was my favorite area! i loved the cute shops and how everyone was SUCH an individual! here in norway...not so much!

yours truly, melissa said...

I love the idea of living in a big city that doesn't require the use of a personal car! I think it's so great to be able to walk or ride your bike to wherever you need to go... Your pictures are so great! And so is your blog!

Punctuation Mark said...

great images... i love to see architecture where ever i go... have a great weekend!

Kara said...

How exciting!!! Sounds like your new place is perfect for your lifestyle...I can personally attest to the awesomeness of being able to walk EVERYWHERE! (If only it weren't 80million degrees in Phoenix right now...)

Hope you have a really great umbrella ;)

Sierra said...

Oh my goodness I am loving the architecture in your area! It's gorgeous and I love walking. I do it a lot when I am in Long Beach. It sure beats driving sometimes!