Thursday, August 18, 2011

Ridin' & Decoratin' Solo

I've been with my boyfriend long enough where we could easily have lived together. We brought it up a lot of times, I mean we've been together for over 2.5 years, isn't it time to move in together?

Nope, it's not.

I needed to live sans-Parents, sans-Roommates, sans-anyone else who would eat my leftovers for once in my life (nothing upsets me more than the eating of my leftovers I'm excited for). I needed to have my own space without any intrusions. To not, would (cue the dramatic yet true statement) probably always make me feel less than whole. When The Boy and I were discussing the idea of living together, I worried. I think we could live together but I wasn't ready to do it yet. When I voiced to him my desire to live alone at least once in my life he said: "then you should obviously live alone first, I want you to. I won't live with you right now then."

So with his loving understanding and support, I am and so far, it's fabulous.

Besides, if I lived with someone, it's doubtful I would get to enjoy the swanky couch and throw pillows I just purchased.

Couch: City Liquidators (Portlanders- you are stupid to not go there especially because upholstered things should come to you brand new.)
Throw Pillows:
Combination of Home Goods, Marshalls and TJ Maxx

What about you- ever live alone???


Kim Axani said...

Your place is adorable! I LOOOVE it =) Love your little vanity table you have set up in the background.
Oh GOD, when I first moved out I lived alone and it was the most heavenly experience EVER!!! TBH I still miss it sometimes. It's just so nice!

Stevie said...

I had roommates in my early 20s, but lived alone for the majority of my 20s after that and it was the BEST. I had a huge apartment all to myself and I also loved hosting dinner parties and other get togethers. I painted it and decorated exactly how I wanted and was so, very happy there. I live with my boyfriend (now fiance) now and it's wonderful. But it's mostly because we both understand our need for alone time. Even though our apartment is small, we allow each other the space we need. Which is KEY for me.

I think it's great that you're living on your own because it's what you want, instead of moving in because you feel like you SHOULD. I also think it's wonderful that you're enjoying and that your boyfriend is so supportive of you. When you do finally decide to move in together, I have a feeling you'll both be more prepared and appreciate it all the more because you live on your own now.


LOVE the pillows :-)

lifeisamaze said...

The sofa looks so confortable !

lifeisamaze said...

The sofa looks so confortable !

Gabrielle - I LIKE IT FAST said...

Love your head scarf!

Unknown said...

Loooove the pillows!!

I totally agree, sometimes you have to do some things just for yourself... put you first, you know?

I lived alone for 2 years before moving in with the BF... we lived together for 8 months before he left... errr I got the hell out of there..? lol ... anyways, and then I lived alone for another 6 months before getting a roommate... Let me tell you, I would much rather be living alone these days! Enjoy!

Unknown said...

Thank god I'm not the only one who gets super pissed when someone eats my leftovers! I get so mad when Kris does it, it's the one thing that makes me turn into a Mega Bitch haha. Hello, obviously I was looking forward to eating my leftover Buffalo Wild Wings you jerk!

I have yet to live alone but I feel the same way, I want to live alone at least once in my life and I want to do it sometime soon before moving in with a boyfriend.

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

Loving the pillow choices! so fun.

Alison Kinsey said...

your place is looking adorable Caitlin!!!!
and that sounds like a super fair request to live on your own before bunking up with the boy. i think everyone should do that at least once in their life. i had my opportunity when i was 20 and living in san diego. it only lasted 7 months, but it was a life-changing experience!

Leia said...

I lived alone for 3 years and I HATED it! I like to come home in the evenings and have someone there or else I get terribly lonely. Now that I'm married I hope I never have to live alone again! :)


Tina said...

good for you girl! im glad you made that decision to live alone. because honestly, i never got that chance and kinda wish i did. just so i could know. and also so i could decorate my cute ass apartment like yours lol

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you followed your heart. :)

I have to admit I'm kinda jealous because I never got to live alone (or with roommates). I'm outnumbered now (with a son and a hubby), so I can't be having everything all glittery, swanky, and pink. Le sigh. (I did buy pink dishwasher pods the other day!)

Anyway - because I got married so young, I had to do most of my "growing up" while we were first married. I like that you're getting to just be yourself and have everything just the way you want it.

Unknown said...

I'm yet to live alone but can't wait til i get the opportunity. Living on campus and having people continuly eat my food (not just leftovers, they even eat stuff before i can cook with it!) has definately made me more excited to find my own place.
On another note, thanks for all the comments on my blog lately - its nice to know someone is reading :P

happy hour 24/7 said...

brace yourself, this will be a long comment. back in the l.a. days, i was with someone for about 5 years. he was older, the "been there, done that" type of guy so he was so ready to live together and i was like, "no, thanks" i mean, i didn't say it that way but you get the gist. he took that really hard so that was the start of our distance which obviously ended the relationship. back then, i was still in college and had never lived on my own since i lived at home.

i've had 4 long-term relationships (anywhere over 2 years) and i've only lived with one boy. even though we've talked about it over and over and i had already lived on my own for 3 years - i still had the 11th hour jitters. like literally, i came to his apartment and said, "why are we doing this? should we go through with it? i don't think i can." well, we did ... it was just jitters. that was after being together for 2 years. after a year and half - we realized we wanted different things.

since then, i've lived on my own whether i am with someone or not. i love my "me" time and not having to worry about what's for dinner because someone else needs to eat. hahah the current boy and i celebrated 3 years this past spring, no we do not live together. we are both okay with that, plus he owns a house in the 'burbs and unless the economy turns around, he won't be selling anytime soon. he also knows i'm not moving to the 'burbs, there's no way i'm retiring this early! hahah

that's my story. i love how you are "doing you" first - it is the way to go. enjoy it, love every single minute of it! if you're not ready to live with someone, that's okay. you live by your rules, not what others tell you to do so. AND, kudos to your bf who understands and appreciates your decision to be on your own and don't feel hurt about it! yay!

naghmeh said...

I am totally with you on this one! I love having my own time alone away from everyone else but I live with my parents so I usually just get the me time in my room but I still really treasure it and I also have an understanding bf who gets that sometimes I just want to be by myself.

loooove that photo of the two of you! super cute :)
and that couch is so chic with those pillows, I'm really loving the colours!


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I never lived alone, I am still living with my parents, & just turned 24. (However, this might be all changing very soon, & I am totally freaking out.) I am all for living by yourself at least once. Naked Wed, hell yeah, or not.


Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Caitlin, I so know what you mean! I also feel like I need to experience living alone before I move in with any man. Frankly, I think it's something everyone should, especially before they start a family of their own as once you have kids, it'll be a while (never?) till you live for yourself again. I haven't lived alone yet, unfortunately, but I've been crazily wishing for that for a long time now. I grew up pretty fast and have been pretty independent even in my teen years, so living alone is highly overdue for me. But, with the Moscow renting prices, it just hasn't been possible yet. I am patiently waiting for a time when I'll finally be able to afford it, eh. Anyway, with this being said, I can truly understand your excitement and I'm really happy for you :)

BonBon Rose Girls Kristin said...

That couch is so kick arse. I've never lived totally alone and sometimes I wish I had for a bit!

Casey said...

Omigosh - your couch is to die for, and those pillows!! So girly and cute!

I never lived alone. I went from parents to roomates to with my husband (boyfriend at the time ) with roomates, husband alone, and now we are (so fun) back to living with my parents. To be honest, I never wanted to live alone - but I bet it is nice not to worry about anyone else around your space!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

I can relate to that. I definitely have lived with two exes before and I think that living together is a big commitment. You obviously have to give up your privacy. It's always nice to just enjoy living on your own first before just living with someone. I think everyone should experience it.

Gracey Williams said...

Love your swanky couch and pillows haha! I'm excited for college next year because I'll have a roommate for the first time. I think I'd like to live alone for a while, have my own space.

Bonnie said...

Daaaayyuum, girl. That couch and pillows set is PIMP. If I had that setup in my hizzouse, I would live alone, too. You don't need a dude messing it up with his man dirt just yet.

Kudos on having the balls to live alone. I have never done it!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

j. littlejohn said...

it's weird living alone... everything's always right where you left it

Amber said...

I commend you on living alone. I have never done it, and while I like the companionship of knowing someone is always here with me (and I LOVE my bf), I look forward to the weekends/nights when I am home alone and get some "me" time... singing and dancing around the living room, etc.
Love the couch, btw... so cute!

PorkStar said...

Well i was married for 8 years and before that i always lived with someone.... roomates, girlfriend, etc.. it's been quite sucky living alone since my split, but i've managed to embrace it. But i miss having someone home.

Unknown said...

aww - yes, love this and that is so great that he gets it! I do agree too, everyone should live alone at least once in their life. You learn so much about yourself - I've lived with roomies, solo and with BF's - I kinda love living alone if I must say and I'm finally back in my OWN place again and I wouldn't have it any other way :-)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

I love that you "needed" to live on your own. It is the best thing ever! You are a great example of how to have a healthy relationship. I personally think that living together is over rated. I did it once and will never again (until I'm married). Being in our twenties is the time to do everything we have ever dreamed. It is a great growing time. Xoxo

Vanessa said...

Oh geez, Vito knows my leftovers are hands-off. All the time.

I respect people who want to live alone and I think it really is awesome. It's not for me though. I don't like to be alone often and I have a crazy imagination. I'd always be afraid someone was breaking it or something.

Sierra said...

Oh my gosh your apartment looks so cute! I actually lived by myself for a few months and enjoyed the independence, but it didn't work out for me because I had some health issues going on. I did love decorating though!

So glad the bf was so considerate to your needs and you should be able to live on your own and discover that on your own before living with him or moving forward. xoxo.

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

Love you couch and pillows!