Monday, August 29, 2011

Yes 'cut it' - OUT!

My Boyfriend is a thoughtful, considerate, smart, funny, easygoing guy.

I'm lucky to have 'em.

With that said, The Boy could have just saved my family and me from a burning building immediately after we reunited after a horrid 5 years apart where we only kept in contact via love letters sent from a carrier pigeon and I would still want to rip his face off when he says to me "cut it".

This is a self-appointed cue he uses in an attempt to aide me in my parallel parking. Somewhere along the way, "cut it" became his way of declaring that the steering wheel now needs to be strategically maneuvered so that you can get your car in the spot.

Regardless of the fact that I'm a seasoned parallel parker, the process in itself is just so annoying. I sweat pretty much every time I begin and just want to focus and be done as quickly as possible.

He could be in the middle of a story, or looking at his iPhone or reading a book and the second I start parallel parking he (without fail) will just start saying "cut it" like he even remotely contributes to the endeavor.

"Ooo Caitie, cut it now. Okay.. cut it, cut it! Oh damn you missed it, okay, cut it now! cut it now! Nice, cut it in just a couple seconds..."

Sometimes I wish I had a knife and could make slightly good on his request.*

[*editor's note, I am clearly joking so do not worry. But to my beloved BF, I never hate you until you start this act, if you promise to stop- I will stop going to bed in an oatmeal face mask, a silk sleeping cap and an XXL sweatshirt... or I'll try anyway.]

Does your significant other do anything that drives you up the wall??


Anonymous said...

I flip out if Jared (or anyone) tells me to calm down. Telling me to calm down does the exact opposite and you'll have to listen to me rant for an extra 5 minutes. At least. After 7 years together I have no idea why he hasn't figured this out yet.

Unknown said...

it's so funny how the littlest things are the most annoying when you're really close to someone.

omg yes thats exactly what the ron and hermione picture looks like, its just so odd!



Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

It's always the little things that get to us the most, isn't it! I hate when people start commenting on my driving while I'm at it. My initial reaction is to stop the car and tell 'em to get out lol I once almost did that with my parents for they were driving me crazy with instructions... And each was suggesting doing things the opposite way of the other one's recommendations lol

Slamdunk said...

Ha, that would be annoying.

I am glad the Mrs. is not answering this question--she would be on bullet point 25 on her list of a 100 by now.

As any good boy would say: Everything is peachy. "I have no complaints."

Anonymous said...

Bahahaha! I can just imagine how grating this could be. I love that he calls you "Caitie". Y'all are super cute. :)

What does The Hubby do that drives me up the wall? I will admit that most of the time it's a combo of my OCD and that I'm already in a fussy mood:

a) when he leaves food in the dish scrubber brush. OMG. So next time I wash OUR CHILD's sippy cups, I get to scrub them with an egg infested brush. (Not really - I just go buy another one. But seriously, just rinse it out!)

b) when he doesn't rinse out the sink after rinsing off the dishes. There's food all stuck on the sink, so then I have to 409 the damn thing when he could've easily just sprayed the sink out. Swish, swish.

Alison Kinsey said...

that second picture of you guys looks like it came straight out of a catalog!
that's a hilarious little story. i'm the WORST at parallel parking. i don't even attempt it. i know my bf would probably be the same way too haha.

Tina said...

lmao!!!!!! this shit had me cracking up!! especially when you quoted him! omg you can love a man to death but they will always say stupid shit.

my husband? only when he's around our friends or his brother, to get my attention he goes to me "yo" or "hey" he will keep saying either one of those until he gets my attention. heres a thought, JUST SAY MY NAME! lol dont say "YO" to me like im some guy lol drives me nuts!!!

Kim Axani said...

HAHA! Yes, everyone gets annoyed with certain things, that's for sure! The fact that you're trying to complete an already stresful task while he utters this annoying fraze doesn't help matters either!
When we were first dating, Ryan would always say "that's why I get paid the big bucks" for EVERYTHING, it didn't matter what he did. He'd be saying it sarcastically of course, but it drove me mental. He's since stopped which makes me very happy =)

Kim Axani said...

haha I justn oticed how i spelled "phrase" also. Too funny!

Sabrina said...

Those photos of you two are gorgeous, and haha those little couple quirks.


Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Beautiful pictures of you two. The next time he starts doing this, just put the car in park right where it is and walk away. If he can parallel park so perfectly, then perhaps he should drive next time. :)
When the hubs and me first started dating, he would always ask me what I wanted for dinner. Yes, it was very sweet, but the problem was that HE was the pickiest of eaters! So I'd suggest a place and he would say "No, I don't really like that place" or "No, I don't eat Mexican" (he does now!). Well if you're so freaking picky, maybe you should just pick the restaurant your own dang self!! UGH!! It used to take us FOREVER to decide where to eat for dinner. Ridiculous!

Bonnie said...

I think I may have peed a little.
I have so been there. Many times.
Mr. A is convinced that I cannot park my car. In reality, I'm awesome at parking -- especially when backing into a spot. It's so frustrating when he tells me to "drive slowly" or "keep going, keep going, you're good" -- I KNOW I'M GOOD.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Leia said...

hahaha! This was hilarious! I think once we start living together my husband is going to do similarly annoying things, but for now it's smooth sailing ;)


Angela said...

hahaha.... so far I am okay because i will address the issue immediately.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

oh man i am going to reach my one year mark with my bf soon and there are things that i think drives us both insane, lol. hmm however, it's driving me nuts right now that i can't think of one thing!! lol wtf. haha. anyway you guys have cute pictures together. i love it with the view and everything!

happy hour 24/7 said...

oh my god, i used to date someone who was the same way! he wouldn't say cut it, but he'll say, "time for the shove" - i HATE parallel parking to pieces! so one time he kept saying it (and i was really stressing out about something else) so i said, "if you want me to shove this car, stop talking otherwise, i will shove it up your ass! now what will be your choice?" he stopped for a while but he kept going, i asked him to get out of the car! LOL

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

LOLOLOLOL! We all have something. I probably have more somethings in most. I won't embarrass myself. heehe

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

OHHHH...I LOVE the last picture. Looks like it could be in a magazine. Love you you wore the FP top.

alicia said...

cute post ;) I'm pretty sure they all do something that annoys us at times.

Panty Buns said...

Yes - she abandons me. She left over 40 years ago, we were back in touch, and then she just stopped communicating with me entirely. If she were with me I suspect she would annoy me by eating meat in front of me (I'm a strict vegetarian) and trying to force me out of my reclusiveness. Meanwhile I can't seem to keep my codependent ex-wife from stopping by unannounced, wanting my company, and bringing the smell of tobacco smoke in with her (yuck, cough choke).

Despite the little annoyances the two of you seem to be a fantastic couple. Sorry I haven't climbed out of my depression enough to be around much. I'm still planning to take some more time getting enjoyment from the photos your writing from that wonderful trip to Hawaii the two of you took together.

My adoptive parents used to tell me that for a marriage to work both people had to be willing to give in most of the time - not that I'm saying that's always true, but they did stay together, RIP.

As far as my would-be significant other, since we haven't seen each other she can't simply take it out of my backside.... rats!

According To Erica said...

Haha, I cannot parallel park either!