Wednesday, October 26, 2011

It's BOO time!

{Yours truly}

Halloween Weekend is almost here. And it's THE BEST.
I would never, could never and choose to never associate with people who don't celebrate it for "moral" reasons... because they must be crazy a SNOOOOOOOOOZEFEST.

As for me, I'm counting down the days and according to my calcs', it's almost happy HAUNTING time... It's also my Friday today (thank you PTO), so can I gloat a bit?

What are YOU going to be?


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Um, what are you holding, & why?
I am working this weekend, I only work on Weekends, so yeah...& I get my pictures from Google Images/Tumblr/ & about the heels, I am 5'8, I don't consider myself tall, however growing up I didn't wear heels & now at 24 I can't do it. I have few chunky heels, those scare me too.


erika sorocco said...

I heart Halloween - it's one of my favorite times of year.

I am going to be a black cat! :)

Kim Axani said...

Uh Oh, I must be a snooze fest! hheeh this year we decided to opt out of dressing up and watch scary movies at home instead. Does this mean I'm getting old?!?!!?

Have fun and post photos! (not that I need to tell you that!)

Jax said...

I'm not sure what I'm going to be yet! I always host the BEST Halloween parties, but in my new apartment that isn't possible :(

I got invited to one party this weekend...let's see. I LOVE playing dress up :)

...and I love that you like The Alchemist too!

Summer-Raye said...

I have no idea what Im going to be and I'm running out of time! Eek!

Would love for you to check out my blog and follow, let me know- Ill follow back!


Slamdunk said...

Sounds fun. Our youngest is scared to death of all things Halloween, so we will likely keep a low profile.

The older boy has his army man costume ready, and little Sissy will be Wonder Woman.

BlackLOG said...

Being British Halloween is trumped by Guy Fawkes night – November the 5th where we get the chance to burn down vast swathes of our housing stock for the sake of letting off a few fireworks. Besides my Halloween experiences have fallen short of the all out fun you guys on the wrong side of the pond seem to have with the night of the dead.


Halloween Blog.

so enjoy yourself but spare a thought for me and the cats hiding under the kitchen table....

Vanessa said...

I grew up not celebrating/dressing up for Halloween so I obviously make up for it now! Sadly this year I can't make it to our friend's annual Halloween Party so I won't be dressing up this year so please enjoy it for me!

his little lady said...

aww, i must be one of those snoozers, haha. for some reason i've just never been a fan of halloween. but that's probably for my dislike of candy (besides chocolate of course), anything scary, and the cold weather you had to walk around in to go door to door in a costume that didn't keep you warm enough.
ha, but i love that picture of you. you are too cute girl. definitely looks like you get into the holiday spirit!!
xo TJ

Petchie said...

I'm going to be superwoman and I can't wait! I love Halloween!


cryskay said...

cute makeup! xx

Bonnie said...

YAAAAYYYYYYY!! I love Halloween. I still don't know for sure what Mr. A and I are dressing up as, but I'm pretty sure that "Jersey Shore" is involved in some way.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

you look adorable even though I dont know who you are!

Unknown said...

the picture with this is kinda hysterical, great and adorable all in one word - are you something with the bunny and a mouse?

and yes, I agree about Halloween - I can't wait to dress up!!

Ashleigh said...

Aaaand this is why I love you.
We had dinner with a friend on Thursday and when we invited him out for Halloween he said he didn't like dressing up to which I replied "and why are we friends?" He is dead to me. ;) Have fun chicka! Can't wait to see pics from your weekend! I'm still deciding...need to COMMIT!!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i can't wait for halloween either. i'm not sure what im giong to do but i will def. be taking my son out for trick or treatin. :)
have a fantastic weekend

Sierra said...

Hope you have an amazing time girl - I'm going to be boring and stay at home and hand out candy, lol. It's okay - I'm having fun at the cabin this weekend and having a nice time with the fam.

Love your pic - can't wait to see your pics!

Sierra said...

Oops, meant to say more Halloween pics! :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

If I'm honest, I've never once really celebrated Halloween. We don't have the holiday here traditionally but it's gained popularity in recent years among club goers. And since I don't enjoy the club scene here in Moscow as much, I've never really been to a Halloween themed party. So for the Halloween weekend I am going to be Julia O., which is myself lol But you have fun and take pics!!

Susan said...

Have a great weekend! :)

Rick said...

Happy Halloween, Caitlin. Love the pic. I was struck by the cuteness!

My halloween plans got "snowed out" because of the crazy storm we had on saturday night and so I am living vicariously through your adventures. thanks for sharing!! :)

I'll be back later to comment on the other posts that I missed. much love,


ps- I still need profile pic of you for my "style wall" :)

Candice said...

I love your makeup- it always looks great! Would you ever consider a tutorial? I would love to get your secrets:) thanks

ellinelle said...

..oh , I must agree here with Julia , I also coming from the country where Halloween never been celebrated .. but I do think it's great celebration when all doing this together , I would love to be in USA while it's Halloween ..