Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Battling Hues

As evidenced in the picture just below, I can't ever come to a conclusion.
[Above: My Brunette shot taken 11/26/2011, My Blonde taken 07/14/2011]
But the world wants us to choose- where do you fall? 

Do brunettes do it better or do blondes just have more fun?

[All images via WeHeartIt minus the first compilation image of me.]
Sunday, November 27, 2011

Not the First, Won't be the Last

I have a not-so-secret love affair with American Apparel.
I have written about their Viscose Dolman Sleeve T (find the shirt by clicking its name) before and I will write about it in the future. I stumbled across these pictures from September and realized that I should YET AGAIN push everyone on this top (especially if you're looking to spend domestically-like me!- after realizing that all your money goes to China in some form).

Material is orgasmic against the skin. The fit is flirty. Dress it up or dress it down with cardigans, jewelery or scarves of your choice. Tuck it into a black pencil skirt for sophisticated chic or let it flow over skinny jeans for casual vogue.

I wasn't paid to write this post and I have no professional relationship with American Apparel besides the fact that I would gladly spend all my money there if that were an option... and sleep under the counter.

Final Answer: the shirt is well worth the $32.00.

Update: Stevie brought up a great question- "What bra do you wear with it??" I have a nude, strapless bra that does the trick (Looks exactly like the below). Funny how skin-toned hues are nearly invisible under anything in the t-shirt family. As a B-Cup to C-Cup (fluctuation has to do with how much I'm eating/working out at the time), this works perfectly. Though I'm sure smaller could get away with less and larger would require a bit more.

Great option (above) can be found here.
Thursday, November 24, 2011

Be Thankful on Turkey Day

Thankful for.... liquid leggings, the most wonderful item of clothing to own.
Thankful for... daily office visits from my Cousin. He works on a different floor but I look forward to when he comes to shoot the sh*t with me for a few minutes.

Thankful for... my family. For which there are no words needed.♥ ♥

Thankful for... my career. With so many economic woes, I'm very grateful to be employed.
Thankful for... pictures. Which brighten my world in every way. It is my most cherished hobby.

Thankful for... my Grandma Fran and thankful that I got to see her before she passed this year. I miss her very much.

Thankful for... Petfinder.Org., which gives homeless animals a fighting chance.
Thankful for ... my ability to form my own political opinions because I don't have blind allegiance to one party.

Thankful for ... the free tampons at my work because I am often unprepared. TMI?

Thankful for ... my plan for 2012 and knowing what is in store.

Thankful for... good beer. Not beer... good beer.
Thankful for... hair dye for making me feel better when I'm bored.

Thankful for ... the parties I hear my married neighbors throw. I like when married life doesn't just equal a bassinet.

Thankful for... fans because I hate sleeping in stale, silent air.

Thankful for... the Boy. For being so supportive of me all the time and for having the funniest hairdos.

Thankful for... Friends episodes (ESPECIALLY on Thanksgiving), Archie Comics and seltzer mixed with orange juice: all youthful tactics that I still employ daily to stay happy and sane.
Thankful for... my friends. No words again.

Thankful for ... you, my blogging world. Very much enjoy our encounters.

Thankful for ... my friend Juan, who is one of the funniest friends that I have. I can't really explain us, I can only say that we're going strong after many years.
Thankful for... almost getting through 2011 in one-piece. It hasn't really been my favorite year.
Happiest of Thanksgivings!
How To Cook A Turkey:
Step 1:
Go buy a turkey
Step 2: Take a drink of whiskey
Step 3: Put turkey in the oven
Step 4: Take another 2 drinks of whiskey
Step 5: Set the degree at 375 ovens
Step 6: Take 3 more whiskeys of drink
Step 7: Turk the bastey
Step 8: Whiskey another bottle of get
Step 9: Ponder the meat thermometer
Step 10: Glass yourself a pour of whiskey
Step 11: Bake the whiskey for 4 hours
Step 12: Take the oven out of the turkey
Step 13: Floor the turkey up off of the pick
Step 14: Turk the carvey
Step 15: Get yourself another scottle of botch
Step 16: Tet the sable and pour yourself a glass of turkey
Step 17: Bless the dinner and pass out

What's one thing you're thankful for?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

when the lights go down in the city ♥

Evening cityscapes are one of life's daily wonders. When the sun has set, the architectural evidence of infrastructure and commerce serve not only the City in daily economic service but in beauty as well. The illuminating lights juxtaposing against the dark, still backdrop of nightfall bring to life the quieter, introverted aspect unseen during the day.

I still remember going to my Dad's downtown, skyscraper office with him on special summer nights when he needed to complete some work. Now that my life is a 40-hour-nose-to-the-grind week in an office, I can imagine how unspectacular his daily surroundings had become. But to me at that age (circa 9-11), they were something I remember to this day: leaning against the glass and examining my entire City in a way I never had before - ricocheting lights bouncing off the water and onto our stalwart bridges and structures. Though the City was quieter, it had most certainly awoken in a different way.
[The included pictures are of two of the trips I took last year- Waikiki, HI for play and Chicago, IL for work. Despite what seems like an obvious answer, guess which one I'd rather be at? Click for => Answer]
What is one of your favorite views?

Monday, November 21, 2011

The Obligatory Twilight Post

This little 'ol indie flick came out last weekend, I'm sure none of you have heard of it, it's just this underground movie I found called "The Twilight Saga- Breaking Dawn - Part 1". Yup- that's the official title, almost as belaboring as the real name of the movie "Precious" which is so self-promoting that I refuse to call it that, but you can find its full title here.

So anyway, back to Breaking Dawn. Personally, I LOVED it.

There's a few things I do want to discuss:

Like how much better of an acting job Jacob did in this film than all the others.

Or how my "Team Charlie" flag is still flying strong.

Or how gorgeous Bella looked on her wedding day.

Or how I really am falling for Edward just a little bit. Despite his borderline Emo personality, he is pretty easy on the eyes and his devotion to Bella is a wee bit envy-inducing.

But no, what I want to say about the Twilight movie is this:

I am so tired of people hating on Twilight just because it's Twilight and mainstream and goofy and popular... yada yada yada. It seems to me that most people believe if they've avoided Twilight than they're systematically cooler, smarter, more intelligent... well I don't buy it. I'm not ashamed in any capacity to admit that I was elated and excited to see Breaking Dawn after reading all of the books- and guess what? I saw it two days in a row. Boom. How do you like them apples?

My point about this is really plain and simple- like anything else, if you know what you're talking about (i.e. if you've read the books or seen the movies) and you don't like the Series- you are MORE than entitled to that opinion.
But if you don't like it just because it's "popular" than you my friend, are more of a Sheep than the "Twihards" you claim to be better than.

Rant over! Couple things about the movie before you go:

1) Stay through the credits! There's an extra scene!

2) When Jasper says "POSSIBLY!" feel free to go with your instincts and laugh out loud because it is by far, the funniest part of the film.

What did you think of the film?

[all images via Google Images]

Sunday, November 20, 2011

And back I am.

Wellll hello again! I'm back after avoiding blogging randomly last week. 
Basically, this was due to one reason and one reason only: I was petsitting at my Dad's house while Parentals were on vacation. So instead of enjoying my hip, urban, downtown, walk-to-everything apartment... I was basking in the cliche suburban life of pets, houses, prepared meals with your significant other and lots of TV- not only that but I was loving every single minute of it.

The Boy and I watched OnDemand in my Parents' HUGE bed while sipping coffee in our pajamas pretty much every day and by day 4, I finally was able to pinpoint who I reminded us of:
Yes, just as lazy, just as creepy. We were officially the Grandparents in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".
But alas... their arrival home on Saturday kicked me out of my cozy little dreamland and back into the throws of my smaller bed and apartment with no yard to look out on or pet awaiting snuggles. Boo. I'm quite unhappy to be back in my normal life (though not living at home has always been the goal, funny how that works).

So I'm back this week and ready to talk to all of ya. I have some great Blogs planned.

I actually have nothing planned but I'll think of some bullsh*t to throw up here each day. I did see Breaking Dawn and pretty much loved it so a good Twilight-themed post is in the cards (I know, such a unique idea).

Happy Monday- enjoy your surroundings and I'll be here every day this short week to bore you all via the mundane details of my stupid little life.
X to the O!

Monday, November 14, 2011

The 99% verses the 1%

Of all the evils in the all the land, there's few lower than those of a cab driver. I wish death upon them HATE them.

Here's the obligatory PC statement: I have had a few cab drivers who were a little less than sucked... in fact, they were AWESOME. Hilarious even. Much like a new outfit, they were a contributing factor to me enjoying my night even more, especially because whenever I'm taking a cab, I'm usually already expecting an adventure.

{what it looks like inside a 1% driver cab ride}

What a delight when they play into that. I love/appreciate/tip like a Rockefeller when I encounter that service on my ride.

But those drivers are the 1%.

Let's discuss the 99%.

Hi 99% of Cab Drivers. Look below... do you know that is??

Get with the times- this is a Debit card.
A cake, Franck, is made of flour and water. - My first car didn't cost $1,200."
"Well, welcome to the 90's, Moster Bonks.

It's called a DEBIT card. People use it to pay for items. In my experience, it's more common than cash these days. In fact, when I call your lovely cab company to book this sh*tty, dispirited ride- the automated voice gaily tells me that not only do you ACCEPT my Mastercard but that you GLADLY accept it. I'm free to pay my fare with it, right?

Wrong. The good ol' bait and switch! Every ride I have (minus that 1%... we can't forget the 1% that deserve my respect), the driver nearly b*tches me out when I SHOW THEM THE PLASTIC MONEY. My "thanks for the ride!" (really, I do that) and jutting arm with the card towards them is always greeted with a sour face and some form of "YOU DON'T HAVE CASH?" or "YOU SHOULD HAVE TOLD ME THAT WHEN YOU GOT IN THE CAR!" or "I CAN ONLY TAKE CASH!" which is the oldest trick in the book. Want to see some magic? Tell them that NO, REALLY you only have a card to pay with and out of thin air, a credit card machine is produced. Bravo, Good Sir- can you also produce a rabbit??

{What it looks like inside a 99% car ride}

Despite this, last weekend I was especially excited to appease my abusers. I ordered a cab to take me to a dinner party downtown which had already specified to bring them Benjamins for the ensuing check. This meant that I would get to gleefully surprise the cab driver with my fist full of cold, hard cash- the form of payment that has apparently long eluded them.

Upon arriving at my destination, the quiet, reserved, obvious a$$hole potential cab driver turned back to me and wryly muttered: "You owe $6.80."

Like a kid on Christmas, I reached into my purse and felt my fat fingers close around a Twenty-dollar-bill- "Here you go!" I said as I passed it into his palm.

One look and the cab driver annoyingly asked- "What? You don't have anything smaller than a 20?"

F*ck you all, I'm going to start carrying Pennies.
That I rubbed on my Dog's Butt.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Blood Shed in Chicago! Gasp!

[Update: this post giving my trouble spacing-wise due to Blogger. Will be fixed soon.]
Let's face it: regular life can get oh' so boring at times: same shows, same bars, same exercise... same 'ol, same 'ol. That's why it's nice to intermittently set reality aside in exchange for a night of vivacious adult role playing (and not the kind that I would be ashamed to write about on here -keep reading Mom, I promise it's okay!), but the kind that keeps us sprite and unabashedly cultured (right?).

{Silky, Scoop, Torchy (me) and Molly - our assigned Chicago names - April 2011}

Faced with the possibility of spending another weekend lacking genuine excitement, a group of my 8 friends and I were at a charity auction last April when we thought to put our hard-earned money to good and entertaining use: bid on a catered Murder Mystery Party for 8. All we had to provide was a hosting site (our married friends' rustic cabin-home worked), virile acting skills and saucy costumes.

With freeing fervor, we all began piecing together our outfits for the 20s, Chicago-themed big night: there were sequins, cigars, fringes, suspenders, feathers, guns, fake mustaches and plenty of hairpieces. It was game on and the game was definitely murder, she wrote.

There was laughing and shouting, theatrical performances for those who felt comfortable unleashing their inner-thespian and couch performances for those who felt more comfortable just being comfortable. There were a lot of bad Chicago accents and even worse Al Capone imitations. It was all very bad in a very glorious way.

So here we were, a bunch of professional twenty-somethings, saturated into the woodland setting, dressed head to toe in period garb, swilling wine and chewing steak while we acted out what could have been perceived as an ironically bad skit on SNL.

It was an easy reminder that life may get a little same 'ol, same 'ol at times but that it doesn't take much to change up the scene and find new ways to enjoy yourself.

{They seated me next to the Murderer- how rude!}

I should have known. One of my cherished friends who has a knack for exuding a sweet exterior while maintaining a mischievous secret.
So while I am busy planning my next murder mystery party, do tell-do tell:
Have you ever done a murder mystery? What did you think?
Monday, November 7, 2011

Girl Crush: Marlo Thomas

If you're a Generation Y'er like myself, you weren't around to experience "That Girl" in its authentic glory.
But hopefully, if you have a Mom like me- you had someone who noticed the similarities between the plot points of shows such as Sex and the City and That Girl who could nudge you away from the Manolo Blahnik webpage and direct you to Marlo Thomas.

Meet, yes THAT girl of That Girl: Marlo Thomas.

Could she be any cuter?

The plot for the show is one we all know and love: a young pretty girl comes to the big city (in this case THAT big city NYC) to make it as an actress while balancing her personal life and relationships.

As I've only seen a handful of episodes, I can't get you a play by play or character assessment like I could about oh say... Friends (no one knows more about that show than me, I swear by it), but I can say that it is so worth watching, if only for her campy 60's style.
And speaking of Friends... Marlo Thomas had a recurring role as Rachel's Mom, Sandra. and as seen below, "That Girl" was referenced very subtly on the episode: "The One with the Football" (see above).

So besides her delicious retro vibe, her perky smile and perfectly coiffed hair coupled with her relationship with all the Friends... what could make Marlo Thomas even more enticing?

Well, she was an integral role in one of my favorite books growing up and she's a huge philanthropist for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

I think I'm in love: Marlo Thomas 2012.

Have you ever seen "That Girl"???
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