Sunday, November 20, 2011

And back I am.

Wellll hello again! I'm back after avoiding blogging randomly last week. 
Basically, this was due to one reason and one reason only: I was petsitting at my Dad's house while Parentals were on vacation. So instead of enjoying my hip, urban, downtown, walk-to-everything apartment... I was basking in the cliche suburban life of pets, houses, prepared meals with your significant other and lots of TV- not only that but I was loving every single minute of it.

The Boy and I watched OnDemand in my Parents' HUGE bed while sipping coffee in our pajamas pretty much every day and by day 4, I finally was able to pinpoint who I reminded us of:
Yes, just as lazy, just as creepy. We were officially the Grandparents in "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory".
But alas... their arrival home on Saturday kicked me out of my cozy little dreamland and back into the throws of my smaller bed and apartment with no yard to look out on or pet awaiting snuggles. Boo. I'm quite unhappy to be back in my normal life (though not living at home has always been the goal, funny how that works).

So I'm back this week and ready to talk to all of ya. I have some great Blogs planned.

I actually have nothing planned but I'll think of some bullsh*t to throw up here each day. I did see Breaking Dawn and pretty much loved it so a good Twilight-themed post is in the cards (I know, such a unique idea).

Happy Monday- enjoy your surroundings and I'll be here every day this short week to bore you all via the mundane details of my stupid little life.
X to the O!



Anonymous said...

Sounds like you've gotten to enjoy a different kind of fun the past week :) We've had my parents dog for the past 2 weekends while they've been out of town.

this free bird said...

AHAHAHAHAH!! That picture in the bed cracked me up. Sounds like you had an uber relaxed week. Sometimes it's good to catch a break :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Katy Perry needs a stylist, or fire the one she has now. & OMG, when J.Lo started to strip down, I was thinking to myself, yeah, Britney has been there, done that. I so wish she was there, & Beyonce. Love them both.

& yay, I am glad your back. I missed you! (Creeper? No, okay...)


Jax said...

LMAO at the Willy Wonka reference!!! You are too funny. Well, glad you enjoyed your boy and pet time. Welcome back, we missed you!!

Slamdunk said...

Now that sounds fun. Glad your parents have good pet sitters for vacations--they can be difficult to find.

Kim Axani said...

yayyy you're back!
I dw Twilight too and thought it was the best one so far!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

That sounds just awesome, being able to stay home and just relax. Watch movies and just fully enjoy it. I want to see BD too, but my bf will definitely not go with me, lol

happy hour 24/7 said...

bahahaha a couple of thanksgivings ago, that exactly how the bf and i were especially that we don't do all that black friday craziness. relaxing is rare these days, especially when you are in the working world. i mean, we say we're relaxing when we are out with friends, but true relaxation when you're in pj's and don't even take a shower, that's priceless! okay, maybe the not the skipping shower part! LOL

Anonymous said...

welcome back! can't wait to see what you're going to write about next :)
ps. that photo of the willy wonka grandparents creates a creepy image of you in a hilarious way lol

Rick said...

ok...that pic of the bed made me laugh so hard. ha ha! I'm actually catching up on the blog posts I missed since we last chatted. Amazingly photogenic :)

Sierra said...

Wow sounds like you had a nice and relaxing week! Good for you, sometimes that is so nice. BK and I sometimes have our marathon movie sessions and we look like that too, lol.

Anonymous said...


im only laughing because i was trying to describe willy wonka to my boyfriend the other day (yes, he has never seen it). i was trying to explain to him that all the grandparents lived in a bed they hadnt moved from in years. and his response was "how did they pee?" out of describing the entire movie to him, the only thing that stuck with him is that the grandparents probably peed in the bed.

im going to assume you didnt do that when you were house/pet sitting :)

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I know what you mean, I always found it to be especially not easy to be getting back to normal active life after a long period of inactivity and TV at home... It seemed to happen often to me before, in this little holiday period after the New Years (we get 10 days off here now, used to have less but still used to have some!) lol