Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Unleash the Ghouls!

With big plans to celebrate Halloween last weekend on Friday and Saturday, I was enjoying my Friday off and the prospect of getting ready soon for the Costumey night when I looked in the mirror: I hated my hair. Yes, a month ago, I LOVED my new dye job but I know to expect what happened: that was the first blonde to brunette dye job. After you've been blonde and decide to opt back to the dark side, the first dye job always looks really good but your previously-bleached hair will struggle to maintain the color crazy fast. So you generally need to dye it dark AGAIN a couple weeks after to avoid the "reddish" color. My hair had gotten to that point.

I called my hairdresser, she was booked. So I did what I hadn't done since my Freshman year of college: I box dyed my hair. And I box dyed it BLACK.
So despite the fact that I now have residual hair dye on my arm and neck that I can't get out... I am loving this really dark color and very well may keep it like this for a long while.

But anyway, Halloween is a dish best served in pictures:


{haha, that hair looks real on him, no?}
Enjoy your Tuesday my dears, I have the day off again (eating up PTO before I lose it end of year), so I'm off to American Apparel. YES.


Claire Kiefer said...

You look gorgeous in your costumes! I am ashamed to say that I didn't dress up this year, but I did carve a hilarious pumpkin, watch scary movies, and eat lots of candy, so that counts for something, right?? :)

ellinelle said...

..OMG Caitlin , what a hot look , I love love love your cute sexy corset , just everything about this fancy dress looks perfect ..you look hot !

I took my daughter and few other kids for a trick and treat last evening , it was fun :)

Tina said...

oooh i am LOVING the black on you! its hard to see in these pictures but it does look very dark and i love it alot! i can totally relate to that moment where you look in the mirror and are like "ew" lol

love both your costumes. and your apartment makes for the perfect halloween scene [not that its scary looking... oh you know what i mean. its cute!!]

Unknown said...

Love the hair colour! You are definitely someone who can pull off any colour! Looks like you had a blast!

Kori said...

You all look adorable and loving the gnome costume! Kori xoxo

Lauren said...

Looks like so much fun! :) I love dark hair!!! Keep it! :) You look so pretty!

his little lady said...

the garden gnome and hot dog crack me up. you all look great girl!
xo TJ

Veronica said...

Love the new hair! and your costumes are very cute!!

Dirt On The Rocks said...

i love your haircolor. It's so different! I love it.

Looks like you had an awesome Halloween weekend. I sort of just chilled all weekend. Maybe next year will be a much more fun time for me.


Petchie said...

Even though you boxed dyed it I still think it came out really great! Love the pictures! Check out my blog giveaway!


Casey said...

Love both of your costumes!! And the hair color looks lovely dark!

Where did you get the costume for the second night - I love it!

Bronzed Humanity said...

You look awesome with dark hair love it! Really enjoying the NE cheerleader too...im originally from those parts! :)

Hot Pink Day
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Anonymous said...

you looked gorgeous in both costumes and the first one is my fave! I've got the itch to go dark brown again too and I'll probably think about it until it'll drive me crazy if I don't go dark.
glad you had a fun weekend :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Yay black hair! When I recolor my hair black, I look at myself in the mirror alil' to much. Friday outfit, sexy! Loving the lace! The more I see your photo wall, the more I want something like it in my room.


Bravoe Runway said...

I've been taking every friday off! So SO sad this year I didn't dress up, first time in 5 yrs! You look awesome :)

happy hour 24/7 said...

your boxed dyed black hair is adorbs! i think it's the only color where no one can tell if it's botched or not! however, i tried to dye my hair in black years ago and every time i wanted to get highlights, oh man, it would not take any color but bleach. i hate bleaching my hair and my hair dresser actually doesn't use bleach for high lights. i had to strip the color out by using some nasty smelling and expensive shampoo but ended up having to do it the other way which cost more money and this was in L.A. since then, brown was the darkest i'd go.

looks like your halloween was soo festive and fun!

Anonymous said...

Augh y'all look so gorgeous! I *love* the black hair. I used to dye mine all the time, but it doesn't last b/c our water is horribly chlorinated.

P.S. I want you to come do my eye makeup. ;)

Stesha said...

great costumes!!! new to the blog, and love! now following.

Classic & Bubbly

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Woah, a fierce new color, dear :) Love it! I do hope you get out that color from your arm and neck and that it lasts on your hair instead!

Love the idea of two Halloween parties in a row too!

Unknown said...

Black cat -mmmm...not so much. I'm so glad I was FINALLY a part of a girls weekend. Seriously. And, I happen to love that it was you who was wasted -not me- on Friday. Truly, thank you; friends need to share the spotlight more often. If only Saturday wasn't followed by railroad tracks -oh, but it was fate! ;) ...

Tracy's boyfriend kills me with his costume -in a good, smiley way. Same with your man in his wig -great picture.

I can't wait to see you!