Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 from J-D

Here we are again- at the end of another year. As each year closes, I find myself believing simultaneously that life flew by with me none the wiser and that a whole lot was able to happen in one measly year.

Here, in condensed form- is my 2011 (all collages can be clicked on to open their true size):

January: The Boy and I turned his business trip into much needed pleasure. We only had 3-days before the "work" part of the trip started and we packed in as much Hawaii as we could. Nothing stands out above this trip. We can't wait to go again! [January Blogs Here]

February: Standing-out above all that occurred in Feb. was attending a small-town community benefit at a Coastal town for my friend's Mom who is suffering from Cancer (shown in wine tasting image & the one of us 5 women right above it). I got to reconnect with a friend on the long drive there and then upon arrival, I was privileged to spend time with "salt of the earth" people. Raising much-needed money for someone in need was extraordinary, having a blast while doing it was just the cherry on top. The rest of the month with all its romantic wine, cheese and merriment was also enjoyable as well (shown in rest of images). [February Blogs here]

March: I had Bronchitis for 3 weeks in March... so I didn't do much besides hang out in my favorite socks coughing up my stomach (shown in bottom right). Good times. When I did have energy, I usually went on walks (shown in bottom left, upper right) with The Boy or did some reading at the library (shown in upper left). [March Blogs Here]

April: April was spent pretending it was Summer. It was unseasonably warm so we busted out the skirts and ascended on tables for Sangria and conversation (shown in top pictures). And we (of course) celebrated the Royal Wedding in Royal fashion... with Cook's Champagne and Prom Dresses obviously (shown in bottom right). [April Blogs here]

May: May had me soaking up the best Portland has to offer. I roadtripped 1-hour East and Skiied on Mount Hood all day (shown in top picture). Another weekend, The Boy and I roadtripped an hour West to spend a weekend at the coast (shown in bottom left). Hard to beat a "staycation" in Oregon. Of course when I was back in the City, I dressed to suit my taste (shown bottom right). [May Blogs Here]

June: The sun was on its way and we took full advantage! I attended Brew Festivals (shown bottom right) and laid out on the weekends. I also received a MUCH desired promotion (shown in the celebratory wine toasting) and flew to California for training (shown bottom left, plane upper right). I also flew to Nebraska to say goodbye to my ailing Grandma before she passed (represented by plane). Oh and Britney Spears came to town... and we went running to her (shown in lower right, 2nd from bottom). [June Blogs Here]

July: The month I usually have the most City fun. The Boy and I went to his hometown for the 4th of July and drooled at the beauty of his parents' homes: vineyards, views, alarmingly nice people and the blazing sun (shown in top picture). A wonderful vacation. And of course, my dear friend Miranda and I dressed up as Brew Girls for the mothership of all Brew fests: The Oregon Brewers Festival (shown in bottom photos). I simply can't tell you how fun that was. Best, Best, Best! [July Blogs Here]

August: Well- August was different this year. I turned 27 and started feeling okay about calling myself "Old" (shown bottom Left). I went on my annual rafting trip I go on every year (shown in middle, obviously). Though this trip occurs every year of my life, I have never done a good post on it (didn't post about it at all this year) because I'm so overwhelmed with passion for how much I love it, I don't even know where to begin. It is my favorite time of year, by far. And finally, after my Grandma did actually pass- I flew to Nebraska to mourn our loss and celebrate her life. I am so sad to have lost her but I was so grateful to spend the time with family (shown in rest of pictures). [August Blogs Here]

September: The Boy turned 28. I enjoyed an Indian Summer at dance venues (shown in upper right). I enjoyed outdoor parties and soaked up white heels while I could (shown in lower left) and I settled in nicely to my new apartment (shown in bottom right). [September Blogs Here]

October: I enjoyed the usual fall activities, including a nice brown hair dye job (shown in upper row). I celebrated my Dad's 55th birthday (shown in bottom right) and I dyed my hair black for Halloween weekend which made dressing up like a nurse, a red/black thingy (???) and a Graduate all the more fun (shown in bottom row, three images from left). [October Blogs here]

November: Nothing of substance happened this month. What sticks out the most was lovely Fall walks with The Boy. Bundling up and braving the city with a camera and a companion is definitely one of the finer things in life (shown in all images). [November Blogs Here]

December: December brought what it should, more outdoor walks (shown in lower right), family together for Christmas (lower left), spending time with relatives (middle- my cousin and me), festive drinks (upper right), skiing with pals (upper middle) and a little brother who finally turned 21, thus officially becoming an adult (upper left). [December Blogs Here]

2011: You were a roller-coaster ride with enormous highs (thanks for the new job) and enormous lows (loss of cherished people). All in all, 2011 will be remembered as a learning year and one which allowed me to become realistic about what I want from life and how I'm going to get it. Planning in 2011 has me excited about 2012 and what life has in store.

[To see my 2010 - from J-D post, please click here.]

Happy New Year!!

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

things you'll never hear me say

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"Oh upstairs neighbor, please buy bigger shoes. And thank you for your strict, no parties before 2:00 AM rule."

"Got all my XMas shopping done early!"

"There's just no time to do my makeup, let's go."

"Could NOT be happier that I just spent so much money at Target."

"That puppy is so ugly."

"I know exactly where I left that!"

"Football is so much more exciting than basketball."

"Ew, I definitely don't eat McDonald's."
see photo evidence of me here=>

"Oooo, I love that abstract Chinese symbol tattoo on your arm. You've never mentioned Asian symbolism and have no roots in it- but boy, it sure looks great when you flex."

"This beer is too foamy."

"That fleece jacket is perfect for the office."

"I love when you're blunt about everything- even about my outfit over lunch, that I never asked your opinion on. Thanks for 'keeping it real'."

"I definitely deserved to be grounded."

"I feel so rested!"

"Lindsay Lohan looks much better with that white-blonde hair."

"Don't text me, call me!"

"Let's do an early weekend brunch- say 8AM?"

"I just hate when I get caught in a Wikipedia trail that I can't get out of."

"I LOVE my hair."

"I'm a Bieber Believer!!"

"I wish I could hang out with Hipsters all day."


Now's your turn- what are some things we would never hear you say???

Red Lips

{me XMas 2011}



{me XMas 2011}

Christmas "break" (aka a few days off from work, being old = overrated) most certainly calls for red, red, red lipstick! At least that's what I always say.

Did you rock any red lips around the Christmas tree??
Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas in Portland

In Portland's hub of downtown, the hustle of shoppers, the Holiday events and the towering evergreen tree can only mean that it's almost time for Santa's annual unveiling. Behold the splendor of downtown Portland at Christmas, as seen from my camera:
{The always stylish Nines Hotel}

{Christmas view of Portland in Pioneer Square}

{Sipping festive ales at The Holiday Ale Festival}

{Love Macy's signs at Christmas- always reminds me of Miracle on 34th St}

{Entering the festive, vibrant Holiday Ale Festival}

{Aerial view of Pioneer Courthouse Square and the Ale Festival surrounding the tree}

Align Center{The Boy and I leaving the Ale Festival}

{Twinkle, twinkle, Little Star...}

{Pioneer Courthouse Square a.k.a. "Portland's Living Room"}

Hope you're breaking out your PJ's, hot totties and your best "I love this present!" face because after all, Santa Claus is comin' to town...

Merry Christmas Eve All!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

With great fun, comes great responsibility

Most of you are kicking-into high Festive mode right about now. If you're like me, your parties are starting tonight and lasting through Christmas- lots of people to see, lots of food to eat, lots of places to go and lots of imbibing to do.
{My student days: We were enjoying a very College Christmas. I stayed the night to avoid drunk driving}

And with the imbibing, you have a responsibility to keep your butt out of the driver's seat of a vehicle. I often think convenience or denial (i.e. "I'm just tipsy!") can lead to a drunk person behind the wheel of a car. The intention is innocent enough, but the consequences can be so grave: at least a DUII, at most a fatality. As much as I don't want to kill anyone (or myself), I'm just as frightened at the notion of my Employer discovering a DUII on my record. Noooo thank you, the only thing they should note on my background check is that I am a lovely young lady with a healthy respect for the law.
{My Sister and I at a Holiday Party. I took a cab home to avoid drunk driving.}

But in all grave seriousness... my Dad showed me this public service announcement from the TAC (Australia) last year and I wanted to make a point to post it on my Blog this year. In 5-short minutes, they hone in an incredible message in a way that will most certainly resonate with you through the holiday weekend.

Please take the time to view this video right now-needs sound but it's work safe (and I know you don't care about doing any actual work at your desk this week... am I right, or am I right?) and is SO compelling. If the embedding isn't working- it is a clickable link here:

Ammmmmazing and powerful stuff, right?

You are too precious to lose. Please be safe, dear Friend.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


This was never intended to be "Boyfriend Week" on this here Blog (dear Lord, don't think of me as THAT girl) but just so happens after I posted about our cohabitation that there was something to post about. The Boy is heading off to his hometown for 10 days so we celebrated Xmas tonight and he got me... the best present anyone could get me right now:
Pictures have been the love of my life for many, many, many, MANY, years now and this gift is just about as great as it can get for me.

I mean look at this:
SOOOOOOOO excited- though my point & shoot will still be perfect for late night.

Thanks so much to all of you for all of your camera suggestions, I didn't realize I would actually get what I wanted!!! And special thanks to the beautiful Tina at Sequins, Plaids & Paws for getting me initially interested in the camera I wanted. Her Blog is amazeballs by the way- she's an amazing party-planner and decorator but she still acts like she runs in the amateur leagues (so untrue- Ive' been impressed with her since day 1).
Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Do I like him? Yeah. Am I ready to take my Grade-A loins off the meat market? I'm not quite sure yet.

The days of green face masks, Britney Spears on repeat and 4-day long marathons of Sex & the City are over: The Boy and I have decided to move in together. [editor's note: I need new pastimes- could I be more cliche???]

After a good few years dating and many a sleepovers we've decided to bunk up and find one apartment to call our own. This is a huge step for me- and for him. And I'm tottallllly cool with it...

Though I've had male roommates before, I've never lived with a Boy I was romantic with. Even though I'm at the so-called "right" age, it still feels like a huge step. I've spent most of my life with the world being my dating Oyster- even a serial monogamist like myself always felt a little freer knowing that I could come back to my own place sans boyfriend and a closet stuffed to the brim of just my sh*t. Now, it will be stuffed to the brim with his AND my sh*t- and I assure you, his is far messier.

I'm nervous about him interfering with my Friends marathons that truly never end (I'm not giving that up!). I'm worried that he'll tire of my lounge ensemble of sweats, XXXXXXXXL henley shirts and what I deem, "Bunhead" (seen here).

Will I have to try to amp-up my sex appeal more on my downtime? Ho-hum. That's what weekends are for!!! Can't a girl just enjoy a plate of Nachos in her high school basketball warm-up clothes with raccoon-eyes because she just washed her face without using makeup remover and now the upper-half of her face is a lovely cakey, black color every now and again?!?! Is that REALLY asking too much?

Though we've been monogamous and happy together for almost 3 years, colliding our worlds onto a lease agreement does bring about a little voice in my head: I'm old, super attached and perhaps never single again.

AI-YI-YI, that's a pill to swallow.
But before you paint me as a callous b*tch, please understand that I'm not the only one who enjoys my independence. The Boy, who once acted as single as you can expect (must I say more? You get it.), is wrangling the lockdown of that part of his life. Make no mistake, I have THE world's most honest and faithful boyfriend who would always do right by me, but I know the deposit on the apartment will also feel like he's closing a chapter he has always held dear. 

During and since College, he has lived in "man caves" where a beer, a football and a video game tournament were never more than a stone's throw away. Don't get me wrong, I like sports but some of the guyish aspects will now cease to exist- such as the chew and spitters he tries to accompany games with- those days are dunzo my friend. And from 2006-2009 he lived in an apartment where he had his own bathroom. He did not clean the bathroom once during that time. ONCE. These are the things I worry about (ONCE!).

But with loss certainly comes gain. Though I know I will no longer find someone at the bar on Ladies Night and make out with them in the dark corner of the dance floor (feel the need to explain that no, I haven't been doing that during our relationship), I will find excitement in new, wonderful ways:

I look forward to the nights I cook for him and his job is to eat and I look forward to when that role is reversed and I get to relax while he creates delicious plate art (we both like cooking AND eating). I look forward to the nights we each have something different to do yet enjoy each others' company while we scurry around the apartment getting ready. I look forward to lazy Sundays full of movies, pajamas, sweats and big breakfasts. I look forward to coming home to him on great and trying days. I look forward to what I don't even know will come yet.
The fear is still there (oh dear Lord will he help me clean? And can we please have a closed-door bathroom policy) but the excitement is overwhelming.

C'est la vie
- here goes nothing!

What is your experience
(or lack thereof) of living with a significant other?

*Trivia Bonus: Can you tell me where my post title came from? I'll ♥ you forever!