Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Eat, Drink & do Charity: Grand Marnier Liqueur

The Holiday crooners have long serenaded us with the promise of a Christmas full of roaring fires, entrancing conversation and yummy adult beverages.

A few of my favorites to sip on while I conspire by the fire?
The Grand French Coffee | The B-52 | The Grand Moccha

Of course the prevailing ingredient in all of these is none other than Grand Marnier Liqueur which is a blended medley of true cognacs and distilled essence of bitter orange. Aside from the salivating drinks above, it is a delight served neat over ice or even sipped after meals as a tummy-tamer. To summarize: it's delicious, seasonal and beneficial.

But your tummy isn't the only one who Grand Marnier is out to protect.

Thanks to Bloggy Friend, Kinsey- I was alerted to the fact that this holiday season, Grand Marnier will donate $10,000 to one of the charities below:
  • World Wildlife Fund, an organization that protects nature and endangered species
  • WaterAid, a charity that provides clean, safe water to the world's poorest countries
  • Cool Earth, an organization that protects rainforests and helps build sustainable communities
The only catch? They're relying on people like you and me, people who would like to contribute this Holiday season but don't always find the time or the money. It's the eassssssiest way to spread Christmas cheer- All you have to do is go to their Facebook app and pick the ornament representing the cause you're most passionate about.

That's it, it's THAT easy.

And just in case you needed another incentive: your vote automatically puts you in the running to win $1,000 and you get to put your own ornament on the beautiful Grand Giving Tree.

So please all you socially-minded, kind-hearted readers who have less than a minute to spare- please go help one of the worthy charities win the money they're very deserving of!

And be sure to let me know which one you picked!
Thanks Kinsey, for alerting me to such an easy, yet rewarding way to contribute to a cause.


this free bird said...

can you imagine katie's done with her christmas shopping? pass the grand marnier.

Anonymous said...

Hey now - done with the shopping, nothing has even SHIPPED yet. Amazon will only tell me that it should be here by Dec 24. Should. Pass the grand marnier over here, too.

Elle Sees said...

Thatsbpretty awesome! And thanks for enterring my giveaway,

erika sorocco said...

Ooh, I'm doing the World Wildlife Fund! This is perfect, Caitlin! :)

Jax said...

That's awesome that you let us know!! I would've never known. I'm deff going for the WildLife conservation one. Awesome post. :)

and that drink sounds yum!

CINDY NGO said...

thanks so much for sharing! i'm definitely going to do this and share on my fb. :)

i'm going for the wateraid.

ps. i'm hosting a whole month of giveaways. this week, you have the opportunity to win a beautiful tunnel ring from besobeso! i hope you'll come visit soon & join!

cindy - design3rd

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Voted for WaterAid.


Dirt On The Rocks said...

That's cool that they're donating to those charities :D

I've never had Grand Marnier. It sounds yummy.


Bravoe Runway said...

I love grand marnier...have you ever had a grand marnier cheesecake??? yum! I like the philanthropic aspect too!

Unknown said...

which did you pick? im off to the app now, going for world wildlife fund :)

alicia said...

you are SO pretty!

cryskay said...

grand marnier sounds yummy! xx

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Mu goodness, I love this pic of you, you look so beautiful and so cheery!! :))