Sunday, December 11, 2011

How The Glitz Stole Christmas: Blogger Swap

I love Christmas and exchanging gifts and glitzy things and bloggy friendships and posting about all of the aforementioned- thus, I HAPPILY agreed to partake in Raven and Lindsey's hosted "How the Glitz Stole Christmas!" bloggy gift-swap.
I quickly sent in my deets and was paired with Lindsay Marie to swap glitzy, glamorous gifts. After scarily shopping for my gift to her and shipping it off (scarily only because I hoped she liked it!), I enthusiastically waited for my little package to arrive.

And it did. The perfect post came to my apartment and went untouched for many days. You see, seeing how this was a Christmas swap- I wanted to wait to open it until the day I wrote the post. So the tantalizing package sat on my kitchen table until December 11th.

And because I decided authenticity was important, I wanted to open my gifts just like I would on Christmas: fresh out of bed and in my pajamas (with last night's makeup, yummy). Thankfully, I had a very tired boyfriend who was willing to rouse and take pictures of my pillaging. As you can imagine, he was supppper excited to help. But, let's get to the gifts- shall we?:

Lindsay's packaging was THE cutest. Adorable cards, bright wrapping paper and a well-documented attention to detail- I loved finding all the "Merry Christmas Caitlin" messages all over.

Boxes, bracelets and messages- Oh, my!

All in all, Lindsay adorned me with glitzy bracelets, a glitzy winter hat and a glitzy nail polish.

Gray is my uber color of choice and now I join the ranks of all you bloggers with "Essie" nail polish. Look out world: I have arrived.

The swap was a faboosh way to cap off my weekend and get me excited for Christmas- nail polish and bracelets (on left in image above) are from Lindsay and I could not love them anymore. But really- the included card above? I die. So simple and lovely.

So many thanks to Raven and Lindsey for hosting such a fun idea.

And thank you so much to Lindsay Marie for the WONDERFUL gift- be sure to check out her blog today to see what I got her!

{part of my gift to the fab Lindsay}

And I also hope you enjoyed witnessing my morning, bang comb over and XXL t-shirt.




this free bird said...

You roll outta bed in makeup? Girl you look GOOD.

ps-love the entire idea of this exchange...and ps that clutch you gave is amazeballs.

Dree said...

I agree, you look fantastic! The presents are so nice. It looks like a lot of fun!

Anonymous said...

Naw! This is soooo incredibly adorable dear! Cant wait till I can get into the whole blogger swap action haha. Looking adorable in the unwrapping pictures =)


erika sorocco said...

Ooh, this Blogger Swap is perfection! And can I just say that you totes rock the pigtails! LOVE! :)

Slamdunk said...

Glad you are having so much fun. The blogging relationships are severely underrated by folks who don't understand.

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a fun idea!!! Love the gifts you got and the gifts you got for Lindsay :) And actually, thanks for the ideas... Super helpful, as today I was thinking of what to get one of my friends and now I have more options :) Seriously got stuck on ideas for some reason!

Jax said...

Adorable! I love both of your gifts. & gray is one of my favorite nail polish colors for this season as well. Actually, I'm rocking it right now! Enjoy :)

Lindsey said...

LAMEEEEEE! Your pictures aren't showing up on my computer. I WANNNA SEEEEEE. Regardless, thanks for participating. I'm going to check another browser to see if they will show up that way.

Bonnie said...

Ahhhhh, why are you so beautiful when you get out of bed??!! JEALOUS. Maybe I should start sleeping with my makeup on.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Ashleigh said...

How fun is that?!
And you're right, the card is just lovely.
Girl you look good when you get outta bed!

Mandee said...

how fun! I love how boyfriend took pictures, and I love even more how you opened it Christmas style in your PJ's!

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Bless your heart that you waited until yesterday to open your box. The minute I got mine, it was opened...& I am such a lazy bum that I haven't even started on my post...I should get on that. I love the photos of you opening the box, too cute!


Dirt On The Rocks said...

I love swaps. I think they're fantastic. I also love the way you decided to write this post. You got into the spirit of Christmas and it's great ! :)

Bronzed Humanity said...

YAY for awesome new stuff! Love all the goods!

Hot Pink Day
Shop Blue Vanilla

Raven said...

I swear, I think you are the cutest ever. I am not joking. I think we would totally be besties in real life. AND WHEN I COME TO PORTLAND, you have best believe I am tracking you down and we are meeting up and having a drink or 10, k? Cause I just seriously think I just love you! haha!

ok enough with my creepiness, LOVE what you got. I love that you love gray because so do I. If you look in my closet, its gray black and white. I really need to branch out.

and you looked super cute in your pjs btw.

Lindsay said...

aww so happy you liked your gifts :) I got called into work today so I will posting by the end of the day...I wish I could roll outta bed looking the way you do your beautiful :)

Arielle said...

Haha your blog is too cute! New follower:)
And you got some great stuff in the swap!

Tina said...

aww! how nice of an idea is this?? i love it!! wish i found out about it sooner! your gifts are so great! you got spoiled. and isn't that nail polish the best?? lindsay did a good job! lol

Elle Sees said...

i LoVe blog swaps but i always give better than i get!

styles of a pharmatrician said...

The clutch you got Lindsay is sooo cute!! Where did you get it??


happy hour 24/7 said...

oh my gosh, i love swaps! looking forward to a couple of more this month! love those bracelets and essie polish! oh and the clutch, too!

Barry said...

Okay, first of all who even LOOKS like this first thing in the morning? I thought it only happened on TV. I know it's not the point of this post, but really?

What the point is, is connecting. Relationships. It's virtually impossible for people who don't blog to understand the deep friendships that can be made online, ever notice that? Yes at times the net can be a scary place but it's also been the source of some of the most amazingly memorable things that have ever happened to me. A select few blogging friends know more of my intimate secrets than my own family does, and some of them have said the same. What a thing to be able to share parts of yourself with someone free of judgement.

I like that you seem to have found these connections Caitlin. There's nothing quite like receiving something that someone you may never meet has made or bought for you is there? Holding it, reading a personally hand-written note just makes them seem that much more real. It looks like Lindsay has a terrific sense of what you like, what a great gift that is. I have a drawer at home that I keep these things in, at some point I think those letters and other paper things will go into an album.

Strengthening these connections has always been very important to me as well. You might find my "Bloggers Over Borders" project (January 14, 2010 post) interesting. Twenty-nine of us in five countries were involved in exchanges which helped us get to know each other a little better and, I think, pulled us that much closer. It was an epic amount of work but so worth it.

Anyway I don't want to take this comment off track but the swap between you two really resonates with me. I think you're in for many more heartwarming moments like this in the future. :)

Kim Axani said...

FUN!!! I love the wrapping paper and everything too! And the gifts are so cute. what a great idea.

Unknown said...

I too can't see your goodies1 Ugh!!!

If you're still in the swapping mood, head over to my place & sign up for the {Accessorize a blog friend} Swap!

Anonymous said...

how awesome you participated! i couldnt b/c now im considered international. if people only saw how much i craved dr. pepper and mexican food would they really realize that there is nothing international about me :) except that stupid postal address.

anyways what great gifts! lindsay did a fabulous job!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

SUCH cute stuff! Found your blog through the glitz swap, wishing I had known about it sooner so I could have joined in! Loving your cute blog.