Tuesday, December 27, 2011

things you'll never hear me say

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"Oh upstairs neighbor, please buy bigger shoes. And thank you for your strict, no parties before 2:00 AM rule."

"Got all my XMas shopping done early!"

"There's just no time to do my makeup, let's go."

"Could NOT be happier that I just spent so much money at Target."

"That puppy is so ugly."

"I know exactly where I left that!"

"Football is so much more exciting than basketball."

"Ew, I definitely don't eat McDonald's."
see photo evidence of me here=>

"Oooo, I love that abstract Chinese symbol tattoo on your arm. You've never mentioned Asian symbolism and have no roots in it- but boy, it sure looks great when you flex."

"This beer is too foamy."

"That fleece jacket is perfect for the office."

"I love when you're blunt about everything- even about my outfit over lunch, that I never asked your opinion on. Thanks for 'keeping it real'."

"I definitely deserved to be grounded."

"I feel so rested!"

"Lindsay Lohan looks much better with that white-blonde hair."

"Don't text me, call me!"

"Let's do an early weekend brunch- say 8AM?"

"I just hate when I get caught in a Wikipedia trail that I can't get out of."

"I LOVE my hair."

"I'm a Bieber Believer!!"

"I wish I could hang out with Hipsters all day."


Now's your turn- what are some things we would never hear you say???


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

"Football is so much more exciting than basketball."...Agree, I will never say that too.

Um, "I love numbers, & math, I am total math wiz"...Lame that's the only one I can think of right now...

McDonald's $4.99 20 piece chicken nuggets, holla!


happy hour 24/7 said...

i am not bieber belieber either!
some people like it when they get lighter in the winter, yea, i'd never say, "oohh, i love how i just became lighter brown this season!" hell to the no!!
you'll never hear me say anything about patience, that i am actually one or something, unless i'm asleep and/or dreaming or i've been drugged or drunk. okay, maybe not even drunk! lol

you'll never hear me say, "let's go shopping. i found this new thrift store." hell to the no.

Kisti Belle said...

ahahaha lady i wish you lived here! You are hilarious!

JanandJill.com said...

How funny...these made me laugh. I would definitely never say I'm a 'beiber believer' either.


erika sorocco said...

Further reason for me to adore you. Seriously.

Hmmm...for me it would have to be...

"No more shopping for me. I am fully and completely happy with my wardrobe for life."

Obviously I can't think of anything else right now. :P

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a tough question, I've never even thought of that! lol But I love your list :)

Johanna said...

I love the comment about no makeup. Ha ha. So funny. I used to go bare faced more often but now it's just too hard!

Jax said...

LOL!!! I really cracked up at this one. I hate the word Epic. And "time" will always be made for make up.

You will never hear me say "I can't wait for work today" or "Getting older is so much fun" or "I love the way you show off your butt cheeks in those short shorts". haha This is way too much fun...

Barry said...

"My hair's a mess."

"I'd love to stay up until 2am but it's just too late."

"Please don't send me an epic e-mail about problems you're having with your bf/ friend/ family because I'm getting tired of talking about relationships." (Yes, I just used the word 'epic')

"I love math."

"What redhead? I never noticed."

"I know Tiesto is playing an all-nighter but I'd rather stay in and have a quiet evening watching The Notebook."

"God I hate black strappy gladiator shoes."

"I wish I had become an accountant."

"Wanna go to the Justin Bieber concert next week?"

Bonnie said...

"Your baby is so cute."
I don't care about your baby.

Twitter: @GlamKitten88


"your hairstyle is ugly"
"that outfit is a hell no!"
"Your relationship is a failure"
"You always talking about your going to change you're not going to do shit"
"I wish I was single"
"Most men are worthless"
"Some people should have stayed stains on their parents sheets"

and etc etc etc.....

Elle Sees said...

i'm not a belieber either, despite having seen him in the real once. he was teeny!
oh and anything with math----HATE IT
or taking/having pics of me. ughhh. so not photogenic.

Kim Axani said...

hahah a lot of mine are actually really similar to all of yours. On weekends would be ,"no, I don't feel like having a drink this weekend." hhhah! BTW you look SO GOOD in the red lipstick from your earlier post, really suits you!

Gracie C. said...

Fun Fun!

You'll never hear me say...

"It's such a beautiful morning I'm so glad to be up!"

"I love staying late to do extra work"

"No I have to wake up early, I don't want that second glass of pinot"


Glee said...

Cute post. I´m a fan of McDonalds myself. Happy new year. :)

Kara said...

OMG I literally laughed out loud at "That fleece jacket is perfect for the office". SO many fashion faux pas at work right?!?! This was really funny and I laughed at it a lot, haha poor Lindsay Lohan!

Things you'll never hear me say: "I'd love to ride that mechanical bull!" or "Let's go skydiving". Noooo thank you.

Dirt On The Rocks said...

This is great! I am definitely going to do this myself. you've had a wonderful year. To think I've been following your blog for that long as well. It's a pleasure getting to know you Caitlin!

Here's to a brand new year! :) Have a wonderful one.

Rick said...

your list is too too funny lol

you'll never, ever here me say, "Let's Go Yankees!" lol

Rick said...

ps- I love the pic of you with the McDonald's bag...classic!

Hope you had an amazing New Year's Eve celebration! :)

Casey said...

I loved this post, and you can read some things that I'LL never say over at my blog too!


June said...

I hate my hair and love mcdonalds too :) And definitely do not like linsday's present hair

Unknown said...

how cool.