Monday, January 30, 2012


Hey Dudes and Dudettes- this week has been CARAZZZZY, not Charlie Sheen crazy, I'm talking Anne Heche crazy. Moving is not my forte and I won't be fully done until tomorrow evening. However, I wanted to pop-in and share a snippet of my view these last few (crazy) days:
 {Our new view, we are in LOVE with it}

{Morning coffee on our balcony, checking out the glorious cityscape}

{Packing essentials: Wine, Phillips screwdriver, pliers, Thai Food takeout and a DVD}

{My Dad, taking a breather from helping us move, checking out our view. Did I mention we like this view???}

Looking forward to catching up tomorrow night!
Couldn't start my obsession of reading Blogs this evening, way too busy but I will visit you all tomorrow- that I swear. :)
Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bye, Bye my little Studio. I will miss you!

Alright folks- I gotta sign off for the rest of the week. This Saturday's move date is coming up quickly and I'm not fully packed yet.

But before I go, I wanted to say goodbye to my little bachelorette pad. My stay with her was only 6 months but it wasn't without sentiment. I adored my Studio apartment in Uptown Portland. As excited as I am to move in with The Boy, I cherish my independence within these walls. It was nice to know that I can pay for my life completely and wholly on my own and that I can run a household (especially one which is inherently short on space) without the help of no mans! For real, I can cook, I can use tools like a regular Joe(sephine) and I can afford to provide for myself in every way- that's a superb feeling. Who knows if I'll ever find my way back to living solo. If I do, I'll be a better person for my experience here as Lordess of the Manor. And if I don't... well thank you Studio 54 for being my first solo apartment and my own little, teeny, tiny relaxing homestead in the big city.

So here's Studio 54's big picture send-off:
{Computer was temporary, doy}
{First clothes in the big closet. 5 minutes after this image, it never looked like this again}

{I adored my old, ugly apartment hallway (my door on right)- reminded me of Joey & Chandler's across from Monica & Rachel's}
{Enjoying an October day with Reggie}
{Just walked in the front door- home again, home again, jiggity-jig}
{My bed surrounded by the apartment's built-in murphy bed. Glad to not have that anymore, I miss nightstands!}
{The couch is the canvas. The pillows are the paint}
{Never tired of my collage wall - looking forward to redoing - and tweaking it- at the new place}
{This kitchen in a studio is beyond great- my frizzy hair is not}

{Combining a bedroom & a living room is a daunting task- lawdy}

{Sleeping, Watching, Hanging- a bundled deal in a downtown Studio}
{Surriously- that kitchen was a delight & a rarity. On the left was what I like to call "getting creative with space"}
{East-facing windows made for beautiful Summer mornings}
{Remember this table? It was a DIY. And let me tell you- I have done about 7 DIY for the new place- can't WAIT to blog about 'em}
{I was a happy girl this night and if you're wondering, yes we're getting a bigger TV in the new place}
{The dresser was a DIY as well}

{My little life}
{The building was beautiful in the Fall-waited to post the outside until I no longer lived there :)}
 {From this view I could see the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen & bathroom - oy!}

And I leave you with this... 
 {HAHA, one of my favorite pictures. One day I looked around and thought 'what the H*LL happened in here?!?!?'. I had somehow not cleaned and slobbed out for a week. I had to take this brilliant picture to remind myself to clean daily or else the Caitlin Tornado will take over. #NoShame #Don'tJudge}

Though I'll still be reading your Blogs during work/moving/wanting-to-die breaks- I won't be posting again until next week.

Wish me luck with the move and have a great weekend!
Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Just Do It: Try and tell me these aren't cool.

I have yet to find a single person who states that they admire the street-savvy vibe embodied in these Nike Heels.

Images via: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Sure you can't work out in them and you certainly wouldn't meet a significant others' parents in them but dang, can't a girl fawn over a little fashion that mimics the love child of Nicki Minaj, Gwen Stefani and Serena Williams all in one??

{Did she invent these? I like where her head's at. Image via here.}

For instance, are you really going to tell me they don't add some cred to this outfit below?

Nike Heels

Nike Heels by candyflosspersie featuring 14 karat gold jewelry

What do you think?
Love or Love to Hate the Nike Heels?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Hi Seattle, can I borrow a cup of sugar?

If ever Portland had a Sister city, it would be Seattle, WA. No Oregonian can feel out of place roaming the emerald city. We're used to Starbucks, old book stores, rows of evergreens, eclectic art and dangerously good microbrews just like our buddies up North. Seattle in a way, always feels like just a hop, skip and a jump away from my own front door- the friendly next-door neighbor.

My trip last weekend included ogling the Space Needle, shopping at historic Pike Place Market, gathering for drinks and food at Peso's in Queen Anne and dancing the night away to celebrate my beautiful friend turning twenty-eight years old.

We ate (too much). We drank (too much). We took pictures (too many). We made dumb jokes (too frequently).

 We basically grabbed 28 by the cojones and told it what's up.

{Happy Birthday my dear friend!}

Always a good time at the Neighbor's house.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Tribal Fever All The Way to Seattle

Was it just me or was this week slower than slow? Snail's pace, right? Ready for the weekend? I sure am. Though I of course have a few thoughts:

{tribal fever in action: the last image on bottom right is because nothing fits. And I only takes these images for the sake of my blog and showing you all my obsession. Don't worry, I am not on Facebook loading mirror images of myself. Glad I didn't get upper left gray top, looks horrid.}

First off, I am obsessed with anything that looks Southwesty or Pendletony or Tribaly... you get it. This whole theme has gotten me wanting to dump all my Sequins off at Goodwill in favor of warm, cozy, wool sweaters stitched with eccentric dyes. Love it all and thus have been going crazy trying on all of it that I can find-which brings me to my next thought...

{until weight is lost, tent shirts it is!}

Secondly, Going shopping while you're in the process of losing weight is a fool's game. I mentioned last week that I was kinda "down" end of last year and that manifested itself into stopping working out. Well- no more. I'm eating well and working out again. Problem being that weight doesn't fall off overnight. So, until that point- dressing rooms are my loathed enemy. We're talking Sauron vs. Gandalf enemies (any fellow Lord of the Rings lovahs in here?).

And finally, for my last weekend in my studio apartment before the big move next weekend, I have decided to get in a car and trek north to spend the weekend in Seattle for one of my most beloved friend's birthdays. I truly can't wait to get up there, take off my jacket and have a cocktail with her. Been awhile since I kicked up my feet with good friends for a night out.

{my last visit to Seattle with girlfriends. Ready for it again! I'm on right.}

I'm off to Seattle... so have a great weekend, stay safe, stay happy, stay just as you are.

[editor's note: none of the blogs I'm visiting are loading images for whatever reason. So I'm going to call it a night and will visit you all tomorrow on my lunch! So don't think I'm not saying hi, you shall hear from me tomorrow.]