Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bye, Bye my little Studio. I will miss you!

Alright folks- I gotta sign off for the rest of the week. This Saturday's move date is coming up quickly and I'm not fully packed yet.

But before I go, I wanted to say goodbye to my little bachelorette pad. My stay with her was only 6 months but it wasn't without sentiment. I adored my Studio apartment in Uptown Portland. As excited as I am to move in with The Boy, I cherish my independence within these walls. It was nice to know that I can pay for my life completely and wholly on my own and that I can run a household (especially one which is inherently short on space) without the help of no mans! For real, I can cook, I can use tools like a regular Joe(sephine) and I can afford to provide for myself in every way- that's a superb feeling. Who knows if I'll ever find my way back to living solo. If I do, I'll be a better person for my experience here as Lordess of the Manor. And if I don't... well thank you Studio 54 for being my first solo apartment and my own little, teeny, tiny relaxing homestead in the big city.

So here's Studio 54's big picture send-off:
{Computer was temporary, doy}
{First clothes in the big closet. 5 minutes after this image, it never looked like this again}

{I adored my old, ugly apartment hallway (my door on right)- reminded me of Joey & Chandler's across from Monica & Rachel's}
{Enjoying an October day with Reggie}
{Just walked in the front door- home again, home again, jiggity-jig}
{My bed surrounded by the apartment's built-in murphy bed. Glad to not have that anymore, I miss nightstands!}
{The couch is the canvas. The pillows are the paint}
{Never tired of my collage wall - looking forward to redoing - and tweaking it- at the new place}
{This kitchen in a studio is beyond great- my frizzy hair is not}

{Combining a bedroom & a living room is a daunting task- lawdy}

{Sleeping, Watching, Hanging- a bundled deal in a downtown Studio}
{Surriously- that kitchen was a delight & a rarity. On the left was what I like to call "getting creative with space"}
{East-facing windows made for beautiful Summer mornings}
{Remember this table? It was a DIY. And let me tell you- I have done about 7 DIY for the new place- can't WAIT to blog about 'em}
{I was a happy girl this night and if you're wondering, yes we're getting a bigger TV in the new place}
{The dresser was a DIY as well}

{My little life}
{The building was beautiful in the Fall-waited to post the outside until I no longer lived there :)}
 {From this view I could see the bedroom, living room, dining room, kitchen & bathroom - oy!}

And I leave you with this... 
 {HAHA, one of my favorite pictures. One day I looked around and thought 'what the H*LL happened in here?!?!?'. I had somehow not cleaned and slobbed out for a week. I had to take this brilliant picture to remind myself to clean daily or else the Caitlin Tornado will take over. #NoShame #Don'tJudge}

Though I'll still be reading your Blogs during work/moving/wanting-to-die breaks- I won't be posting again until next week.

Wish me luck with the move and have a great weekend!


Anonymous said...

Good luck! I cant wait to see pics of the new place :)

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

Your place was so stinking cute! You did a great job in making it "spacious" and your own. I'm so excited for you on your new journey. It will be fabulous. Good luck moving! Can't wait to see the new place. Xo

That Brunette One said...

Youre apartment is so gorgeous! goodluck with the move, an agree cannot wait to see photos of your new place:)

Unknown said...

You were there a whole 6 months?!?! i feel like its only been a few weeks!
It's nice to have a proper look around the place, i actually never realised that the bedroom and lounge area were one space until now.
That messy picture is soooo ME! my room at uni always ends up like this and im like wtf how did i manage all this mess, then i have to spend an hour or so putting it all back together before messing it up two weeks later haha.
good luck with your weekend of moving, must be very very very exciting for you and the boy! Can't wait to see photos of the new place and all your diys.
I hope this new chapter of your life works out perfectly, from this viewpoint i can definately see you and the boy living happily ever after from here out.

Curve Model Management said...

Beautiful apartment!!! Love all the pillows!

Love Joice said...

Love your style! following you back via GFC, Bloglovin and Google+, thank you! xx Joice

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Oh Caitlin, I think your the reason why I wanted to redo my room, I remember reading your collage wall post & I wanted something like that.
I can't wait to see your new place, & where you will put/hang Reggie. & that messy photo, that's my bedroom/the room next door. Goodluck moving in. Yay!


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

PS: Love that purple skirt outfit!


Leia said...

It seems like you JUST moved into your new place! It was such fun watching your decorating journey - I hope you keep us in the loop in your new place as well. I can't wait to see how it looks! I'm sure you'll be very happy there :)

Charlotte said...

Good luck! It must be sad leaving your little studio behind, its so adorable! That last picture is amazing, thats what my bedroom often looks like, my boyfriend is a neat freak so its the one thing we argue about lol xx

naghmeh said...

aww I love your little studio too! I remember when you first got it and wrote a post full of excitement and now onto the next chapter :) I cannot wait to see what you do with the new place!!
gooodluck Caitlin!

erica said...

Good luck with your move! I cannot wait to see pictures of your new place! xo

erika sorocco said...

Gah! I think I want to live here. I'm still single...why not? If only it was in CA!

P.S. Your look from October was phenom; AND...I love your throw pillows (the colors are amaze). :)

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Gosh, I can't believe it was 6 months! That last picture cracks me up; my house looks like this a little too often...Drives my hubby NUTS! Hope everything goes smoothly with the move; can't wait to see all these new DIY's you've been doing. How in the world do you find the time??

Jax said...

Good luck on your move with the boy. I love how decided to decorate your apartment. Very pretty! Can't wait to see how your new one turns out.

And I SO agree with you on financial indepenedence thing. I'm PROUD every time I pay my rent, but groceries, and pay for school out of my checking account. It's a great feeling to know you can fend for yourself. :)

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Omg I love your place. I wanna movie in, haha! My room seems like a bore. I love love living with the boy, but I do think it would be easier to decorate how I wish, if I didn't (not that he really cares, but I try giving him stuff so its not totally girly)

Congrats on the move!

Johanna said...

Good luck on your new move! Exciting!

Kim Axani said...

Good Luck with the move, Caitlin! Sad to see you leaving such a beautiful place but bigger and better things are on the horizon!

Unknown said...

Your place is so cute!! I love it! You have such great interior design skillz!
Also, you look gorgeous in every photo! I absolutely love your style, its so classy, elegant & chic!

The Urban Umbrella

Mandee said...

goooood luck on the move!!! It will be fun to re-decorate again. I took soooooo much stuff over to Rerun to sell when I moved....I totally purged!
Can't wait to see pics of the new place!

Tina said...

awww. well this is a great post because even if it was for a short amount of time, you can say you had your own place and it was fabulous and it was YOU! I love your little studio b/c i see you all over it and am so happy you guys are taking the next step! im sure the outcome will only be good and it's a fun new chapter! now you can stay in and make valentines dinner together, and have your own christmas tree, and host people over "your" place together! trust me, it's only getting good from here :) and omg that little tv had me cracking up lol gotta get used to having tons of fancy new gadgets with a man around, thats something i learned REAL quick! lol have a safe move!! hope everything goes nice and smooth for ya guys!!

THE HF BLOG said...

loved this post!!! the house is amazing, and the paintings on the walls<3
very good taste!

Jelena Zivanovic said...

It was really lovely space!! I bet u'll have gorgeous one as well!!;) Good luck with your move!!!


Harriet said...

Good luck with the move! And your apartment was cute. :) I think everyone should experience living in a studio-- I think you never look at space and set-up the same again.
Can't wait to see the new place!!!

Anonymous said...

Awwwww! Your place is/was so cute! You accomplished some amazing things in that (small) space, both design-wise and life-wise!

I wish you luck and hope y'all have a great weekend!

P.S. The door totally reminds me of "Friends". And the "jiggety-jig" made me laugh b/c that's part of a book that we read to Punkin!


Your studio apartment was the most homely and comfortable studio apartment I ever seen. Its so personal with all the pictures on the wall. It look very nice and I'm sure you are going to miss it. I love the last picture because my house looks like that when I'm getting ready to go out.

Anonymous said...

I've been away from blogging TOO long! Missed my bloggy BFF's and knowing what you're doing! BIG move for you and the Boy! Congrats! You should be proud that you lived (and can support yourself!) on your own in that cute little apartment! Looking forward to your new life posts!! PS: Thanks for the sweet comment you left on my blog today! Loved hearing from you!

happy hour 24/7 said...

i commend you for moving in on your own, then moving out again. i love moving but it seems like we moved "together" around the same time. hopefully you are not moving too far out of town. good luck and i'm really happy for you and the boy!

Bravoe Runway said...

I cannot believe this was a studio! WOW! Good luck with the move this wknd :)

nicolealyse said...

Good luck!!!! Looks awesome though :)


love from NYC,

Alison Kinsey said...

i am sooo excited for you, but sad to say goodbye to your studio too! it was so ADORABLE! especially the gallery wall. <3
i agree that it's a great life experience to try living solo. i did the same, for about the same length of time as you. it's fun! but i know you'll love certain things about living with your man too.
please please share all those DIYs that you did for your new place! i'm moving into a new apartment in less than 2 weeks and am in the inspiration-seeking stage when it comes to the decor ;)

Grumpy old man said...

Hi Caitlin, best wishes to your future, I am confident that you will make a success of anything you tackle.
Please keep us in the loop, and just something I can say about you, you have loads of class, style and elegance. Always love reading your blog.

Take care of yourself and be good.

Marcela Gmd said...

Hi lovely, thank you for your visit!!
I like your blog! Maybe we can follow each other?
What do you think?
Have a wonderful weekend!

Besos, desde EspaƱa, Marcela♥

ff said...

Oh, cute place! I know what you mean about knowing you can take care of yourself, by's liberating and you'll always be able to look back on this period of your life to know you could do it if you needed/wanted to. Congrats on the new place and good luck with the move!

Julie Ann Lozada said...

you have and amazing house and your bedroom is so so cute! love it!

It’s a GIRL Thing

Rick said...


Congrats on your move to do a new place. Moving is never fun, or easy, but just think about how exciting it will be to get the new place exactly you how you want it. And like others, I can't to see pictures of the new place. Good luck today! (These pictures are beautiful :)


Panty Buns said...

It's wonderful that you too so many wonderful photographs of your Studio before making the big move. I hope you are better at getting settled in and re-organised than I am. I still have boxes I haven't unpacked from decades ago and unfortunately didn't think to take photos before my moves.

I hope your new life moved in with "The Boy" goes swimmingly and that you both enjoy each other's taste in decor. Best of luck with the move and everything that follows.

Tiffany said...

ooh your place is so nice! I love how you decorated. Good luck with the move!!

Unknown said...

O dont worry are going to have great time in your new apartment as well, Good Luck :)

Leah said...

Found your blog from a mention via Stress Case. I lived in my own little studio on the beach for three years and loved it. I left it to move in with my boy as well. Although I love living with my boy, there are times I miss my cute little studio and the independence it gave me. Good luck to you! :)

prettymeggy said...

your place is beautiful and colorful but i'm sure it will be more beautiful in the new place. goodluck!!!
take care. xoxo, Haus of Gala

Bonnie said...

You better post TONS of pictures of your new place when you finish everything. I might need to steal your idea for the collage wall -- so cute!
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Jaime @ laviejaime said...

good luck!! your place was so cute but you are on to bigger and better :)

Ashleigh said...

What a bittersweet chapter. I just hope you find the perfect spot for the horse head in the new place. I think it's my my favorite part of your apartment!

Casey said...

This post was highlighted in Lots of Link Love @ Stress Case. I hope you'll share with your readers, come check out some other fabulous posts, and consider linking up with me in the future! :)

Slamdunk said...

Sorry I am late. I have been accused of showing up once the work is done more than once though.

I hope your move went well and I'm looking forward to seeing the new home base.

Val said...

Aww, best of luck to you in your new home. Moving is always bitter sweet.

Amanda Nicole said...

Absolutely in LOVE with all of these pictures. The last picture looks like my mess of a room... but everything is so girly and fun, can't wait to see your new place.. I'm now following you!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

Caitlin tornado heheheh

Your place was so cool! I love the color and that there was so much of it, yet it wasn't overwhelming.

Milla - Not Just Another Milla said...

Love this post - cool place!