Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Weekend Musings: Gaga glasses, tomatoes & skylines

^The Boy in the Portland Rose Garden 1/8/2012

^Walking to sign the lease on our new place! Cold-weather layers=chubbiness! 1/7/2012

^He looks like John Elway here, which works as I was raised by a Denver-native, Bronco-obsessed Dad (that's my hat though, of course) 1/8/2012

^Taking a break from my month of health to toast being roomies at our new neighborhood bar. 1/7/2012
 ^Walking along NW 23rd This is not an outfit post- it was just cold so I layered up in this monstrosity 1/7/2012

^View of a part of downtown Portland from the Vista Bridge (see Mt. Hood?) 1/8/2012
 ^Delicious Italian at my Sister & Brother-in-laws 1/7/2012

^My Brother cozying up to the beloved family dog during a family dinner at my Sis' place. 1/7/2012

I know it's Tuesday but how was your weekend?


Anonymous said...

Is it bad I can't remember last weekend? The past couple of days are a blur!

Barry said...

Ours was really chill. Sandy turned to me Sunday night and said, "Do you realize we haven't left the house once this weekend?" So not terribly exciting, but restful.

Love the last photo of your brother and the dog. :)

Imogen said...

Great pictures, lots of fun. I had a really busy weekend.

erika sorocco said...

Ah, it sounds like you had the most divine weekend, Caitlin. Also...you looked amazing - as per usual! :)

Jax said...

Those tomatoes look sooo yummy!!

And I couldn't help but smile at you getting drinks with your boy the new neighborhood bar. It's funny to say goodbye to ur "usual" spot and say hello to new ones. Good luck with everything, girl! I know you're going to love it :)

Tina said...

awwww sooo excited for you guys!!! and seriously... in the first picture of your body, he looked like derek jeter to me!! lol than he totally looked like john elway! i love both your outfits but kinda loving the second one more. i have gaga looking glasses just like those! and i LOVE your scarf and gloves! and in the first one, i LOVE them boots!! and the scarf again :) lol oh i just love it all! and again, so excited!! :) cant wait to see it!!!

Unknown said...

Cute pictures, looks like you two have a lot of fun together!

The Urban Umbrella

ff said...

So exciting! I'm happy for you! I've heard only amazing things about Portland, too. My weekend was sad. The Steelers lost. Which I'm sure only made yours better :p Congrats, Denver.

Urban Moods said...

Nice photos!


Elle Sees said...

Yay on good weekends, new places, and good drinks.

happy hour 24/7 said...

my weekend, of course, well the last two weekends have been all sorts of fun since i was out of the country for vacay. the funny thing is that all my photos for future blog posts (at least when i share and review belize/guatemala) will be from another country/ies and when i saw your post today, i was really happy to see photos of our small but vibrant town. very heart-warming. thanks for the reminder on how amazing portland is, regardless of the weather.

Ashley said...

you always have the nicest pictures! makes me wanna visit Portland! i've never been :(

congrats on the new place!! ;)

Dirt On The Rocks said...

Yay Congratulations to signing a new lease for a new place! You definitely can't go wrong with a fresh new place! I love your sweater! I love how warm it looks.

naghmeh said...

I actually think your outfit is super cute! Arm warmers and fluffy sweaters? yes please! and congrats on your new home with your bf!! how exciting :)

Rick said...

Looks like a temperature took a dip over there...but you keep it stylishly hot (as always!)

Nice photos!

Leia said...

You gorgeous girl! You still look amazing in your layers (wish I could say the same for myself!). I looove your Gaga glasses. And CONGRATS again for getting a place together! I hope it'll be filled with tons of really, really happy memories!


| C AND C | Sarmin said...

The boy has such pretty eyes! Congrats again on the lease & your family dog, freakin' adorable.

xo Sarmin

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

I'm not big on tomatos, but these look so good!