Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ode to the March Weekends

My last few weekends have been a mirage of food, family, friends and bevvies. All of the goodness that makes for great posts. However, time slips away and it's hard to always orchestrate "weekend recaps" as I battle insomnia on Sunday nights. Regardless, a few of these images below will be expanded on later (and some won't) -but for now, here's a sliver of the weekend beauty I've enjoyed lately through the lens of my camera:

{^Hanging out with my Mom, who I have gotten in the habit of snapping at after she's gotten in the habit of doing the 'stoic smile' rather than the toothy one! Smmmile woman! }
 {^Happy Hour meal and drinks at Departure in Portland- a wicked Saturday with the boy and our friends which you'll definitely hear more of later. }

{^I don't think I'll ever get over my Bart Cart, I apologize in advance for likely always showcasing it. }

{^A shot I took of the Warming Hut mid-slope at Ski Bowl a couple weekends ago. This cabin is where you can pop in for hot food and warm drinks- just be sure to park your gear outside. Immediately after, back on the slopes you go! Skiing is a beloved hobby of mine... the views along the way are just the cherry on top. }

{^Trying out my new Lauren Conrad maxi skirt on a warm Spring day. The skirt was a gift from D, etc.! }

{^Checking out First Thursday art at the beginning of the month with my friend Miranda. She actually enjoys taking in the multifarious displays- and I love her for that! }

{^My Cousin's wife turned 30 and he threw a beautiful surprise party for her with wine tastings, cheese, salami, music... and a lovely "happy birthday to you" rendition. At which point, he proceeded to trip and drop the entire gourmet cake on the ground. Ooo buddy, so close to making it a perfect night!}
{^eating the orgasmic Lovejoy Deluxe at Lovejoy Bakers on a brunch date with pals: Fried egg, Bleu d’Aubergne, bacon, butter, tarragon and frisée. I don't know what all of that means- but you caught "bacon" and "butter", right?}
Middle of the week! 3 cheers for that!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

DIY: The Baroque Mirror

I have long obsessed over the baroque-style Angelique Mirror at ZGallerie. However, I do not feel right spending a whopping $399 on a mirror merely because I'm coveting it (my reflection really isn't worth that). So rather, I just have been on the lookout for the last year or so for a similar style that I could redress to make my own.
Finally, during a trip to Goodwill in January- the search was over. Right in front of my very eyes was a baroque-style mirror for 20 bucks. Sold, sold and sold!

The entire mirror needed TLC: the frame needed sanding, it needed attachments to mount it to the wall (and given its odd frame, no way it could lean on anything safely without buckling under pressure) and it certainly needed a new paint job. Luckily, I was up for the challenge.
 {^the before. We removed the mirror before spraying it against a drop-cloth}

First I ran to Home Depot to get my new color. I used the Rust-Oleum Professional Spray Paint which cost just under 6 bucks. Then, I carted the mirror and the supplies to my Dad's house (per the usual when I paint anything, they have a garage with everything ready to go). Obviously, we unscrewed the mirror from the frame prior to any spraying. Then, I sanded down any rough edges, windexed everything and THEN got to spraying.

I did 4 coats of black from different angles and waited 30 minutes inbetween each coat. Finally, I then let it dry overnight in their garage. When I returned the next day, I said hello to the dog, grabbed my now black mirror and headed on home.

Before hanging, I had to return to the hardware store and purchase a kit which would allow the mirror to mount as it had nothing on the back with which to hang. The steel cord was a little tricky but I had it all put together in about 30 minutes utilizing my basic tool kit and some patience...

Ta-dah, my little Z-Gallerie-inspired mirror was done:

{^the entry way of my apartment. the bowl houses the keys and work IDs. The Rhino does nothing but I love him. I think I just have a thing for ceramic animals...}

So though I need to mess with the adjacent picture frames and place them a little differently (and wish so badly I could paint that wall gray...), I'm loving that my lackluster gold thrift store mirror was easily transformed into a chic addition for my wall.

| Spray Paint: 6 bucks | Mirror: 20 bucks | Mounting pack: 8 bucks |
TOTAL= $34.00

Happiest of Mondays to you!
Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hipster Guidette: the Jersey Shore BEFORE Jersey Shore

It's Spring, whooo, yay! Unfortunately for us Oregonians, "Spring" is here by calendar date only. It's been POURRRRING here since the dawn of time last weekend... and snowing, yes, SNOWING! So try as I might, I'm not totally in to that whole "let's bust out the sundresses" mode. I did however catch an episode of Jersey Shore (the one where Vinny was with the 2 ladies who like ladies? ai-yi-yi that show is so nutso, I must admit I was laughing) which ended with me staring out the window at the rain and wishing I were in the blazing hot sun all the way over there in Seaside Heights. Which is easy to do since my feet have paraded that boardwalk before...

{^Left to right: Cousin, Me, Sister on the Jersey Shore }

{^Making sandcastles with my family- exactly like going to Karma, right? But I did do my cousin's hair just like mine with the pigtails on the Left- TWINSIES! }

{^Fetching more liquid for the crew in my pink-leopard bikini- It's SAND CASTLE TIME! Ya! }

{^I don't want to meet the person who doesn't make Sand Boobs on their little Brother when given the opportunity. }

{^DTS- down to swim }

{^I am unapologetically proud to be an American... though any sign stating that borders on a little too dub-T for my taste.}

{^ My Sister and Me being the sweetest b*tches you'll ever meet: useless pink sunglasses, arm jewlery and secret hand clapping included. }

{^Guidettes find their Guidos on the Jersey Shore }

{^good ol' fashioned fun }

{^Italians on the Jersey Shore- imagine that! }

If you haven't figured it out, I was still in high school when I visited. So no Ronnie Juice, no fist-pumping and definitely no extensions stuck to false eyelashes- just a good time with my Italian side of the family. But hey- the Atlantic was warm, the sun was blazing and we were all generally smiling- can't do much better than that! Unless of course, you are Vinny.

Fist Pump! Ever been to the Jersey Shore?

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Bloody Mary: The One who is getting away.

Let it be known that I am a salt girl. I crave veggies over fruit. I want meatballs over ice cream. I desire a Denver Omelette over Strawberry Crepes. Annnnddd, I dream of capping off a date w/ the cutest boy from Home Ec class by staring into each other's eyes while we each sip from the same GravyShake. Mmmm, gravy.
I just am a savory-obsessed girl! Do I like Sweets? SURE. Should I stop asking myself questions on this blog that I then answer? Definitely. So yes, though I definitely like every sweet food item I mentioned above, the heart wants what the heart wants and it's usually salty, meaty & mashed-potatoey.

In addition to enjoying my savory-delights, I love to imbibe in a delicious spirit. I usually stick with Wine or Beer because I don't like the taste of hard alcohol too much. That and the cocktails are generally far too nauseatingly sweet for my palette.
So what's a girl like me to do when she searches for the perfect drink? Let's see: I like booze but dislike how sweet it is usually presented. I also love vegetables and salt. What kind of drink would be right up my alley?

Perhaps a Bloody Mary, right??
It pains me to say WRONG. For some reason, I do not like them that much and I don't get WHY! On paper they are the Sonny to my Cher, the Veronica to my Archie and the Mustache to my Tom Selleck, but they just don't taste right to me, much to my disdain and confusion.

 [all images taken by me]

But alas, I'm a girl with a goal: the goal to one day like Bloody Marys not because I think I should but because I do. So I will continue to order, continue to try, continue to train my savory obsessed mouth to accept its fate.

In the meantime, I'll just adore them for their rich vibrant colors. Like I did with The Boy's Bloody Mary at our brunch date with friends last weekend, which has now become the starring show in this post (AKA all the images above).

Do you like a good Bloody Mary?
Thursday, March 15, 2012

5 MINUTES: Curly to Straight

I've always read that a woman's hair is supposedly, her crowning glory. Well cripes, because that means that I've been completely abusing my God-given Glory for the last 11 years. I like my hair blonde then I hate my hair blonde, I like my hair brown then I hate my hair brown, I like my hair black then I hate my hair black... I can never decide on a definitive hair color that I want to rock for longer than 6 months. It just doesn't happen.

Same goes for the styling of my hair- curly or straight? If I let my hair dry totally naturally, it's pretty wavy. For instance, at the end of a day on the river, I definitely resemble Bret Michaels. Don't believe me? Well click here my friends. That is my natural, untouched hair. Gnarly. Grrr.

But I can't always rock the au naturale river rat look so... typically, I wave out my hair as to manage my curl so it's straight at the top and wavy on the bottom as seen in Exhibit A below:

{^my styled wavy hair}

Now as much as I love that look, I must confess that it's not totally honest. Oh the horror, yes: it's true- it's DEFENSIVE WAVING. You see, remember in the first paragraph when I said that I change my hair color all the time? Well, that takes its toll. My hair be damaged, fried and all that other good stuff that us chameleons know about. Likkkkkkke, If you light a match 40 feet from me, my hair will spontaneously combust- that is a fact. Thus, I don't just keep my hair wavy because I like it, I keep it wavy on the end because it's VERY hard to straighten my hair so it doesn't resemble a corpse's.

Enter Hana Titanium by Misikko:

What's cool about you ask? Oh, I don't know:
  • The fact that it goes up to 450 degrees?
  • The fact that it has a 2-year warranty!
  • The fact that it's SNAG-FREE? Helllllo, as a girl with damaged hair this is crucial! No tears and immediate checking for a bald spot... just a smooth, blissful glide.
  • The fact that it includes a Travel Pouch, a tin case and a heat proof silicone heating mat which takes the worry out of piping hot hair appliances on your counter?

{^welcome to the good life. The straightener set covers all the bases.}

I was excited to try the appliance after hearing SO many rave reviews. However, once the order was placed, reality set in: could it handle my DOA hair? With its impressive resume, I decided to put it to the absolute test to find the answer: After arriving home from work with my wavy hair (as you see it in the first images of this post) - hairsprayed, curled, tousled- I b-lined it to the restroom and I gave myself 5-minutes to straighten my hair with this bad boy. 5 MINUTES!

How did it go? The results speak for themselves.
 {^Straight, straight, straight after 5-minutes! but still with plenty of volume and lift}

The straightener glided like buttahhh. Even my damaged locks couldn't put any sand in its engine. My hair never tweaked, pulled, plucked or anything else that the straighteners in my past have been known to do. It simply effortlessly glided from lock to lock, straightening my hair with the greatest of ease. Plus it gets bonus points for making it look and feel as if I'd only ever dyed my hair 2-colors, not 3...

So to clarify- my hair was tangled, hairsprayed, damaged and messy like this:

Then I spent 5 minutes with the Hana Titanium doing this:

And it immediately looked like this:
 {^I love the messier/bedhead look rather than razor sharp and down. Though my real bedhead looks NOTHING like the "bedhead look"- it looks more like Doc from Back to the Future.}

And it felt like silk... no joke.

The straightener can be found here. You would be a fool to not check it out- in a few short weeks, it has become an extension of my arm. OBSESSED!

*Disclaimer: The product was provided to me free of charge. Though it was given to me, the opinions expressed are inherently my own and I stand by the entire review. I adore the product for its quality and gain nothing from you clicking any links or purchasing the item. So shop on friends! And thank you Brian of Misikko.
Wednesday, March 14, 2012

It takes an Auction to Raise a Home

This is my Sister (Below). She's two years older than me and lives in her first owned home with her British Hubby. They both work in an industry that means insane hours during its peak season. We're talking 7AM-9PM Monday-Saturday. It's rough on them both.
{^Jocie on Left, Me on Right}

Naturally while this schedule is in place, elegant Friday nights full of friends, appetizers & cocktails are on a temporary hiatus. Though this does nothing to stimulate their social side, it has done wonders for their home.

Months ago, they discovered a Friday-night Auction a short-distance from their office. Instead of losing out on all weekend activities, they've found themselves an entertaining pit-stop in this event. They go almost every Friday night, for which I make fun of her by tell her she's turning into an old married fart, to which she snaps and says "don't even start, do you know how exhausted I am and how much I'd rather have time to go out to dinner or something on a Friday night?" Then I shut up.

But really, their home has been the winner in this game. I went to a Brunch there last weekend and snapped a few iPhone pics while I ate:

{^The dining room- so many colors and textiles, I love. She informed me they just got new chairs as of a week ago, can't WAIT to see.}

{^She has always found a way to decorate with keys, no clue why. It has always been her thing.}

{^Color, textiles, food... harmony!}

{^Gray walls and cabinetry embellished with monochrome ceramics?? Oh no you di-int! Perfect.}

The antiquey vibe is totally my Sister. The Contemporary vibe is totally her husband. And the blending of it all is totally them. I just adore it!

Have a grand Thursday ♥