Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Chick in my Bathroom

On my way to pay for a newly unearthed eclectic purple ring at a consignment store, this little gal caught my eye on the wall. Painted on a piece of wood and no bigger than a postcard, she popped out among the other dreary hanging art. That hair! Those tattoos! Hand-painted! A holster filled with hair tools!
Though I do wish she were wearing some pants (not really into the garters), I have decided to embrace her for what she is: a funny, quirky, little piece of bathroom art.
[oh she's just too cool]

What's the random find that you fell in love with??

Happy Weekend and Happier Easter!


Kate Sparkles said...

She's adorable!

{andthisiswhatshesaid} said...

Love it!

Unknown said...

I cant believe you are not in a more creative career!
you have such a great eye for fashion, photography, art, pretty much anything creative!!

Simona said...


Barry said...

What's the random find I fell in love with? Candyfloss and Persie, of course! ♥

Tina said...

she's awesome! i love it!! she'd look dope anywhere but i wanna see her hanging in your bathroom! :D happy weekend!!

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

For some reason she reminds me of Rhianna...But I do have to ask what the rest of your bathroom looks like in order for her garters, tattoos, and such vibrant colors to fit in. I really want to see!

A hamster ball...LOL! I always say my kids are like bulls in a china shop. :) I have a post coming soon on the update of baby fever...But don't get too excited; no baby on the horizon for me. :(

Happy Easter!!

Vanessa V. said...

Awww love it, she's adorable!

erika sorocco said...

Ohmigosh I need that! Seriously Caitlin that is the most perfect picture ever!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Perfect bathroom art :)

Julie Ann Lozada said...

nice drawing... i wish i have a talent to draw!

It’s a GIRL Thing

ff said...

So cute! I used to have a thrift store find that was a little black dress with words in french around it defining a woman. I've moved since and rethrifted it....hope it found a good home!

Clara Turbay said...

great example of style.

Leia said...

LOVE it!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

I think she is fun and sassy just like you! That rug looks pretty rad too! I have not been into home decor and don't have any gems :( I need to go to some flea markets or something. Haha

Elle Sees said...

i haven't gone thrifting in a minute! there are some awesome places here in Atl.

Rick said...

Totally awesome chick! (just like you! :)

Happy Easter, Caitlin! Sorry to be MIA but total chaos off line (all is ok though). I definitely always miss your posts whenever I have to take breaks from posting. Miss ya,

Jax said...

Mine random thing is in the bathroom too!! I was looking through a flea market when I saw the prettiest picture frame. The picture in the frame was a gorgeous collage that reads "Powder Room"! I love it!!!

Yours is so pretty too!! Somehow, that girl is my idol!! lol I always wished that I had the huevos (and the triceps) to rock a feminine sleeve.

Have an awesome Easter!!! xo

naghmeh said...

she's crazy, and I love it!! the hair is just so amazing :)

Sierra said...

Too much fun - she's all full of fun personality and LOVE her hair!

Hope you had a fab Easter girl!

Panty Buns said...

I LOVE the chick in your bathroom! She's like a cross between @LadyGaga, the lingerie addicts I follow and am one of, the holster reminds me of a little of @MaggieQ and the hair reminds me of @LyndsyMFonseca - I'm still so addicted.\ to Nikita. I'd like to have an entire bathroom done in tiles like those!

Thank you for the Happy Easter wishes via my Twitter @Panty_Buns , and a Happy Easter to you too @caitielady08!

I haven't logged into Twitter or anything else other than right now - I spent my entire Easter being overly neurotic with interpolations working on my taxes. My old accountant retired :( Thaxes.

I did email my long lost love who's apparently decided to stay lost.

Anyway, I really do appreciate the Happy Easter wish..

The random find I fell in love with? (sniff, sniff,) still M.I.A.

But I had happy Easter Bunny and Easter egg thoughts. Does the bunny hump the chicken and the chicken lays the eggs or does the rooster hump th bunny and the bunny lays the eggs? If they hatch are they bunnies with feathers and wings, or chickens with bunny ears? Are the eggs misplace, given up for adopted and sacrificed for our meals? Do the bunnies or chickens get hot enough to cook the eggs before they're laid? Which came first, the bunny or the chicken? Are the eggs dyed in-utero?

Obliviously its time for me to go try sitting on some eggs while I try to sort it out and I'll let yiu know what hatches.

I really do like the artwork's subject. That's some wonderful vibrant fuchsia. Hope you had a good one and that I won't need to wish: Happy Hangover!" ):

Getting sleepy - Happy Easter Night!

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Love this!
Kinda wish I looked like her (black hair of course)...I want a sleeve tattoo now, so bad ass. Great find, your always finding amazing things.