Sunday, April 8, 2012

Fest Friends

Well friends, Festing 2012 commenced last weekend. I've written about Festing before but as a quick recap for newbies (or people with lives who do not hang on my every word), I'll explain. A FEST is a noun, short for 'festival'.

In contrast, 'FESTING' is a verb and refers to the act of attending said festivals.

As I easily get bored around my city due to "been there, done that" syndrome, it has become crucial to my social contentment to attend festivals in the area when I can: Beer festivals, Wine festivals, Pirate Festivals, Zoo Festivals, Winter Festivals... you name it, I'll go. I'm always down to do something new. And as the sun gets warmer, the festivals get better- so April is just the beginning.

My girlfriend Miranda and I try to make a point to hit up as many fun festivals as we can. And though we may arrive together solo, once inside, we have noooo trouble making new friends:

{^Jimi Hendrix- our #1 Festival friend as you will swiftly see below. I should also mention that he doesn't dress up like this just for festivals. We always see him downtown in the full get-up, sometimes on random Tuesdays. 2011}

{^I have zero clue what he was supposed to be... besides a brilliant photo op. 2008}
{^Jimi again. He's always willing to take pictures... as long as you can throw a dollar his way. 2008.}

{^See what I told you? We always see him, ha. 2009 }

{^You can't beat the 27 Club by smoking, Jimi! 2010}

{^I looove The Princess Bride and told this man he looked like Westley. "Can we take a picture with you?" "As you Wish!" 2008}

{^Santa's a fester- who knew!? 2010 }

{^German Bier Girls meets Afro Bachelor Party or as I call it: destiny! 2011 }So as I'm sure you can tell from the giddy smiles I have exhibited above and the stupid outfits we have sometimes pieced together: I have a blast festing. And it was a blast kicking off Festing Season 2012 last Saturday. Pictures this week!

In other news, the lovely weight I allowed myself to gain last winter is coming off slowly but surely. I've gotten back into my lifelong habit of working out 3-6 days a week and I've begun a photography course in the area. I am feeling more and more like myself every day. Out with the bad and in with the good! Speaking of good, I'm seeing Titanic on Thursday and I am SO EXCITED I could just cry right now.

Have a great Monday, friends!



Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

You two are the cutest and look like you have the BEST time. I too l-o-v-e 'festing' and am excited to try some new things this year!

CONGRATS on feeling good again (and being on a work out regime).

I am DYING to see the Titanic in 3D. I was a freshman in high school when it first came out and would love to see it with my original "group". Now how do I get us all together....

Glad you had a GREAT weekend!

Charlotte said...

Oh I so want to be there with you! I'm hopefully seeing Titanic tonight, so excited!! x

Unknown said...

arrrghhh the titanic i want to see it sooo bad! such a good movie!
wow jimi sure likes to fest, i think he's give you and miranda a run for your money in a number one fester competition for sure!
i always enjoy your festing posts, cant wait to see the photos :)xx

xxyy said...

great photos! looks like fun! xx

Kate Sparkles said...

Haha those pictures of Jimmi made my night ( better still my auto-correct kept insisting I was trying to type 'Jiminy'.. As in cricket??)

erika sorocco said...

Haha! I love how Jimi always manages to make an appearance! You look so adorbs! :)

Bonnie said...

This looks like a super great time, and I am uber jealous that you have something like this. We have NOTHING like this in St. Louis. We suck.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Mandee said...

oh I love Portland festivals.....and I love watching/meeting the crazies too!

ff said...

I so want to see some Pirate festing pictures! I'm glad you're feeling a bit better about things...winter has a weird way of making me hate life, too. But then Spring comes along and things get back on track.

Bravoe Runway said...

This is quite a 'festing' adventure! And that winter weight gain? I totally know what you mean, I put on 4 pounds and man is it hard to take it off...ahh! But you are right in with the good and out with the bad ;)

Vanessa V. said...

Great pictures dear!

Hanz, Fashionista Era Design said...

love that look your dresses in all look so nice!

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Tina said...

lolololol all the pictures with jimi are hilarious! love it! in fact, love all the pics. have never gone to ONE festival so im super jealous!! i wanna goooo!!! and yay to you finally feeling like your old self!! its that photography class i tell ya ;D

and i wanna see titanic!!! lol i was making fun of it coming out in 3D all like "Really?? titanic?? lame!" and then we saw the trailor before the hunger games and i swear i said to jose "Damn that IS a good movie! we should SO go see it!!" and he said "I KNOW!!!" lmao

Jax said...

Enjoy Titanic!!! That move makes me cry, so I'll be skipping it. hahahaha

Your festing looks like so much fun!!!! (I'm so stealing your word from now on. LOL) Clearly your choice of new buddies are impeccable. ;) hahahaha

Kara said...

AAAAAHAHAHAHA I literally laughed out loud at every single picture in this post! Your pics with randos are the funniest!! I especially love that you find Jimi every year, lols.

It's getting to that time of the year in Phx where it's too damn hot, so our festival season is about to slow down. I guess that just means we'll have to throw our own fest: Beer Drinkapalooza 2012, right here in our very own tiny apartment! You and the boy are welcome ;)

Simona said...

Great pictures and the atmosphere too!:)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

I so wanna hang out with you!
Your golden shoes in the 1st photo, pretty. & I love that pink dress.
The photo of you two in matching dresses, cute, you guys even match Jimi...& I seriously need to start working out again, & by that I mean start walking, so sad that I don't even run. & I am so glad your taking a photography class, I can't wait to see those pictures. Awesome Miss. C!


aki! said...

I've only been to a beer festival once and I loved it. It's the greatest thing to go and be wacky with a bunch of friends!

naghmeh said...

hahaha it's soooo funny how you meet jimi every year!! you look so cute in all your photos and I totally want your shoes from the first photo and your dress in the photo where you and your friend are wearing the same one!! such a gorgeous floral print :)
you make festing look hot and fun ;)

mirmirzimzim said...

Oh man...totes forgot about that stoops matching dress year! Haha. I love your festing posts.

Unknown said...

loving all of your pics! love how all of your images are all so colorful. just found your blog via "the fashionista bubble" loving it! newest follower! ;)