Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Lucy, Ricky & Juan

I've always wanted to be friends with Lucy Ricardo. Seriously, can we all please just agree on that? I do believe that her and Ethel's most honest quest was always just to have a good time: Lucy was the best.When I was little and enveloped in oldie but goodie TV shows, I spent a lot of time daydreaming about having her as my friend, especially the "how can we make this more fun?!" friend who would be an amazing addition to any event your significant other couldn't attend.

That was a nice fantasy, but in reality- I have Juan.

Every year, I attend an event downtown that my Dad pours his little charitable self into. He tirelessly donates, markets, advertises and organizes his time, money and energy into this cause. Without giving too much detail, the Charity was founded after one of his close work associates passed away. My Dad has always been a giving guy and donates often and consistently: but this is his big one.

Fortunately for me, every year I'm on the guest list and have the luxury of eating, drinking and being merry in the name of paying it forward. Is there ever a better feeling? Traditionally, I've always taken my significant other but... when a concert he's dying to go to falls on the same day, well it's a quick call to Juan: the back-up with the mostest (I took few pics of myself this night and none are really that special... so luckily for most of you, my face doesn't appear below).
Juan and My Dad- he's known Juan as long as I have. They love to talk smack to each other.
I love this of him- smile away Dad, you earned this night.
The Beautiful Governor Hotel in Portland, Oregon
I hadn't eaten carbs that work week and that pastry shell housing the salad was buttery and crumbly and total food porn
Chicken, Fish & Veggies: words can't explain how much this is almost my dream meal- just needs some artichoke too!
My Dad and Stepmom listening to the awards ceremony
My Date
Get in the giving spirit with some spirits!
I never tire of attending events here, beautiful embellishments everywhere you look.
I downed the salad and entree- but gave this to Juan. Sweets rarely call my name so they're easy to avoid.
Cheese on the other hand... 

I definitely felt grateful to have my brilliant back-up perform the general date tasks of gentleman courtesy: purse holding, joke whispering during the ceremony and trying to help me land an Obama Chia Pet at the silent auction (ugh! I did not win it. Best White Elephant Gift ever!). But just because he acted like a stand-up guy in a suit at the event, please do not forget how I usually see him.

This is Juan at my apartment when he came over so we could go to the gym:
One of my favorite pictures which encapsulates his craziness. We have a gym date he comes over hungover, in jeans and unable to move. A regular Lance Armstrong.
Midnight struck Cinderella and your date is just a mouse! Or in this case, a sloth.
(love you Juan)


Kate Sparkles said...

That venue is lovely!! You're so lucky to have a great back up date!!

Unknown said...

hahahaha the last picture!
love the detail on the roof... what a nice venue!

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

COngrats to your dad for being such a selfless and thoughtful person! Such a great example!

And YAY Juan made an appearance again! LOved your last post on him! That last pic is SO classic. Amazing!

erika sorocco said...

Gah! I love this post, Caitlin! Juan is seriously the BFF I've always wanted - he sounds like such a blast. And the food...ohmigosh I just died a little bit - it looks incredible! :)

Taylor said...

This is so adorable!!!! I love love love that hotel!!! I only walked in it once last year when i was down in Portland but it was absolutely gorgeous!! lucky girl to be there!!!

Sorry for the man coming over hungover in jeans for a gym date...but that's what makes the relationship you have different than others, the little quirks, right?!

have a good one!!!

"put a bird on it"---please tell me you know what that means so i don't feel like an idiot

naghmeh said...

oh the place looks so beautiful, you're lucky for being able to attend! and it's so great your dad puts so much energy into a charity :)
and lol at your last photo, such an enthusiastic workout buddy you got ;)

Mandee said...

My bf's sister is getting married at the Governor's this summer and I have never seen it---yay for these preview snaps:)

Unknown said...

Wow that looks like one heck of a party! Looks like a ton of fun!
Love the last photo hahahaha I bet the gym was not fun that day!

The Urban Umbrella

Anonymous said...

The event looks amazing, for many reasons. And the last picture cracked me up :)

Ro said...

My uncle is the manager at Jake's! Small (blog) world :) I love love love the Governor hotel. Such a gorgeous place.

Bravoe Runway said...

What a great venue! Caitlin the food looks amazing and a lot of times I don't find catered food at a banquet hall to be the most appealing! I would have loved to be friend w/Lucy Ricardo!

drollgirl said...

what a sweetie! does he like heavy metal? if so, does he want to be my "date" for future concerts in la? lol. my boyfriend and i do not share all of the same taste in music, so i need a platonic stand-in from time to time!

and your dad is a sweetie too. i love people that give and try to help. they are the best. :)

Elle Sees said...

I loventhe caption the best! Made me giggle

Elle Sees said...

I loventhe caption the best! Made me giggle

Lindsay said...

This looks like one heck of a party! The food and dessert look delicious!

Val said...

What a fabulous place......Looks like a great time.

happy hour 24/7 said...

i would love to be on a guest list of something fabulous. i think i should move back home to L.A. to get those hook ups! LOL yes, i would love to meet lucy ricardo and would love to be her neighbor just like ethel. just like them, i'd probably be in jail for a misdemeanor or two. :)

Jax said...

LOL Your Juan sounds just like my Michael. Always there and ready to be the best date ever :) No matter who walks in or out, they are there to make us laugh! That may even be a bit better than a Lucy Ricardo!!

P.S. Now I'm hungry after looking at all that delicious food!!

Tina said...

wow looks like a nice event! hell yeah lucy ricardo is the best!! i loved i love lucy so much! aw now i wanna watch it lol your dad is so adorable and I love how charitable he is! thats amazing that he gives so much every day, so selfless. we could learn a lot from him! :)

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

You have a gorgeous BF, & when he can't make it as your date, you have Juan, um yeah not fair...The hotel is beautiful. Your father seems like an amazing man. & that desert, I am drooling right now...& huh? Your not fan of sweets? I think I chocolate to survive.

PS: Did you pick up the June issue of Vanity Fair? Marilyn is on cover...I had feeling you would like the H&M skirt. Zara was cute, it would have been super cute if it had H&M's prices. Your gonna enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

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