Thursday, May 3, 2012

The More You Know, The More You Know

That drinking the recommended dose of water a day has done wonders for my energy... but makes me want to hire an assistant to just tend to my bladder. Leaving my desk every 20 minutes has gotten old.

That capers, artichokes, asparagus & pepperoncinis were made just for me.

That "Season's Greetings from the [INSERT SOME LAST NAME] Family!" annual Holiday letter detailing the past year's events will never bug me- I feel like I'm one of the only people who reads them with a smile and not a scoff. I think they're cute.

That I won't have Pearls on me in anyway at my wedding. There's also no way in Hell I'll be wearing a necklace (never been a necklace girl, prefer a gorgeous, open neck.).

That people who talk sh*t to you, will talk sh*t of you. Note this because it always rings true, always, always.

That I want a baby and/or a dog right now... I'm assuming I will just start with the dog.

That mayonnaise is always a disgusting food. Even I NEED it on Turkey sandwiches and like it... but when it comes down to it, it's just disgusting.

That the gym is a lifesaver for my peace of mind.
That Pinterest would be better if I didn't have to write something alongside every image I pin - getting tired of writing "cool" or the fail proof "chic". Ha.

That J-Lo is from the Bronx. I only know this because she brings it up everytime she talks - yada, yada Jenny, I get it.

That I should be sleeping instead of typing this.

That my boyfriend is a really good friend to me.

That I would sooner die than go to a same-sex high school. I feel like people who like it just have no clue what it was like to be in high school with boys around. 

That I will always wrap presents in a fashion better suited for teenage boys- sloppy gift bags.
That airplane food is always good- due to sheer boredom.

That Vegas cannot come soon enough.

What is a random thing that you know today?


Kate Sparkles said...

Same sex highschools have always freaked me out.. I just don't think it's normal!

Today I know that having a heater in every room of the house is the only way I'll survive winter!

| C AND C | Sarmin said...

Your lipstick color is gorge!
Agree on an open neck, I want baby/dog right now too. Muslims aren't suppose have dogs, so I guess I should get knocked up out of wedlock, which is also frown upon...Can't win.

I learned today that my mother wants me to die from a heat stroke...She isn't letting me turn on the AC.

Jax said...

I know that I'm going to be super later for work today b/c I'm fiddling on my computer instead of getting dressed. Sigh!!! LOL

I agree that mayonaisse is disgusting. And, I agree, start with the dog and work your way

Joanne Faith said...

Ugh, I feel the same way about water!

Today I know that if I wear a coat and gloves... I won't be cold. :D

erika sorocco said...

I'm actually so creeped out by mayonnaise that I literally have a phobia of it. I refuse to eat it, and if I have to use it to make something for someone else I practically have a conniption if it touches me. It is so sad. Yet I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who thinks it's gross. :P

Lindsey @ The Hill House said...

Oh come on, just be adventurous and start with the baby! :) I too am a HORRIBLE present wrapper. It is not uncommon to A) Find presents wrapped with pieced-together scraps of paper (I don't measure well either!) or B) Find presents "wrapped" in the store bag they came home in. It's awful!
I know today that I have only NINE MORE DAYS until I'll be in MAUI!!!!! :)

Tina said...

ugh so jealous of you and vegas! and fucking j-lo!!! every time she mentions it... please bitch!!!

hmmm right now i know that i am tired as hell and do NOT want to go to work.

that i LOVE the way hair dye smells. for real though. doesnt it smell so good??

Unknown said...

hahahaha Jenny from the block, that made me laugh out loud. Too funny and so true!

The Urban Umbrella

Mandy @ In the Fashion Lane said...

These posts are always my favorite. I love randomness especially when I agree with about 95% of your list! No pearls on wedding day, love the xmas family recaps, HATE mayo, water=good, bathroom every 10 secs=bad, blogging when I should be sleeping and on and on!! Kindred spirits ;)

Stevie said...

Artichokes are my all time favorite food. And I always have no less than 3 jars of pepperoncinis in the fridge!

I'm totally with you on the mayonnaise thing, too. Blech.

Raven said...

ok lets start....

so agree on the water. I drink it like a fish but have to pee EVERY HALF HOUR. swear. what gives?

capers, artichockes, asparagus and pepperoncinis are some of my FAVORITE FOODS EVER. EVER EVER EVER. Swear to you. Lets get together and feed it to each other, ok?

give me your address so I can send you one of those cheesy "Seasons Greetings" letters on Christmas.

LOVE the open neck, LOVE LOVE LOVE. I have never been a fan of necklaces anyway. I prefer lots and lots of bracelets :)

shit talkers be shit talkin' of life :)

no dog, baby! baby! baby!! make a baby!!

ok I always get upset when someone says how gross mayo is because I love it! but I really really do want to know why its so disgusting. should I google? or would it make me never want to eat it again.

AND AMEN to having the write something on every single pin!!! I have started just putting a "." on everyone.

LOL to the same-sex high school comment hahaha!! so agree.

When are you going to Vegas?!?

Bravoe Runway said...

Hmmm ok so no necklace on your wedding day? Interesting! But hey sometimes you don't need a necklace. Let's see what random fact did I learn today...nothing really my life is boring. haha.

Slamdunk said...

Nice randoms Caitlin. I have always been a drown-in-fluids-potty-trailblazer myself. It does keep one busy.

Hmm, my random wisdom for today is that I should be paid locally for predicting the weather. If I haul my rain jacket or umbrella around with me all day, it is certain, that there will be no rain. In contrast, if I leave them in the car--100% percent chance of downpours.

Enjoy your weekend.

happy hour 24/7 said...

yes, i like to wrap my presents, too, unless i'm on a time crunch and accepted my laziness, i will put it in a bag. those moments don't happen often though. i drink a lot of water, too and pee like a pregnant woman!

Whitney @ EHFAR said...

I didn't wear a pearl necklace, but a diamond one that my hubby got me during our first dating Christmas. I usually don't wear jewelry, even though I own tons of necklaces.

So true about people talking shit you will talk shit about you. So so so true!

Mayonnaise is gross...Haha. I never eat it. It just looks weird. I had to use that in one of my recipes but just so the seasons will stick to the chicken. I didn't want to use that much, because I would die if I could tasted it. Haha

Unknown said...

haha spot on with the airplane food! its the same as hospital food, which i looked forward to every meal when i was there for a week lol
i also know that caitlin is hilarious, and i love candyfloss and persie.
i know that i am currently wearing my onesie and feeling super snug.
i know that it is getting warmer in the US and colder here (and i am jealous of the warmth!)

Elle Sees said...

and it was at this moment, i knew we'd be blogging bffs!! ;)

Panty Buns said...

Your lipstick is pretty! Don't I know it with the fluids, although I suspect substituting water for all that coffee I drink might help some. I should drink more water. The veggies look great. I should get some good teeth to eat them with. Good for you with the Season's Greetings cards. They take forever to read and my memory is like a sieve when it comes to everything they tell me. Now about that no necklace at your wedding: Not even if your BF won a giant lottery and bought you a multi-million dollar diamond neclace? (I always was a dreamer). I feel like people talk sh*t of me but I wish I could hear what they were whispering. About that wanting a baby: I regret that I never had one but was told every day without kids is like a vacation. JLo is hot no matter where she's from. Shoulda Woulda Coulda. You should have been sleeping instead of writing this wonderful post? I should have ben out in public in my panties on writing about No Pants Day on my blog. So glad your boyfriend is a good friend in addition to everything else. I wish I could relive my senior year in high school or have gone to a coed boarding college. I haven't flown (airline food - blech!) in a while. I hope you have a good time in Las Vegas - don't bet more than you can afford to lose.
The random thing I know today: It's Cinco de Mayo and I'll probably just sit here and read about what other people did. Hope you had a Happy No Pants Day and have a Happy Cinco de Mayo!

ff said...

Mayo is disgusting. I love those cheezy Christmas cards, too! It's how I catch up with the people I don't stalk on facebook.

And today I know that seasonal allergies suck, but are always reliable!

Julie Ann Lozada said...

jlo is so hot here... nice post!

It’s a GIRL Thing

drollgirl said...

i think i agree with everything except the airplane food comment! lol

Panty Buns said...

Happy Monday! The random thing I know today is that I don't know much of anything about Pinterest, but taking a look at yours, I'm fascinated. How does it work? I noticed you have 14 categories of photos "pinned"? I haven't looked extensively but checked the one that said Wearable Art. I agree with your comment on the photo of Rihanna. Awesome!

Kara said...

Happy sigh! I love this list and learning more about you. I'm also obsessed with artichokes! Also? Fun fact? I LOVE J Lo. Like I'm convinced she's the most gorgeous woman on earth.

Taylor said...

These are all hilarious!! I don't even know where to being I was snickering at all of them!

I always love sexy necks in a wedding dress..but even though my boobies are fake I feel like they are kind of low and I look like i have a huge gap, so I am wearing a choker but definitely not a necklace person either.

Baby or dog..just think which one can you leave at home for a few days with just the dog food tub opened up and some potty pads on the floor...c'mon now.

haha! no one call puppy police on me!

when BABI speaks said...

I agree that water can boost energy! by the way, you've got a nice lip color! I love pink!